Death Knights

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Death Knights
Founder(s) Rahl
FoundedDec 2009
Members 27 as of January 2013
Focus Tree hugging
President(s) bstrong
Vice President(s) BigRick
Head of Foreign Affairs Mars47
Head of War M0bzta
Recruiter(s) Bam Bam
Trainer(s) Makolyte
IRC Network/Channel(s) #DKnights (on

This article is about the Death Knights alliance on the Alliance Server. For the other servers, please create your own wiki page.

Death Knights, often abbreviated to DK or DKnights, is a fairly new alliance, having not been an active alliance from Earth:2025.

General Info

Death Knights started in reset 1 under the leadership of Rahl. The alliance is back up and running after a two year absence.

Alliance History

EE Reset One

DKnights vs LaF: This set was marked by struggle against LaF, which ultimately resulted in LaF victory.

EE Reset Two

This set, while very fun for Death Knights members, was a huge political faux pas. Death Knights, for reasons unknown to the editor of this article, chose to violate their Unbreakable Non-Aggression Pact with SOL.

Collab declared war on SOL to get even for the previous set. SOL called in TIE* and NaturalS* to keep from getting destroyed. Collab put out a call for help and DKnights were the first to jump to their aid. A couple of days later, NA and EVO both joined the fight. The war ended in Collab-DK-NA-Evo victory.

'* DKnights was not at war with TIE, although the other coalition members were '* NaturalS consisted of tag jumpers from SoF to skirt around their uNAP with Collab

This victory would be short lived for Death Knights as they did not pact with any of their allies or enemies from this war.

EE Reset Three

SOL, furious over the uNAP violation, declared war on Death Knights. Death Knights requested help from Collab only to be snubbed in favor of netting. After three days, the Death Knights were demolished and Rahl began seeking a ceasefire. SOL agreed to a ceasefire, but violated it repeatedly and farmed DK countries. Due to their inability to perform even basic tag defense, morale hit a critical low and the alliance shuffled on to the end of the set and then disappear.

EE Reset Fifteen

Former members of the alliance stirred interest in reforming. The effort was mostly the work of KyleCleric.

EE Reset Sixteen

Death Knights reformed this set with five members. Despite the size difference between Death Knights and other tags, they were able to hold off farming efforts and maintain tag integrity. They also fought a brief conflict with Mors Ex Tenebris, resulting in a Death Knights victory. The fight nearly drew the small tag into another fight with SoF, the current war-superpower. Mediation from Scode averted the conflict. Halfway through the set, Death Knights announced a merger with Keep Off the Grass, with KOtG members merging into DK. Death Knights finished the set with 13 members and in 8th place among clans by average networth.

EE Reset Seventeen

Building on the success of the previous set, DK continued recruitment and had membership up to 19 by two weeks into the set. The growth was not without problem as many newcomers made a habit of grabbing other countries because they could, and the retals added up.

War with NeoFed which resulted in a DKnights loss overall. This war was highly controversial as the reasons for DKnights FS seemed unclear to most of AT, as well as a few tag jumpers* to NeoFed that no one in war-ravaged DK could break. This along with inactivity as the war progressed ultimately lead to DK's downfall.

On a more positive note, a small nod of respect was given to the tag from respected alliance ranker Servant, who rated the tag higher than the established tags NA, NeoFed, ICN, and Rage.

  • Tag jumpers jumped after 73 hours of being untagged, thus rendering them neutral according to policy when they tagged to NeoFed.

EE Reset Eighteen

War with NA?

I dont remember what we did this set - Mars47

EE Reset Nineteen

Netting Set; With a boost in recruitment, DK had a membership of 27 at the peak, and 21 at the end of the set. 4 members finishing in the top 200; majority finishing top 300, with alot of improvement by "Green" members.

EE Reset Twenty

Leadership changes. Xelah is placed on inactive roster due to RL circumstances. Bstrong has been acting co-leader with Undertaker for 2 sets now when a meeting is called. BigRick becomes VP due to a vote with all members who showed up. Mars47 calls to vote Undertaker step down as leader. Undertaker steps down as leader and hands reigns over to bstrong, then promptly joins RD. Mars47 then gets named as head FA, and m0bzta gets named head of war. After this DKnights had a nice "learning to net" set with a total of 23 members.

EE Reset Twenty-one

On going.