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Imaginary Numbers
Founder(s) Beltshumeltz, Sir Lukav and Sir Rufus
FoundedSeptember 2000
OriginsOriginal Start-Up
Focus Warring
President(s) Soviet
Head of Foreign Affairs Galleri
Head of Internal Affairs [[]]
Head of War [[]]
Retal Policy Imaginary Numbers Retal Policy

The Imaginary Numbers is an alliance organized to play Earth: Empires. It was originally founded by Beltshumeltz to play Earth: 2025 during the September/October reset of 2000. The Imaginary Numbers (also known as iMagNum) are notable for their unorthodox approach to the game, which emphasizes fighting wars in preference to finishing with high scores. This preference has led to the Imaginary Numbers being, by far, the longest lived alliance that has never gone a full reset without fighting in a war.



Despite being a purely war oriented alliance, the Imaginary Numbers' ideals have changed several times throughout their history and have often caused controversy. While this controversy never involved cheating, some players have made accusations that the unorthodox retaliation policies and political manipulations that have been used by Imaginary Numbers to cause war are equally reprehensible. Despite having fought some wars to defend allies or to oppose cheating and bottom feeding; the vast majority of the wars fought by Imaginary Numbers have either been justified by intentionally provoked actions or had limited/no justification at all. Of course, some wars have also been the result of legitimate land-exchange disagreements. These ideals, which govern how and why this alliance gets into war, seem to have shifted throughout history as their leadership has shifted although individual leaders have tended to follow the same path during their time running the alliance.


Despite some members' claims throughout its history that the name "Imaginary Numbers" is a mathematical joke, it would seem that the name can originally be sourced to the game Front Mission 3, released for Playstation in 1999 by Squaresoft. In this game, Imaginary Numbers are a form of genetically engineered super soldiers who are superior to the previous form of soldier known as Real Numbers.


Earth 2025

From its founding in the September/October reset of 2000 until the end of Earth: 2025 in December of 2009, the Imaginary Numbers have fought a war in every reset. Many records from this period have been lost over time, or have not been compiled and examined. There is very little information available on a reset-by-reset basis of the Imaginary Numbers' history from this period.

First Round of the Alliance Server

Imaginary Numbers vs LaF

Imaginary Numbers way of saying thanks to the creators of Earth Empires. Sadly, Pangs country was not killed in the FS.

Second Round of the Alliance Server

Imaginary Numbers vs The Infernal Elite

TIE went to war with Collaboration, stating iMagNum asked Collab not to pact TIE and that TIE is on iMagNum's hitlist.[1]There has been speculation that TIE was called in on the ongoing war by SoL, though this has not been confirmed. TIE attempted to get out of the Collab war mere days after they have FSed.

iMagNum FSed TIE on Tuesday March 9th 2010 perhaps only because of TIE's wardec days earlier.[2] The war was expected to be easy, as TIE seemed to be in a poor shape.

Imaginary Numbers vs The Infernal Elite and Rage

iMagNum and Rage agreed to a friendly war after iMagNum finishes TIE, but Rage couldnt wait and declared on iMag on Thursday March 11th 2010. [3].

Imaginary Numbers vs The Infernal Elite, Rage, Rogue and Elysium

Following an iMag country grabbing (RoRing) Rogue, galleri, Rogue FA, stated the country will be killed. Soon after that Rogue launched Nuclear Missiles on said country. iMagNum responded by nuking several Rogue countries. On Sunday March 14th 2010 Rogue declared war on iMag.[4]

Rogue has also called in their ally, Elysium into the fight. Ely declared war on iMag at the same time as Rogue, clearly stating they were called in. [5]

iMag was now at war with four clans, original sizes: iMagNum 32, TIE 28 (though some were killed in the Collab war), Rage 33, Rogue 7, Elysium 19.

