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Government About this type... Bonuses Penalties Public Market Commission Turns to Attack


Monarchy is the default government and there are no additional costs for converting to another government. 6% 2


Zero market commissions allow players to resell on the public market more effectively. The cost of 3 turns per attack makes this a weaker government when engaging in battle.
  • +10% max. technology
0% 3


Larger explore rates and a higher per-capita income give Republics the opportunity to make large, successful countries. Their lower military strength makes them more vulnerable or susceptible to attacks.
  • -10% military strength
6% 2


Theocracies enjoy lower military costs, increased building rates and more money from tax revenues, but the lack of maximum allowed technology can make them somewhat vulnerable.
  • -20% Military costs
  • +40 construction speed
  • +50% max. population
  • -35% max. technology
  • Double GDI expenses
6% 2


Communists are renowned for their larger industrial capacity than other governments. Though a communist can do quite well selling military units on the public market, a considerably higher market tax helps bring them in-line with other governments.
  • +20% tech effectiveness
  • +35% industrial production
  • +35% market sale cap
10% 2


Dictatorships can be extremely powerful. A Dictators' enhanced military strength and spy effectiveness makes them primarily a war-dominating government, though building structures takes considerably longer.
  • +25% military strength
  • +30 spy effectiveness
  • +32% building capture
  • -30% build rate
6% 2


It only takes tyrants 1 turn to make a successful attack on other countries. These warmongers also benefit from extra gains (more land or more civilians, bushels and buildings killed/destroyed).
  • +20% attack gains
  • -10% military upkeep costs
6% 1


Fascist governments are well poised to make lots of money since food is always in demand and oil can potentially make a lot more than food. Market volatility directly impacts how successful this government can be.
  • +15% food production
  • +75% Oil Production
  • +15% Bonus effectiveness
6% 2