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La Famiglia
Founder(s) El Paco & Daniel
FoundedAugust 1998
OriginsThe Dons & SHIELD
Focus Netgaining
President(s) Vic
Head of Foreign Affairs Don Tob
Head of Internal Affairs [-]
Internal Affairs [-]
Head of War [-]
Trainer(s) Gerdler
IRC Network/Channel(s) #laf

La Famiglia is the oldest continually active alliance in Earth Empires, drawing its origins in the 1a server of Earth:2025 in August, 1998.

La Famiglia are successful netgainers regularly placing many top 10 and top 100 countries. During the Earth: 2025 era LaF regularly finished first in both total networth and average networth more times than any other alliance as well as regularly having the top country in the server. In the Earth Empires era, LaF has focused mostly on producing top 10 countries, which they regularly dominate in as well as place in the top 1 or 2 for both total networth and average networth titles.

Don Timeline

The Don Term
El Paco & Daniel Summer 98 - November 98
Gramberto November 98 - February 99
El Paco & Viper February 99 - May 99
Ronnie & Lassemaja May 99 - July 99
Ronnie & Trot July 99 - October 99
Papafunk October 99 - January 00
Don Blubb & Town Drunk January 00 - March 00
Vogon / Haldor / Lord Will / Eldor March 00 - June 00
Haldor & Don Duque June 00 - August 00
Don Duque August 00 - January 01
Don ACCI January 01 - March 01
Don Blubb March 01 - June 01
Oafijev June 01 - August 01
H4xOr WaNgEr August 01 - January 02
Leo Arietis January 02 - April 02
H4xOr WaNgEr / Erian April 02
H4xOr WaNgEr May 02 - July 02
Leo Arietis July 02 - March 03
Don Slowme March 03 - October 03
Don Xinhuan & Don Hanlong October 03 - March 04
Don Xinhuan March 04 - May 04
Mischief May 04 - January 05
Don TOB January 05 - March 05
Turtle Crawler March 05 - January 06
Don Warlordz January 06 - May 06
H4xOr WaNgEr June 06 - Nov 06
Don Eugene Nov 06 - June 07
H4xOr WaNgEr June 07 - October 07
Don Reigndeerz / H4xOr WaNgEr October 07 - March 08
H4xOr WaNgEr March 08 - September 08
Solid Snake September 08 - December 09
Parallax December 09 - October 10
H4xOr WaNgEr October 10 - November 10
Pangaea November 10 - December 10
Enshula December 10 - June 11
Don Hanlong June 11 - February 12
Don Hanlong / Son Goku March 12 - June 12
Son Goku June 12 - December 12
h347/Don Eugene December 12 - Present

La Famiglia History

Brief LaF History

Reset Wars Top 100s Top 50s Top 10s
February 2002 Mass ABed 12 5 -
April 2002 LaF/CCSGN 14 4 -
July 2002 - 39 23 9
22 Jul - 10 Oct 2002 LaF/ALC - - -
13 Oct - 29 Dec 2002 LaF/LCN - - -
1 Jan - 10 Mar 2003 - 42 18 4
12 Mar - 25 May 2003 - 31 17 4
27 May - 15 Aug 2003 LaF/PDM 1 - -
17 Aug - 25 Oct 2003 - 40 21 4
27 Oct - 10 Jan 2004 LaF/ALC2 5 1 -
12 Jan - 30 Mar 2004 - 39 23 3
1 Apr - 31 May 2004 LaF/NBK 8 1 -

Detailed History

LaF was formed by El Paco and Daniel, two revolutionary strategists and renowned players. First starting as a small alliance in game B, LaF was established as a tight, elite group of players intent on ruling the top 25 spots in the game. LaF was formed from two groups, one known as "the Dons" the other "SHIELD". Part of their early dominance was that they were one of the only alliances (along with RoCK) that used specialized strategies (e.g., casher, techer, indy) while most people at the time played some rainbow strategy. Another factor of this was that LaF was one of the few that had an alliance website, hosted by LaF co-founder Daniel on



The Emergence of La Famiglia in 1A (Summer 1998 Reset, Reset 1 of La Famiglia)

LaF first came to be a real power when, known as the Dons, they solidly defeated RoCK in the summer of 1998, ending with a virtual stranglehold on the top positions.

