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ARROW's foiled war against TIE in World War IX led to the development of an enmity between both alliances. ARROW was incensed that TIE called in Elitez to help defeat them during that world war, and TIE wanted to prove that they could defeat ARROW on their own. Both sides agreed to a war on the following December 2004 - January 2005 reset.

The War; TIE Achieves Victory

ARROW granted the smaller TIE the FS advantage, even though ARROW had a considerable networth and members advantage. TIE FSed ARROW, and meanwhile ARROW also landed a strong CS on TIE. Both alliances took on heavy damage and it seemed as if ARROW was getting the upper hand. However, TIE's participation and better target selection led TIE to win the battle of the breakers and to establish a disparity in breaking power in favor of TIE. TIE used this, along with increased activity, to win the war and hand ARROW a second consecutive defeat, their fourth within 12 months.

Aftermath of War

The victory furthered TIE's claims to great power status and solidified them as a new great power that needed to be taken seriously. Also, yet another defeat against an opponent of better quality solidified ARROW's status as a preferred punching bag of top alliances. They stopped being considered a serious power and instead were identified as a paper tiger.

ARROW tried to recompose itself after the defeat and enjoyed a reset of peace during February-March 2005. During this time they helped Omega win their second war with Steel by sending them considerable loads of foreign aid. In the meantime, TIE was strengthening and ready to lay a bigger claim in Earth politics.

Two sets after their second war, ARROW and TIE experienced different paths. TIE was now a member of Project Arcturus and was a main coalition fighter during World War X. They FSed several alliances and won all their campaigns, meanwhile ARROW was again defeated, badly, during this war. ARROW then announced its collapse and ceased operating as an alliance after 6 years of history.

The Second ARROW-TIE War was the second to last of ARROW's great wars, and yet another sour defeat for ARROW. While TIE's victory against an opponent of ARROW's measure gave them more political benefits than military recognition, ARROW's defeat in many ways signaled the future death of the alliance. Defeat against TIE confirmed to ARROW's own members and leaders of their downward spiral, and their later defeat in WWX was the death knell that ended it all.