La Cosa Nostra

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La Cosa Nostra
Founder(s) Castejon, The Nihilist, Brink, Mad Hatter
Members 50
Focus Both
President(s) Scribble
Vice President(s) [[]], [[]]
Head of Foreign Affairs Scrible
Assistant Foreign Affairs Boltar, [[]]
Head of Internal Affairs Nuketon
Internal Affairs Trifey, [[]]
Head of War [[]]
IRC Network/Channel(s) Gamesurge #lcnostra
Website LCNostra Boxcar
Retal Policy La Cosa Nostra Retal Policy

Our Mission

La Cosa Nostra is a clan on the Alliance server that aims to provide a friendly gaming environment for it's members. We seek excellence in netgaining and both warfare. We protect our members and our allies. We seek growth in ability and relationship and strive to get the best out of our family.


Members have a responsibility to place this alliance first and foremost before individual pursuits and personal gains. Members have a responsibility to uphold the rules of this alliance and strive toward LCN’s goals as set forth by the leaders of LCN. Members have a responsibility to contribute and participate in the direction of LCN’s mission of becoming the best alliance on the Council Server. LCN is a family oriented alliance, and each member is to assist and to respect other members in their goal to accomplish LCN’s mission.

Some History

LCN started out of Tourney game G. There were 5-6 original members. Castejon, The Nihilist, Brink, Mad Hatter were definites. I believe Assassin and Ravioli were also original, but they would need to confirm.

LCN was named by The Nihilist. Caste and Nihilist rode the same bus to high school in Ponte Vedra, Florida. History always gives The Nihilist a bum deal.

LCN as 11th was started in our first set, and became undeniable fact in our second set. To this day, LCN is the 11th best alliance in the game. Someday I may come back and expound on that.

LCN joined RoCKFamily in our second set.

The great LCN/HAN wars.

(SO I just typed up a ton of old stuff, and this site didn't take it, and it was lost. I am stopping here, if this takes, maybe I will come back and flesh it out more)

Involved in the LCN/Fist/Omega vs ImagNum/SoL war of June 2010.


Scribble: email skype karlpointer

Trifey: email Icq 1339765

Purposeful1: Icq 219186820