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Player Info (Azz Kikr)
Game Staff Wiki Moderator
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Joined 1998
Current Alliance La Famiglia
Alliance Position(s) Division Leader
Alliance History
Former Alliance(s) The League, The Mercenaries, Incorporated
Former Alliance position(s) aDL: The League
Free for All
Current FFA clanTKO
FFA position(s) Nuisance to Warster
FFA History
Former FFA clan(s) The Mercenaries, Incorporated Alliance, FoCuS
Former FFA position(s)Overlord: Mercs
Contact Info
ICQ 26928957 #mercs, #wiki

Earth History

Azz Kikr has been involved in Earth going back to the early days of Free-For-All in the very late 1990's.



Mercenaries, Incorporated

Technically the first real clan Azz joined, although he was in a two person tag for a few months. The other half of the two person tag grew bored of the strategy, and Azz was recruited by Effiniti to join the Mercenaries, Incorporated. With such an awesome name, there was no hesitation, and Azz was on the Mercs website in short order. In short time, Azz realized that his calling in Free-For-All was not to netgain, but, like so many others, to kill. While dabbling in the finer arts of the early netgainer, Azz was much more successful with his killing and spying. On kill runs, he earned the nickname "The Truck" for the numbers of kills he managed to garner in a short period of time.

Azz quickly moved into the position of leader of the spy team in Mercenaries, Inc., and was in charge of preparing intelligence reports on potential war targets and suiciders, as well as preparing enemy targets for a kill run.

Through his services as the leader of the spy team, Azz was eventually promoted to Overlord, the highest rank within the Mercenaries organization, sharing leadership with Effiniti, Enshula, and Sully, and later with Amazone.


With the rejuvenation of the Earth community in the form of Earth Empires, Azz moved back into Free-For-All and began playing solo. Early on in the first set of FFA on Earth Empires, Azz made contact with Crippler ICD and Desperado, who were having a bit of fun with IMP, a recurring theme for FoCuS. Through recruiting, ABC grew quickly, and after a lengthy discussion, decided that teaching people the basics wasn't enough, and decided that folks just needed to FoCuS.

As a notorious slack bastard, Azz could have played some critical parts in several wars, but really hasn't done much of anything in FoCuS other than make Crippler feel good about having another 16 countries tagged.

Mercenaries, Incorporated (again)

In Round 9 of the Free-For-All server, Azz and Rockman brought back the Mercenaries, Incorporated Alliance, with the intention of setting some netgaining records in FFA, as well as proving the concept of internal land trading, without the use of putting yourself into DR to avoid retals.


Mercenaries, Incorporated

Azz was a member of Mercs 1A for a few short resets, participated in a couple of wars, and decided that this was not the place for him. Cerberus was a fine leader, but Azz was interested in learning to properly netgain in 1A.

The League

Moving to The League as a netter-in-training, Azz quickly learned some of the more basic ins and outs of netting in the merciless world of the 1A server at the direction of several of his colleagues from Mercenaries, Inc. in FFA.

La Famiglia

The League, crippled by membership decline, merged into La Famiglia, ostensibly the premiere netgaining alliance at the time. Through his years in La Famiglia, Azz has been involved with wars and netting, has been an assistant Division Leader, and has been the slack bastard that everybody knows and loves.