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Founder(s) AxA, MeanKai
FoundedLong, long ago
OriginsMerger of Sanctuary and The Cult
Members 32
Focus We rock at both netting and warring!
President(s) Wharfed
Assistant Foreign Affairs Wharfed, Thomas
Head of War TinySub
IRC Network/Channel(s), #Collaboration
Website Collab on Boxcar
Retal Policy Sanctuary Retal Policy

Collaboration is an original Earth Empires alliance which was created from a merger of several Earth: 2025 alliances, notably Sanctuary and The Cult.

In its current form it is run by some of the most knowledgeable and active leaders in the game. Collaboration is a collection of people from all walks of life and is social networking at it's best. When they aren't kicking ass in the game, they're keeping themselves entertained while they wait to kick more ass.

They are built on the principle that their own family comes first: If someone messes with one of them, they're messing with the entire alliance. They also stay true to their friends and are willing to throw away their plans and hard work at the drop of a dime to assist a friend in need.

They have proven themselves in times of war and in times of peace and are regarded as one of (if not the best) balanced alliance in the game. If you are interested in seeing what Collaboration is all about, please check out their website on boxcar, or chat with one of their leaders.


Sanctuary made the transition from the 1a server to the Alliance Server at the twilight of Earth: 2025's existence. The alliance took on a name change during this move, renaming themselves Collaboration, also known as Collab. The name speaks for itself as the alliance was compiled of a large percentage of members from several different alliances (mainly Sanctuary, Outkast, and The Cult). This newly formed but historically rooted alliance does not fit into a single category. They are neither strictly Netters or strictly Warrers. Collab prefers to remain a balanced alliance and have proven that they are excellent at both. When Earth 2025 shut it's doors, Collaboration made the move to the new version of the game, Earth Empires.

Earth Empires

First Round of the Alliance Server: Dec 13th - Jan 30th, 2010

With the transition from one game to another becoming a little chaotic, the plans were for Collab to netgain in the first ever reset of the new game. Most alliances seemed to agree that with the new game came a clean slate, where everybody was starting from scratch. As such, there were few conflicts with other alliances that would lead Collab to believe they would end up in war. With about a week before the end of the reset, Collab was planning on an excellent finish clan-wide when they were FS'd by Sons of Liberty (SoL). Collab was not prepared for war whatsoever. In fact, they had no war techs, small amounts of military and were not running proper war governements. SoL's reasoning for the FS was retribution for Collab hitting SoL in a previous reset in Earth: 2025.

Regardless of the reasons, SoL came away with a victory, although the war was much closer than many thought it should have been, with Collab gaining more respect from the war than SoL, even though they were the victors. On a special note, news of the FS was apparently slipped a few hours early and caught up with AxA. In a tricky move, AxA had trep tag up with La Cosa Nostra, LCN, before SoL's FS. With one minute left in the set, trep re-tagged Collab, giving Collab the #1 overall NW country in Earth Empires' first ever reset [1].

War Stats

Alliance Attacks HPK Kills TNW
Collab 10,539 422 25 $196M
SoL 14,534 309 47 $348M

Netting Stats

Name Country NW Rank
trep whats this here (#405) $105,393,012 1

Second Round of the Alliance Server: Feb 1st - Apr 2nd, 2010

In the second ever round of EE, it was pretty clear that Collab was coming out of the gates with the intentions of hitting SoL. In fact, it seemed as though SoL was prepared for it as well. When Collab FS'd SoL, not only did SoL have war prepped countries (which was expected from a war alliance) but they were also saving a large amount of turns throughout the alliance. Most of their countries had at least 70 turns on hand when Collab FS'd them. However, despite SoL's preparation, turn saving and country advantage, Collab's FS was too much to handle and the war was one sided very quickly. In fact, Collab managed to kill 20 SoL countries in the FS.

