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Alliance Evolution
Alliance Position Member
Former Alliances Imaginary Numbers
ICQ 41753115
Forum-PM Link [message]

Fooglmog is a long-term member of the Earth community who first began playing Earth: 2025 in February of 1997 and moved to Earth: Empires with the closing of Earth: 2025 in 2009. During his career, Fooglmog has played in numerous alliances and served as president in The Order of the Iron Fist (FFA, 2000), Overlords (FFA, 2000) Imaginary Numbers (A1, 2001-2002) and Vengeance (A1, 2004 & 2005). Of these, he's most strongly associated with Imaginary Numbers to which he has continuously returned and spent the majority of his career. As of December 2010, he is playing in Evolution.

Fooglmog is best known for his participation on the Earth community forums and his whimsical signature "-Fooglmog // Guy with no clue." which he has consistently attached to the majority of his posts since April of 2002. This signature became notable because there was no signature feature on Earth forums until 2008 when the game was purchases by Jolt Entertainment. As such, all signatures had to be typed manually as part of any post -- something which few did consistently and fewer still (if any) did for as long as Fooglmog. He has continued to type his signature manually on the Earth: Empires forums (presumably so it can't be blocked by those who use the disable signatures feature) though he is known to use automatic signature features on other forums where he uses the same name.

Fooglmog is also believed to be the player who's been a part of the Earth community for the largest portion of his life. Born in April of 1988, he started playing the game when he was 8 years and and has been a presence within the community since (as of Sept. 2010).