November 1998 Reset

LaF came under the leadership of Gramberto, who had come to the alliance after winning game B. Due to his tyrannical diplomacy and aggressive policies, LaF quickly became despised by many alliances, eventually leading to the Coalition vs. LaF war and ending in the sound defeat of LaF.



February 1999 Reset

Viper and El Paco started off as the leaders of La Famiglia. Gramberto resigned from political pressure from the previous reset, having made a lot of enemies during the previous reset, and shortly afterwards after disputes and a nasty email between Gramberto and El Paco, Gramberto was booted from LaF. Gramberto bitterly left with a few LaF members and joined EoS (Enforcers of Scarface). Shortly after this happened, El Paco resigned from real life constraints, leaving Viper as the de facto leader with the aid of Patience. Another problem LaF ran into was the alliance website, which was falling behind from the more advanced website of our archrival RoCK. Viper somehow got us on RoCK's secondary server ( which was basically like their main server ( but with less features (this evolved into Gamerstown). Needless to say, this website was one of the reason for RoCK's virtual dominance of 1A during this time due to the site's database. This was still before Mehul Patel implemented tags in the game, so we had to put the alliance numbers of members and pacted alliances manually from country lists onto the database. Viper was attempting to rebuild the public perception of LaF which was a disaster from the previous reset under Gramberto. LaF aided its ally TIE in their war against HAN, and later assisted MD in fighting RoCK. While fighting RoCK, LaF was targetted by the RoCK Family, specifically by TGA and Omega, who inflicted substantial damage to LaF. This was a world war reset, with SG (Solarian Guard) the only major alliance not in war, occupying a lot of the top 100 spots along with HAN. LaF had some controversies this reset, one was the delay of our assistance to our ally MD, the second was the Guardian program, which was a program which an LaF all-jetter would grab an alliance and our netgainers would farm him off.

May 1999 Reset

This was probably one of LaF's best resets ever, and we were ranked #1 by many at this time. It wasn't so peachy in the beginning however, due to the less-than-dominant showings the previous resets and what was viewed as unstable leadership. The unstable leadership was because Viper and Patience, our leaders from the past reset, left for TIE. Ronnie and Lassemaja took over this reset as the main leaders, however, and shaped an extremely successful reset. Mehul Patel incorporated a major change this reset with the use of alliance tags. We started off strong, with many people in the top 100. We had a landgrab dispute with Ragnarok, which ended up with us FSing Ragnarok, with them surrendering the next day. We suffered a loss of only one country, and our netgaining reset was intact, so our hopes were still high. Ronnie tooled our pacts (plus no one wanted to be our FDP because we were bad allies from last reset), into what is now known as the "isolationist" approach, where we kept just a bunch of NAPs and no DPs. Later on, RAGE and Ragnarok started a war which ingnited into World War III, eventually bringing in the rest of Earth into another RoCK coalition vs the anti-coalition war, with LaF sitting out this time, instead of being the leader of the anti-coalition side as in previous resets. The only problems LaF faced were multi-suiciders, who were dealt with quickly as it took only 90-120 attacks to kill countries with 25C/GS as opposed to today's 5C/GS. Otherwise it was a netgaining reset, which ended up with LaF taking 8 of top 10 a record brokenby LaF in summer 2002 with 9, 53 of top 100 (still a record), and the TNW/ANW titles. The only threat to our spots was China, which was later found out to be run by bb and top RoCKers, who at the end of the reset tagged up RoCK.