This set off a chain reaction as SoL attempted to gain the upperhand in this war. Their close friends in Survival of the Fittest (SoF), broke a uNAP, with Collab by creating an alternate tag, Natural Selection, and immediately FS'd Collab. SoF had come to Collab earlier in the reset asking for the uNAP, which Collab had granted them. SoF's president, Ivan, fabricated a story that there was internal strife within SoF and half the alliance split to create the Natural Selection tag. That proved to be false in later resets, as was expected. Also included in this effort was The Infernal Elite (TIE).

With Collab now facing 3 separate alliances and severely outnumbered, they were forced to call in the aid of their close friends. The Death Knights (DK) were the first to come to their aid, even though they were not a defensive pact and were low in membership, and were eager to come to Collab's aid. Collab also called in Netters Anonymous (NA), Imaginary Numbers (iMag) and Evolution (Evo). While this was certainly overkill, Collab felt it was necessary to prove a point that they will not tolerate a gangbang, and that they will fight fire with fire. Collab, DK, NA, iMag, and Evo went on to defeat SoF, SoL and TIE quite convincingly.

War Stats

Alliance Attacks HPK Kills TNW
Collab 34,107 264 129 $301M
NA 14,665 506 29 $2B
iMag 8,973 249 36 $32M
Evo 5,248 375 14 $1B
DK 3,157 287 11 $87M
TOTAL 66,150 302 219 $3.5B
Alliance Attacks HPK Kills TNW
SoL 29,017 299 97 $15M
SoF 7,804 355 22 $4M
TIE 7,463 267 28 $5M
TOTAL 44,284 301 147 $41M

Third Round of the Alliance Server: Apr 3rd - Jun 2nd, 2010

After two consecutive wars in the new game, it was looking as though Collab was going to become a predominantly war alliance. However, they seemed to have worked out their issues with the other alliances, or at least cooled down the fire temporarily. Despite this, Collab still started off the set as though they were preparing for war. They ran mostly war strats to begin the reset, as they did not want to be unprepared for war if it somehow found them again. After a few weeks into the set, Collab was able to determine that they would be able to net peacefully and went into full blown netting mode. This was at the cost of their allies as Evo and DK were both at the receiving end of a crippling FS by SoL as payback for coming to Collab's aid the previous reset, despite SoL creating the gangbang to begin with.

Despite the war prepping start, Collab was still able to put a country into the top 10 as Charles finished 6th overall [2]. As an Alliance, Collab finished 3rd in Total Neworth and 5th in Average Networth, finishing behind the 4th place Alliance, EEVIL, by less than $2M NW despite having more than double their membership [3].

Netting Stats

Average NW Average Land Total NW Total Land
$52,468,343 (5th) 18,216 Acres (9th) $2,833,290,541 (3rd) 983,684 Acres (3rd)
Name Country NW Rank
Charles Charles (#377) $136,856,086 6
fudgepuppy she was like no sex axa (#112) $105,869,321 21
Slayer Dark Syndicate (#9) $104,820,997 22

Fourth Round of the Alliance Server: Jun 3rd - Aug 3rd, 2010

In Collab's fourth reset on the new server, they were determined to prove their netting prowess as they have proved themselves in war early on in the new game. They planned to netgain from the beginning, although there were some roadblocks in the way once again this reset. Paradigm (PDM), had an issue with Collab's landgrabbing, which turned into a minor war. With land on the server becoming more scarce, Collab became more aggressive and farmed PDM one too many times for their liking, which resulted in a conflict between Collab and PDM. The war was over in less than a week, allowing Collab to continue netgaining as they had planned.

Despite the interruption in their netting, they were still able to achieve a positive finish. They finished 3rd in Total Networth once again, but this time taking 4th place in Average Networth [4]. Collab had two top 10 finishers in this set, with ley finishing at 7th and LD finishing at 8th [5].

