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Game Position Forum Moderator
Alliance Paradigm
Alliance Position Rabble Rouser
ICQ 74939894
Forum-PM Link

Detmer is not currently co-director (dictator) of Paradigm along with Sir Balin.

Some time ago, Detmer had a dream-premonition that his girlfriend (currently wife) would leave him for The Arabian Nightmare. The prophecy has yet to be fulfilled.

Also was once a leader of FBI in which he revolutionized the game forever. He also created multiple sexual positions in which all but one are still being used to this day. The one which was named "4x4 Sears Tour Mud Bogging Ramshackle Ju Jitsu Death Grip" we don't talk of and has been banned from every known country but Uganda for unthinkable acts against humanity. Celebrated as an artist in love making and should be sampled by all "of age" women. He also is the evil brother of Chuck Norris.

Detmer has also played in Guardians of Hell (in the Allied Forces coalition), Camelot, SoF, ICN, m0m0 and the Syndicate on the historic alliance-server analogs.