July 1999 Reset

This was another dominating reset for LaF, although it ended on a sour note. We had 120 members, which marked us as one of the largest alliances in the game at the time. Our leader was still Ronnie, with the aid of a few others such as Blubb, Trotskiy, Lassemaja, Papafunk, Oden, Haldor, ACCI, etc., which was good, because we actually kept the same leader for two resets in a row for once. There was a joke that some old earth vet said on AT that LaF changed its Don more often than he changed underwear. LaF followed basically the same isolationist approach as the previous reset which worked well for us. We were dominating the top spots and everything was okay at first. We even had a "secret" LDP with RoCK. There were a few problems that surfaced, the first was the RoCK training tag ETU (Earth Training University) which was protected by RoCK. The problem was RoCK never notified us that they were protected by RoCK and many LaFfers grabbed ETU, which resulted in huge retals by RoCK for puny grabs by us. This peeved many LaFfers off, but Ronnie and Papafunk reminded that "RoCK was jealous of our netgaining dominance and wanted us to war them to ruin it by making us war them", and thus we netgained on. The second major problem of the reset (and actually it was one of the major turning points of Earth) was a new "FDP" of RoCK, called Tiger. Omega, being the "we must eradicate all cheaters" they are, started investigating Tiger and RoCK and there was a damning evidence that Tiger was a bot run by members of RoCK leadership. Omega posted this, and a few days later Tiger FSed Omega. With all of this, LaF and RoCK cancelled their LDP and LaF assisted Omega, among many other alliances, and helped eradicate Tiger. Omega was outraged by this, and many of its members wanted to declare war on RoCK directly, but were split on whether to wait for more evidence or attack immediately. This caused an internal conflict, with many leaving under a Omega Division Leader (known as Helmet) and forming a new alliance called SoF. Eventually Omega declared war on RoCK, and another round of anti-coalition vs. RoCKfamily coalition ensued. We stayed neutral again because we followed our isolationist approach and did not sign any FDPs. We had a problem of multies being run and killing and ABing many of our top rankers (later also tied to RoCK), but because of the rest of 1A being in a state of war, we eventually won TNW/ANW and took 48 of top 100 spots (still the second best record, behind the reset before this), although our rank 1 (Corleone) was later found out to be abusing a bug. Near the end of one of the craziest reset until the TIL vs anti-TIL reset, a former member of RoCK exposed RoCK's cheating publicly of the multi hits on LaF and Omega, which eventually led to the collapse of RoCK as we knew it after this reset. We were thought by many to take the throne as the sole top alliance from RoCK after this reset, except there was one problem, a few LaF members ran multies on Gramberto's "top 5" MD country, causing Gramberto to be infuriated and promising a three reset "death sentence" of bot running on LaF. Along with the downfall of Omega, who was the other top tier alliance, it marked the downfall of the top alliances of the game at this time, especially the dominant RoCK and LaF, paving the way for MD's dominance for the next few resets.

August 2 Week Test Reset

This was the reset Oil and Theocracy were introduced and it wasn't a real reset. Not all of LaF played, and some of us played for fun. Being a 2 week reset, most of us went commie indies because it was a short reset, and we had a fun little war with an alliance called Dragon.

October 1999 Reset

Ronnie "retired," but was later found to be in TIE with ACCI, with the two taking #1 and #2 ranks. Many leaders and members left because of Gramberto's 3-reset bot sentence, and we were only 90 members. As promised, Gramberto ABed most of our countries, and it was devastating. We weren't doing so well this reset because of this. There was also the infamous P&Q hacking incident where the passwords of people's logins could be determined with a piece of code, and many of our countries were hacked and deleted from it. Several LaFfers had to restart as many as 6 times. A new alliance formed, called Armada, named among the top because it was formed of a merger of two decent alliances at the time - FBI and BoA. Armada began to farm us with their top 100 countries, while we had none from our earlier problems from Gramberto's bots. We were pretty angry already considering what our reset was turning out to be, and declared war on Armada. We utterly destroyed them, which led them to disband later on this reset. We nearly placed a few countries in top 100 but we ended up with none in the end.



January 2000 Reset

Most of LaF's top netgainers fled this reset to an new alliance, Cryptic Monks, which was led by ACCI and Chump and Marty, due to this being reset 2 of 3 of Gramberto's sentence. Papafunk stepped down as leader, with Blubb and Town Drunk taking place as Co-Dons. This reset was the FoG reset, where old RoCKfamily alliances (and the new incarnation of RoCK, Legion) forming one FoG tag. Since we knew we were going to be smacked by bots, we played a low CS indy start, and after Gramberto ABed us, we proceeded to rebuild CS and did our switch. We weren't hurt as bad as the previous reset because of this, and was looking at another impressive netgaining reset. Due to real life constraints however, Blubb and TD stepped down, with Haldor eventually taking their place. We had a dispute with TGA who were retaling off the news, which was constantly broken at the time, causing TGA to retal one of our retals. We got into a dispute with TGA because of this, with one of our members retalling for a TGA hit that wasn't shown in the news and promptly 2:1ed for it, which was TGA's standard retal policy for everyone. We showed TGA's FR Mello the HTML news saved by our member indicating the hit on him, but Mello said to us "If it doesn't show up in the ingame news, it doesn't exist". We weren't the only alliance that were offended by TGA's way of retalling, and LaF and RAGE declared war on TGA. We withdrew after a week of war to ceasefire, basically because of DigTek from TGA telling us "Gramberto is only 1 person, think of what 60 people can do". We left the war leaving RAGE and TGA fighting, and were labeled as wussies and treehuggers by the 1A community, which stuck for a while. TGA was losing this war however, and they eventualy dragged in all of FoG. This led MD into kicking all of their asses, and becoming the de-facto #1 alliance of the game at this time. This was a world-war reset again, and the only major alliances that weren't warring in the end was Avengers and LaF, and despite the bots running on us, we dominated most of the top 10 and top 100 (37 spots) and were #2 in ANW behind the Protest tag of Avengers who dropped all but 11 of their members because of Mehul's deletion of Rauch. A "new member" named Samson from the Lynbrook division won this reset, but he was later found out to be Ronnie.