War Stats

Alliance Attacks HPK Kills TNW
Collab 14,709 409 36 $2B
PDM 3,910 1,955 2 $9M

Netting Stats

Average NW Average Land Total NW Total Land
$48,925,454 (4th) 24,473 acres (4th) $2,005,943,626 (3rd) 1,003,392 acres (3rd)
Name Country NW Rank
ley rLey (#146) $153,802,881 7
LD thomas has a spud n his bud (#165) $152,769,200 8

Fifth Round of the Alliance Server: Aug 4th - Oct 3rd, 2010

This reset marked Sanctuary's 50th Anniversary. And with that, it saw two co-founders return in Bishop X and Phatjab, although their returns were unfortunately temporary. Many expected Collab/Sanct to war for their 50th set, like many others do. However, it quickly turned into an odd reset as many of the potential war partners were unavailable. SoL surprised most of the server when they FS'd LaF (and later on surprised just as many when they actually won). An even more surprising outcome was when ICN FS'd SoF. SoF was on their heals, backed up against a wall by ICN in what was truly likely to be a shocking victory. However, SoF called in iMag which quickly turned the tide and put an end to ICN's effort. EEVIL was also at war with The Fist (The Fist also warred PDM at one point) and Elysium was mustering what they could against LaF.

With all of these wars going on, it really only left Collab with a couple of options: FS NA, an alliance that they have had strong ties to for a long time, FS RAGE, which wouldn't be much of a challenge considering the numbers difference and would have hurt the game more than it helped, or FS a group of alliances. Collab went with the latter choice and FSed SoF, iMag and EEVIL at the same time. EEVIL received their FS because Collab had countries jump tag to EEVIL and war Fist. The reps were too much so Collab decided it was just easier to get Fist's back instead. SoF received a FS for two reasons: firstly, they broke a uNAP with Collab a couple of resets ago when Collab FSed SoL, and secondly, they got beat by an alliance that everybody considered to be inferior and instead of taking those lumps and dealing with it, they called in for the gangbang by asking iMag for help. And iMag received a FS because, well, they liked to war, were bored after ICN was tagkilled, and Collab wanted to make their war interesting, so it appeared to be a win:win for everybody.

Things quickly soured, however, as within minutes of Collab's FS, iMag contacted AxA and requested a ceasefire, as they made it clear Collab was ruining their chances to make war with PDM. AxA granted the CF and Collab's FS went on without iMag targets (the FS list consisted of 90% iMag countries so it quickly ran dry). Three days after the ceasefire, iMag FSed Collab along WITH PDM. After stating they were going to FS PDM, apparently AxA's thoughts on that inspired PDM to FS Collab. Basically, AxA was cool with the idea which is all it took for Detmer to declare war on Collab. When it was all said and done, Collab was fighting four tags simultaneously in SoF, iMag, PDM, and EEVIL. After EEVIL's top countries were killed, The Fist were able to handle their war, allowing Collab to focus on the other three tags. ICN continued to war SoF and iMag but because they were tagkilled, they were only able to finish off the targets after Collab broke them down.

What may have been considered a lost war was actually a victory as Collab took on four tags with over two times as many countries and did not call in any allies, a practice that seems to have been abandoned long ago. SoF and iMag were tagkilled while PDM were left with a decent amount of countries left, since they were the last ones targeted. Surprisingly, Collab survived throughout the set and were not tagkilled, despite organized chats between SoF/iMag/PDM. In the first ever editions of Earth Empires Awards, Collab took home the award for Best War [6].

War Stats

Alliance Attacks HPK Kills TNW
Collab 20,136 268 75 $53M
ICN 12,493 367 34 $20M
Fist 5,770 339 17 $121M
TOTAL 38,399 305 126 $194M
Alliance Attacks HPK Kills TNW
SoF 21,181 331 64 $148M
iMag 16,172 359 45 $43M
PDM 10,640 426 25 $118M
EEVIL 3,697 411 9 $550K
TOTAL 51,690 361 143 $305M

Sixth Round of the Alliance Server: Oct 5th - Dec 3rd, 2010

In the sixth set of Earth Empires, Collab once again set out to netgain. That proved to be difficult though as there were rumors spreading that two different alliances had planned to FS Collab. When both went to war, Collab was finally off Red Alert, after saving turns and blowing stock on War Techs and increased Military. However, one of the Alliance's remained a threat throughout the set due to an early ending to their war which left them bored. Collab spent 6 of the 8 weeks flip flopping back-and-forth between Red and Yellow Alert.