Third Round of the Alliance Server

Imaginary Numbers vs The Fist of Odin

On the third set iMag FS'ed The Fist for FA'ing TIE during the previous set's war. War kept on going throughout the set as imag farmed FoO before LCN joined the fun, finally ending with many FoO restarts, rerestarts etc. beeing larger then the newer imag restarts.

La Cosa Nostra vs Imaginary Numbers

LCN declared war on iMagNum enforcing it's retaliation policies [6].

Fourth Round of the Alliance Server

La Cosa Nostra vs Imaginary Numbers

LCN followed up on last set by doing an early assault on imag, focusing on making their countries larger by SS and PS rather than increase the advantage in countries that they already had by a ratio somewhere close to 2:1. This left iMag as little more than an really aggressive farm for LCN to feed off throughout the set, at the cost of some LCN countries and their restarts. This was a part of the larger LCN/Fist/Omega vs ImagNum/SoL war.

Fifth Round of the Alliance Server

Imaginary Numbers vs Infernal Council of Nations

During the early mid set, ICN attacked SoF. SoF used their FDP with iMag to call iMag into the war. ICN refused to fight back, saying that they had "decided" that they had a pact with iMag, making the war rather one sided for iMag. As ICN already had lost most of their original countries, the rest was dealt with quickly, and in a few days ICN was all restarts.

iMag's dec: [7]

Collaboration vs Imaginary Numbers

Collaboration was hungry for a war, offering a bit more of a challenge than SoF and EEVIL that they were going to FS, and decided to incorporate iMag when they were to hit these two alliances. However, before their FS was done with a CF was declared due to Collaboration being asked to stop...

Collab's dec, not including iMag who they had already CF'ed on: [8]

Imaginary Numbers and Paradigm vs Collaboration

...A few days later, iMag returned the favour to Collab, bringing in PDM, whom had their own reasons to fight Collab, into the war to make it less one sided. The FS was also aided by SoF, who were already in war with Collab using their restarts as finishers.

iMag's dec: [9]

This war was awarded as the the war of the set: [10]

Sixth Round of the Alliance Server

Imaginary Numbers vs A bunch of leavers and ICN

iMag FS's war on The Fist of Odin and ICN, but no dec was posted. The Fist of Odin responds with a seemingly well planned "leaving the game"-cs.

The Fist of Odin's announcement: [11]

Imaginary Numbers vs A bunch of leavers, ICN and The Neofederation

NeoFed was called in by ICN.

The Neofederation's dec: [12] Cease Fire: [13]

Sons of Liberty vs Imaginary Numbers

Not long after having CF'ed ICN and The Neofederation, Sons of Liberty attacks. iMag's CS gets postponed, and as they hit back 2 days later, all hopes of a "real" war is gone as iMag has already lost 96% of it's networth.

Sons of Liberty's dec: [14]

Seventh Round of the Alliance Server

Imaginary Numbers vs Sons of Liberty

iMagNum FSed SoL week 2 as revenge for the set before with 35ish vs 70ish countries.

Netters Anonymous vs Imaginary Numbers

Later during the set, things got hot with NA. Being the only alliance open for hits (according to the embassy anyway), NA saw a lot of hits comming their way. The situation became worse after a NA member decided that 2 countries, that retaled the overretal he had made after failing the first one, should die.

NA's terms was that imag could either kill it on their own, or get reps. Imag wanted reps for their losses, aswell as NA killing their own lose end. Imag did kill the country, but decided to wait isntead of FS'ing.

Some days later a hit was made by imag on NA, which was followed by imag putting the attacker into dr. NA decided both should die. Imag didn't like this.

And then there was war!

NA's declaration about being at war (the closest thing to the wars dec): [15]

Eighth Round of the Alliance Server

Imaginary Numbers vs Netters Anonymous

iMagNum FSes NA week 2.[16] Fun thread that also attracted attention: [17]

Imaginary Numbers vs Sons of Liberty and Netters Anonymous

Sons of Liberty comes into defense of Netters Anonymous.

Imaginary Numbers vs Netters Anonymous

With Imaginary Numbers close to tag killed, Sons of Liberty leaves the war.

