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OriginsEarth: 2025 Alliance Server
Members ~15
Focus Netgaining
President(s) Zip
Vice President(s) CrysK
Head of Foreign Affairs Marshal
Assistant Foreign Affairs --
Head of Internal Affairs Kuari
Internal Affairs --
Head of War --
Trainer(s) Zip
IRC Network/Channel(s) irc.earthempires.com #Elysium
Website Elysium HQ

Elysium is an alliance on the Free for all server of Earth Empires. They have most recently been a small tag of 10 members or less.



Elysium was founded some time a very long time ago, by someone being unfamilliar to the person writing this. They probably moved from primary to council with many other alliances at some point.

Sometime 2003-2004 Hardy was an influential person.

Pretty sure Elysium was formed by Wax when UCN disbanded.

Earth Empires Alliance

Elysium started their history in the new adaptation of the game on the alliance server.

Elysium merged into The Infernal Council of Nations (ICN) in December 2010.

Earth Empires Free For All

Elysium made their first foray into Free For All in July of 2011.

Set 11

Noone really knows what happened. Marshall lost some cookies though.

Set 12

Elysium vs IMP

Elysium declared war on IMP, stating that they had made the statement that they were playing to kill two people... who happened to play in Elysium. Elysium started out with a 2:1 advantage, but soon found themselves also facing hordes of untaggeds.

A while into the war, most remaining IMP countries went into vacation mode.