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Acquiring Buildings

Buildings are built on unused land which can be gained through exploring and standard or planned strike attacks. When attacking for land, the attacker will gain some of their opponent's already built buildings and empty land (on which buildings were once built, but destroyed), and ghost acres.

Types of Buildings

Type Description Extra information

Enterprise Zones

Increases per capita income. Business technology will also increase the effects of this building type. Republic governments have a natural +10% per capita income bonus.


Increases your country's population.

Industrial Complexes

Allows your country to produce military units. The percentage of unit types that are built can be configured on your country's country management page. Industrial technology will increase the total units that can be made per turn. Communist govenments Have a natural +35% industrial production bonus.

Military Bases

Military bases do not produce anything, however they greatly reduce per-turn military expenditures and private market purchase prices. Private market sale prices are also lowered as well. Military costs may be lowered further by acquiring military technology. Theocratic governments have a natural -20% bonus to private market costs.

Research Labs

Research labs increase a country's maximum possible tech production per turn. The amount of technology one can gain per turn is directly affected by the number of labs to overall land.


Farms produce food (aka bushels) which are needed to maintain your military and population. Overall food production can be increased with agricultural technology. The base farm production is 5.3 bushels per turn. Fascist governments have a natural +15% bonus to food production.

Oil Rigs

Oil rigs produce oil which is needed to send military units (but not spies) into battle. No technology exists for increasing oil production. Oil rigs produce 2 barrels per turn for all governments but Fascist Fascist governments have a natural +75% bonus oil production.

Construction Sites

Construction sites are special types of buildings and always require one turn to build each. Construction sites increase buildings per turn, which is a measure of how many non-construction site buildings can be constructed in one turn. There is no technology to increase your building rate. Theocracies have a natural +40% building rate bonus, while dictators have a natural -30% penalty.

Unused Land

Though technically not a building, empty acres produce small quantities of bushels per turn as well as increase your population and per capita income. Unused land should be built upon to increase productivity in various aspects of your country. Unused land is required to build buildings on.

Building and Deconstruction Costs

The cost to build one building is proportionate to a country's total acres. The more land you acquire, the more it will cost to build a single building. Deconstruction is much cheaper, but the cost is still proportionate to a country's total acres.