Ninth Round of the Alliance Server

Sons of Liberty vs Imaginary Numbers, La Cosa Nostra and Infernal Council of Nations

On April 27, 2011 Sons of Liberty FS'd La Cosa Nostra and Infernal Council of Nations, blindsiding both clans. Makinso finally shows up later with a late wardec [18] confirming their war. Approximately 1.5 to 2 hours later, iMagNum comes into to assist ICN/LCN. Imaginary Numbers means the defenders would have a solid member advantage, but would still be soundly defeated.

Tenth Round of the Alliance Server

Sanctuary vs Imaginary Numbers

Imag was in for a friendly with Sanctuary and were given the fs because of their numerical disadvantage. They also got to pick the time and date. Apparently, Sanctuary disapproved of imags choice of date, as days passed by. [19] Luckily, it was well worth it once it came. [20]

Later after a cf was signed, an Imag full of restarts declared on KSFTemplate:Citation needed, who had only half their members, but 4.5 times their total nw. Imag successfully killed of countries worth more than their entire tag during the first day. Sadly few KSF members decided it was any use fighting back, as it could have been a nice assymetrical war.

Eleventh Round of the Alliance Server

The set brought imags first change of presidency on the EE server. Soviet stepped down, and Bujke were then demoted to serve the alliance and lead it to another golden age.

The La Famiglia vs Evolution war

Imag participated in what likely was the largest war in EE on the alliance server so far. Being allied with Evolution, they were called in together with Sons of Liberty when La Famiglia declared war on them.

The war quickly grew as both sides called in reiforcements. Imag soon found itself facing both Moral Decay and The Omega alone, after they were called into the war specificly on Imag. Imag however, not wanting to bother allies for a war which wasn't their own, did not call in any other allies. There was also hope that the other alliances on their side would join in on their theatre of the war. This hope was however diminshed as their side found themselves beeing the underdogs.

Twelth Round of the Alliance Server

Imaginary Numbers vs Rival

Imag declared war on Rival since Rival refused to pact, which aroused suspiscion that they were setting up to war imag. War was declared on the 21'st of december, to try and get some kills before members went inactive for the holidays. With only 10 showing up for the fs, or during the hours shortly there after imag was in for a bad start. The kill run of the war produced only a single kill, and a reactive rival ended up leading in kills even during the first day. Shortly there after imag regained the lead as other members churned out their turns hitting rival, but with a slight member disadvantage and generally bad activity imag soon found itself in for a month of being farmed.


When originally formed, the Imaginary Numbers website was hosted by Inferno's service. However, after a war with RD(which Imaginary Numbers won), Beltshumeltz decided that Imaginary Numbers members would hide in other tags for the next reset and thought that it wasn't safe for members to upload their Status info to the ezclan website for fear that there were spies in the clan and a member/leader, White Guy, offered to develop and host a separate website for the sole purpose of keeping track of members status and coordinating their actions (If memory serves me correctly, QUEBEC was hurt most by our actions thinking it was someone else!) while they were hiding in different clans. White Guy posted on the clan's website asking for help in regards to the development and design of this new website and quickly recruited Zarcon to help.

This new website was not initially intended to be a replacement for the website; however, in the early infancy state of the new website's development, Inferno shut down Imaginary Number's site without notice (we assume he caught word we were developing one of our own), so Beltshumeltz quickly fired up the legendary iMagNum Spam Bot and alerted all members to apply at the very rudimentary but functional new website. At this point, the website consisted of a login script with 12 levels of access, basic but secure forums(only high leaders had access to view/post), and each member had their own page to upload status to where only their squad leader and high leaders could access. Thus started iMagNum's love affair with having their own website.