March 2000 Reset

Papafunk was our symbolic leader in a way this reset, but the brunt of the work was done by Duque, who emerged as one of our main leaders in the previous reset, and Haldor. We signed a FDP with Avengers this reset, our first FDP in a long while. Avengers eventually became one of our closest friends for a long time. This was reset 3 of 3 of Gramberto's sentence, and with the help of many alliances we were hiding in many places (one division per alliance). Anyways, this was one of the most fun war resets ever for LaF, and old SoF and Avengers can testify to this. What basically happened was SoF and Avengers were embroiled in war, and being our FDPs and outnumbered, we jumped in to help them. We had joined warchats with Avengers, SoF called in Armageddon to hit LaF, and RAGE to hit Avengers, but despite this it was a very close war, although SoF won it in the end.

June 2000 Reset

Duque became our Don with the help of Haldor also leading. Without Gramberto's bots and at a good size of 120 (most of our old members came back because of the end of the bot sentence), it was a traditional netgaining reset for LaF and relatively quiet, until SOL started to farm us for no reason. When we retaled, they retaled on retals and things got ugly. We eventually solved this problem between our leaders and continued to netgain. This reset had another major war stemming from SOL getting into a major conflict with RAGE and ARROW which resulted in a TSA vs TF showdown reminiscent of RoCKfamily, FoG, and TIL wars. While everyone was at war, we dominated top 100 along with people from clans not at war, primarily SoF and SL. We got #2 in ANW, losing to SL, and #1 in TNW, barely edging out SoF, and got the majority of the top 100 spots and a few top 10s.

August 2000 Reset

Duque was our Don again, and being a warmonger he said "this will be our war reset". Jin farmed some DA country because he was quitting, let Physco farm him, and then told other Lynbrook division members to GS Physco into DR so DA couldn't get their land back. Beltzshumeltz of DA was talking to our FR Neal about this situation, and Neal kinda blew him off and told him to contact Duque, since he was the Don. This didn't go so well with DA and they declared war and FSed us. DA called in Pirates to assist them after a few days of warring us. We killed over 100 of their 125 members and eventually reached a ceasefire. We had 3 FDPs (Avengers, Elitez, and SoF) this reset and with not much of a netgaining reset left, although we still had some top ranking countries, and with Elitez FSing SOL and SOL calling in every single one of their allies, we joined SoF into assisting Elitez on SOL. SoF/LaF combined warchats killed off SOL, and LaF finished finished the reset with one top 10er (Hao2) and 6 top 100s (Blubb, Hanlong, Joe among them). We climbed back to be one of the powerhouses of the game after this reset, which we hadn't enjoyed for a long time.

October 2000 Reset

Duque led us again, and it was more of less a netgaining reset. We had a minor setback in a small war with FBI, but standing at only 30-40 members, we annihilated them quickly and continued to netgain. There weren't many problems afterwards, and we rolled onto a second place TNW and ANW showing behind Elitez, who clinched #1 in both categories. However, we placed a decent amount in the top 100 and it was a relatively good reset, a typical LaF netgaining reset.



January 2001 Reset

Duque left us to join IX, and left ACCI to become the Don of LaF. To make up the holes in head positions, H4xOr and Hanlong became heads in LaF by the end of this reset, both being the key shapers of the next dominant LaF reset, in September 2001. Other than a little skirmish on a small clan called HARDCORE, it was peaceful for us and we placed another decent netgaining showing at #3 in TNW - we were only 89 members, behind 215 member UCN and 119 member Elitez, and #2 in ANW behind Elitez. This was a quiet treehugging reset for us, basically.