When the round had finally ended it wasn't to their benefit due to the interuptions they had throughout the set. They had hoped to prove what they could do when it came to netgaining. Unfortunately this was not their set and immediately set their sights on the following set. Despite the difficulties trying to avoid a war during a netting set, two of Collab's best ever netgainers managed great finishes. ley finished #6 for his second top 10 finish in EE while trep finished 14th [7]. Both were crowned Elite by Collab for their excellent play. As far as netting as a whole, Collab set a personal best for average NW with $78,281,594, finishing 4th behind Evo, Omega and Monsters, as expected, and were also able to finish 2nd amongst all clans in average land with 24,657 acres [8].

Netting Stats

Average NW Average Land Total NW Total Land Members
$78,281,594 (4th) 24,657 acres (2nd) $2,505,011,016 (4th) 789,025 acres (5th) 32 (7th)
Name Country NW Rank
ley Boobies (#127) $180,223,266 6
Trep untz untz untz (#503) $150,818,255 14

Seventh Round of the Alliance Server: Dec 4th - Feb 2nd, 2011

Netting Stats

Average NW Total NW Members
$79,549,043 (5th) $3,181,961,719 (5th) 40 (5th)
Name Country NW Rank Land
ley Thomas The Tank Engine (#106) $198,804,130 8 81,496
Thomas Thomas loves pooper sex by kemo (#20) $137,889,793 36 38,003

Eighth Round of the Alliance Server: Feb 3rd - Apr 5th, 2011

Collaboration, Monsters, and Evolution VS SoF.

War Stats

Name Attacks Civs Defends (on a single country) Restarts
kemo 1173 509,090 89 0
Thomas 993 272,466 210 3
ley 972 647,648 468 1
herbs 936 1,025,944 84 0
Nole 811 284,288 424 0
xaos 764 737,514 38 0
Tross 477 63,072 613 3
wharfed 449 66,242 239 5

Ninth Round of the Alliance Server: Apr 6th - Jun 4th, 2011

President: Axa
VPs: Thomas, fudgepuppy

Goal: Netting

This reset saw the (re)introduction of Divisions to the clan, in an effort to generate some healthy competition among the members. With this came the promotion of several Vets to ADL, as well as Herbs to DL. Other DL positions were taken by leaders. There were a few new members playing, countering several veterans that were MIA/inactive, which, unfortunately, included our two top netters, ley and trep.

Throughout the set, we were able to remain high on the avg land list, with a few countries (mostly Thomas') moving in and out of the top 10 land on the server. Unfortunately, Thomas' chances for a good finish were dashed later in the reset, and his country was offered up as free land. A few other members had become inactive during the reset, so their countries were also offered up for the rest. This brought the membership down to the finishing number of 36.

By the end of the set, stockpiles were a bit low but respectable, and most were destocking as theo. During destocking, we were able to stay close to Omega in terms of NWs, but their stockpiles stretched longer so we ended up falling short by 9mil ANW. Pulling out our top ANW so far, it was a great effort by all. Divisions were definitely successful, with Herbs' group pulling out the win at 100mil ANW. Special mention goes to Raf for an excellent finish at rank 16, Herbs at rank 24, and CK at rank 40 with an all-explore (0 attacks) country.

Netting Stats

Average NW Total NW Members
$86,346,214 (5th) $3,108,463,717 (5th) 36 (8th)
Name Country NW Rank Land
Raf The Forsaken Rise Again (#372) $159,435,387 16 26,493
Herbs Braves suck (#336) $152,788,408 24 22,570
CyberKid Imperialism (#418) $125,513,237 40 20,724 (All-Explore)


Name Position MSN ICQ
AxA President 167324517
fudgepuppy President 123820211
Wharfed Foreign Affairs N/A
Xaos Foreign Affairs 104133206

For a list of current and former Collaboration members, see the category of Collaboration members.

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