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Alliance Imaginary Numbers
Alliance Position Admin
Former Alliances --
Former Positions President, hIA, hWAR, hFA
ICQ 97521060
MSN zarcon@letskillstuff.org
AIM --
Forum-PM Link [message]
Game Profile [profile]
Aliases iZarcon

Zarcon joined Imaginary Numbers when it was created in Sept 2000. Since then, he has held every position possible, including president from early 2001 to late 2003. He took over as president after iMagNum's failure of a war against netting clan Horizon and his first action as pres was to end the war as quickly as possibly.

Throughout his presidency (and after somewhat) he played a big part in bringing iMagNum back from the brink, through countless resets of being farmed while continually recruiting new players to the cause.

Over the years, he has continually maintained iMagNum's hosting site LetsKillStuff.org and stayed a integral part of the clan's leadership.

Currently, he leads iMagNum's premier division, Overlords and continues to maintain and develop their website.

Zarcon currently maintains that he is NOT a gamer and not to be confused with forum dev. Although recently .... Zarcon was seen making a country in alliance: Overlords r teh l33t (#600) (iMagNum).

Zarcon also runs irc.earthempires.com, the game's official IRC server.