By the time iMagNum rejoined as a clan, the site had fully functioning forums and a method of sharing spyops other than just personal status screens. As the website was getting a lot of traffic from members, White Guy decided that he would start putting advertisements on each of the pages, and this quickly escalated to forcing members to click 10 ads before being allowed access to the rest of the website. As the advertisers didn't like this, WhiteGuy's ISP was asked to shut him down and they did. Shortly before allt his, FrostCat, a professional programmer and veteran member, had joined the development crew and on seeing that the site had been shut down, offered to pay for the indefinite hosting of the website and we quickly voted on what the domain would be. I can't remember all the domain's we looked at, but it was a toss up between and The membership quickly agreed that the domain of was the best and from then Imaginary Numbers have always used as its primary website.

In order to redeem himself, White Guy attempted to write a script to login to earth and continually fetch news because Mehul Patel did not respond to any requests to gain access to the same news feeds that other 3rd Party Sites had access to. In so doing, White Guy's first attempt caused an infinite loop that created a lot of bandwidth/strain on the Earth 1A Server. Needless to say, that got Mehul Patel's attention, but in a negative way... From that point until Mehul Patel made available the news and scores feeds to all third party sites, our website was blacklisted from connecting to any services. Members weren't even allowed to register to play with an email address originating from (it let you register, but never sent the activation code). This is also when Mehul Patel made it so that when searching news, only the first 200 results would show to deter anyone else from trying the same thing.

After this, White Guy had very little involvement with the design and development of the website and Zarcon took on the lead role of developing the website while FrostCat continually paid for and set out an agreed structure to the site's code so that future developers could pick up where others have left off quite easilly.

In the time before the feeds were made available, Imaginary Numbers were forced to always use a different third party website to access News, Scores(scores primarilly because the clan didn't have enough members to keep the scores database manually updated) and other tools relating to land grabbing and war stats.

It was a glorious day when Mehul Patel(i think in 2003?) announced that the News and Ranks(AMAZING!) would be available to all third party sites without restriction. From that day on, Zarcon, FrostCat, and Stavros(a new arrival to the team) worked to phase out the need for third party clan hosts as fast as possible. As FrostCat and Stavros quickly became busy with real life issues, Zarcon, while being the president of the clan, took on the task of finishing the overhaul on the website to give it functionality along the lines of news, war stats, country search and other tools.

In 2006, Zarcon and FrostCat agreed that the current, level based, permissions were not very practical and insecure as workarounds had been written to allow members of one access level to see content they normally wouldn't. Together, they agreed to move more towards Group Based Permissions but at a much more manageable level than other third party sites. This system consisted of Ranks(color) that did not give permissions, and an infinite amount of groups which offered permissions to different parts of the site. This would make the site still look as clean as it did before but offer much more security and functionality for future developments. It took until mid 2008 for Zarcon to get off his lazy backside and finish the code for the new system.

Since then, the site has been redeveloped a few times to incorporate many new tools and the switch from OMAC to Earth empires. Some of the tools available today are said to rival those of other, more prominent, third party hosts.

Over the years, a few other members have helped in regards to development of the site. To name but a few:

  • Fooglmog designed the original LKS Random Quote Engine and to this day still adds quotes to it. He also designed the original version of our insite ajax chat, which was a shoutbox in its infancy.
  • Reptile designed the look and feel of one of the earliest versions of the website. Some of the graphics and themes are still used today.
  • Tavi designed the current public theme for the website... It's AWESOME!

Others who have made contributions to the website not listed above:

  • BlackSeifer for his many monetary contributions to hosting of LKS
  • E1M1 for designing forum polls
  • Soviet his work on alliance matrix
  • bujke for his work on formulas

Very recently, Iron Priest has taken over as the owner of the website.

Notable Members

Like any alliance, Imaginary Numbers has a large number of people who have contributed to its growth and development over the years. In some cases these players are known outside of the alliance, but in many more cases they're not. This is meant as a list of players who are strongly associated with their time playing as a member of Imaginary Numbers and are notable within the Earth community as a whole. Omission of those who do not meet these requirements should not be viewed as a diminishment of their contributions to the alliance itself.

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