March 2001 Reset

Blubb was placed as our Don again this reset, but he didn't do that much, so the other heads (namely h4x0r and {who?}) took the brunt of the work. It was a reset long warring reset for us, with us "controversially" FSing SOL with our FDP Genesis. We got to join warchat again with our good buddies in Avengers, since they merged to form Genesis. That aspect was fun, but after SOL called in Arrow on Genesis and TGA on us it obviously tipped the scales towards SOL, and we lost the war eventually but put up a decent showing. This was the "Titans" reset, and they dominated the rankings. Being in a reset long war with SOL (and yes, SOL are good fighters) they kept us from any top spots. We ended up with one top 100, a tagjumper from Avalon which TGA promptly killed, even though we signed a ceasefire with them.

June 2001 Reset

The Super Genius aka Oafijev took over as Don this reset, with Heads Mischief, {who?}, and H4xOr helping him out. It was a netgaining reset again for us, since most of us were tired from the long and brutal reset long war with SOL the previous reset. We won TNW and placed #2 in ANW behind a "mysterious" alliance named CoA. In the end, a couple of TKS tagged up to LaF in the last minute, stealing UCN's "TNW win". We again took the majority of the top 100.

September 2001 Reset

{who?} became more active again this reset as a head and with H4xOr as our Don, we led LaF to a very impressive netgaining showing. This was the big 6 gangbang reset, and with Elitez as our main ANW/TNW competition for the past few resets, we had the TNW/ANW crown pretty easily, with Chump winning 1A and us dominating 6 of top 10, and 41 out of top 100 spots. {who?} was trying to break our old top 100 record, but the DJustice top 100 people I recruited earlier and SOLers who came with Chump went back to their alliances by the end of the reset. Although we dominated ANW/TNW and the rankings, people barely put us as a top 5 alliance due to us having a mediocre showing in our last war against SOL and having netgained for the past two resets, we were too "pansy" to do anything.

November 2001 Reset

This was LaF's worst reset. This was due to {who?} and H4xOr being inactive, and as the two major figureheads of LaF, that wasn't good news. With H4xOr virtually ignoring what was supposedly a day to day FR situation with Wildcards, Wildcards FSed us with eXist. However, by that time already, {who?} and H4xOr retired already leaving LaF in the hands of new leaders - Leo Arietis as the Don, with Erian supporting him. Our new and inexperienced leadership fought a embarassing war with eXist/Wildcards and eventually we had to call in an FDP ally (IX), which was laughed at by the rest of 1A becuase we were bigger in members and networth. Later on IX went into war with Arrow, and we assisted them, and people just laughed us off as trying to salvage our reset. We had one top 100er, but that didn't matter, we were rated barely as a top 10 alliance, and some people didn't even rank us as a top 10 alliance, a first in LaF history.



February 2002 Reset

We had to rebuild this reset from our low point last reset, and we did what we were best at, netgaining. Leo Arietis was our Don still. We had a very major setback, when most of our top rankers were mass ABed, and also from the previous reset with our bad performance we only had like 70 members. We got 4th in ANW and 5th in TNW, which wasn't that impressive either. We placed a few top 100s, but mostly because of the mass ABs and lots of members fleeing to better grounds, we lacked the usual dominance in netgaining we used to have. It was another hard reset for LaF, who in the eyes of many was not a top 10 alliance reset anymore.

April 2002 Reset

H4xOr came back to be our Don, and from a dispute with CCSGN (us farming them), they ended up FSing us. We did quite well, killing CCSGN and finishing with the ANW title, and 7th in TNW. We were accused of dropping members, but in reality about 15 of our fighters and mainly lower rankers decided to help our FDP ally IX in their war with RAGE by tagging IX and joining their warchats for the rest of the reset. We weren't that impressive mainly due to our small size, but nonetheless it was better than the previous resets as we started to recover. This reset is the turning point, for we fought a successful war, which was our Achilles' heel that brought us to the low point 2 resets before this one.

July 2002 Reset

Leo Arietis became Don again due to H4xOr being lazy. This reset was our merger with The League, which ended our membership problems - we were 80 before TL, and 120 with them. This was also the TIL vs. anti-TIL war reset, so everyone fought while we netgained. And again, we set one of the most astonishing records by taking ranks 1-9, sweeping TNW/ANW titles, and 40+ top 100s. With the rest of 1A at war, this was a easy win for us. We finally got back on the top 10 radar by most alliances, although they were still questioning our warring abilities because "CCSGN wasn't a real alliance" and the last memorable thing for them was that eXist/Wildcards, which was an embarrassment for LaF. However, on a more sour note, IX was unhappy we knocked out their only top 10, and thus vowed revenge, an event that would shape our next few resets.

