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Selling off stored or stockpiled bushels and oil near the end of the reset and buying up military to jump in networth. It is also often called 'jumping'.

Destocking is done in one of three ways.

1) Jumping off your private market as a MBR

2) Jumping off your private market without switching to MBR

3) Jumping off the public market

For the first two methods of jumping, both Democracy and Theocracy are effective governments. For the last method of jumping, Democracy is the only effective government. The main advantage of jumping as a Democracy is its lack of market commissions, both on the sale of goods, and on the purchase of goods off the public market. This means that a Democracy will get 6% more money from food sales to spend on military. It also has the minor advantage of a slightly higher military tech maximum, giving it slightly cheaper goods on its private market. The advantage to Theocracy is its 20% cheaper goods on its private market. Theocracy is normally a better option than Democracy for both method #1 and method #2.

One should sell spend all of their cash on hand on food before switching governments, and sell 25% of their military, 100% of their food and oil, and 25% of their technology before switching their government to Democracy or Theocracy. This will completely protect your food and oil stockpile from the loss of goods on hand when switching governments.

Method #1 - Jumping off your private market after switching to Military Base Reseller

Method #1, jumping as a DMBR - Democracy MBR or TMBR - Theocracy MBR is the most difficult way to jump, and takes the most planning and preparation. The advantage is that a DMBR will get about 5.2 million networth for each billion cash they have left over after switching to MBR, and a TMBR will get about 6 million networth for each billion cash they have left over after switching to MBR. Due to the high cost of switching buildings, both in turns used and building costs, it takes a very large stockpile for this method to be the ideal option for larger countries. For smaller countries, their smaller landsize will often not give a large enough private market for this method to be the ideal option.

Switching to MBR is done by switching your government to Democracy or Theocracy and then selling off part of your stockpile to give the cash needed for a country to tear down its old buildings and build military bases in their place. The country must also purchase plenty of military tech. Once it has switched all of its buildings, and has military tech as low as it can go for their government - 89% for theocracy, 82% for democracy, they can sell off the rest of their stockpile and buy all the military available on the private market for the next few days or even weeks. Once they run out of stockpile, they can sell military on the public market at significantly higher prices than they can purchase it for off their own private market to generate a tiny bit more networth. You do not want to run out of stockpile with more than 1 to 5 days left in the set, depending on the market conditions.

Method #2 - Jumping off your private market without switching buildings

Method #2, jumping as a Democracy or Theocracy off your private market without switching buildings saves you both time and money compared to method #1. By not changing your buildings, you have more time to keep increasing the size of your stockpile. And by not spending any of your stockpile on buildings, you have a larger stockpile to spend on your private market. The downside is that you get about 4 million networth for each billion cash of your stockpile as a Democracy, or about 4.5 million networth for each billion cash of your stockpile as a Theocracy. Like with method #1, you will need to buy military tech until your tech levels are 89% for theocracy or 82% for democracy. This method is only effective when jumping very very late in the set, in the last 1 or 2 days for smaller countries that do not have enough stockpile to switch to MBR, or 5 to 7 days for bigger countries that are too big to switch to MBR.

Private Market Regeneration for Methods 1 and 2

Both of these methods have a very predictable speed at which you can jump. If you logout of your country with your private market completely empty of military, it will regenerate 3 troops, 2.5 jets, 2.5 turrets, and 1 tank for every acre your country has for each turn that your gain while logged out. The initial size of your private market will normally be about 1 to 1.5 days worth of regeneration, depending on the prior frequency of your logins. With some arithmetic, you can calculate exactly how much time you will need to spend buying out your private market, and you can time the start of your destocking process to lineup perfectly with the end of the set.

Method #3 - Jumping off the Public Market

Method #3 is done as a Democracy in most cases, or done in whatever government one currently is, if their stockpile is so small that a government switch to Democracy would not pay off. This method is the easiest for new players with smaller stockpiles. For countries with larger stockpiles, even the most experienced player will find this method extremely challenging. For this method, one sells their stockpiled food, oil, and technology on the public market and buys military off the public market. The difficulty with this strategy is that unlike the first two methods, the speed at which you can spend money on military is very unpredictable. The closer you get to the end of the set, the less likely you are to find military available on the public market which is cheaper than the military available on your private market. Finding any military on the public market during the last day can often be very hard and very expensive. Because of its unpredictability, it is a much riskier method of destocking. It is also the most lucrative, as there are many people who play MBR improperly and end up running out of stockpile too early, and therefore cause military prices to drop close to the end of the set.