October 2002 Reset (22 Jul - 10 Oct)

We started off netgaining this reset, and Leo Arietis was our Don still. Three alliances - ISW (Immortal Seawolf), Un4given (merger of Unknown and CCSGN), and TSE (The Sith Empire) - declared war on us on what is know known as the ALC (Anti-LaF Coalition) vs LaF reset. We were outnumbered 280 vs 150, having picked up 20 members from TKS merging into us, but won the war regardless with more kills/hits and higher networth. With this war, and the help of the war strategists in TKS, we were finally back on track as a top 5 alliance threat, although people still thought we couldn't war a "real" alliance. Nonetheless, in this reset there wasn't much netgaining, although we had one top 10er, and our only top 100er for that matter, who tagged last minute from Ragnarok. However, we were once again moving back to claim our old dominance, by proving what hurted us the most from before, the ability to war well.

December 2002 Reset (13 Oct - 29 Dec)

This reset started with Leo Arietis leading us with Erian as our FR, we were planning a war reset. We also picked up some of our old leaders mid reset (H4xOr and Don Hanlong) as heads when they heard about the ambitious warring plans for this reset. We ended up warring LCN because of the previous IX issue broiling, and LCN was a close IX ally. Anyway, everyone thought we would get spanked by LCN, which was thought to be the #4 or #5 alliance at the time. After 3 weeks of intense fighting, throughout which LaF was farmed by IX for over 100k acres of land, we ended up being on top with quite a few top 1000ers while LCN had none. LCN had no more breakers and part of the strategy to achieve this was due to the introduction of a war-strategy known as the AB Forum and very careful target selection by Xinhuan, a new and active aDL. Needless to say, with the anti-TIL vs. TIL world war going on, LCN called in DA first, and then IX, ending the 1:1 war. This in turn led us, SoF, PDM, ICN, among others to wage war on IX. SoF was fighting a two-front war, with them being involved in the Steel/SOL/RAGE/Arrow half also, and for the second time we had joint warchats with SoF. LaF obviously didn't have any top 100 or top 10s, but it was a successful reset and a very important one, with our impressive showing vs. LCN placing us as a solid top 5 alliance once again.



March 2003 Reset (1 Jan - 10 Mar)

This reset Slowme became our Don after Leo Aretis stepped down. With the rest of the leadership team of Leo Aretis (head IA), Xinhuan (aIA) and Hanlong (head FR) with H4xOr more or less an advisor, we were set to keep LaF on the upswing which we were going through these past resets. From warring the past two resets, it was just natural that we were going to plan for netgaining and show everyone we hadn't lost our touch. However, we got into our fair share of problems. SOL decided to launch mass grabbing of LaFfers over a topfeeding problem, but the situation was eventually solved between the FRs of both sides. We grew tremendously mid-reset when we merged with a new alliance called LSNoir who were a bunch of good netgainers and was top 3 ANW at the time. This boosted our country count to about 180, which was a LaF high. Afterwards, we started to overfarm an alliance called the Fist, and last minute negotiations allowed for peace again. However, all wasn't peaceful when we found out top Cult countries used jet multies to retal us, which ended up with LaF FSing Cult. In 4 short hours, we made 3000 hits, and Cult was basically decimated. Cult surrendered to LaF, with a ceasefire signed for 20 hours later. During that 20 hours, it was a "happy cultivation day". After that incident, we continued to gain until the end, where we gathered the #3 ANW (barely behind RD and Saints), but swept 42 top 100 spots, with nof winning 1A, 4 top 10 spots, and winning TNW by a landslide. It was one of our most successful resets, and continued our upswings from the reset before. Now people were ranking us as one of the top 4, along with SOL, SoF, and IX as the potential people to grab the #1 alliance spot.

May 2003 Reset (12 Mar - 25 May)

This reset was another highly successful reset, and by the end of it, LaF was a solid top 3 alliance, with many people declaring LaF as the best alliance in 1A. We had basically the same leadership team this reset, which added stability for once, instead of LaF's infamous leadership rotation that was so common throughout LaF history. We started this reset looking to win ANW and TNW, which we didn't accomplish the reset before, barely losing the ANW title to Saints and RD. We got off to a strong start, looking to break the TNW records until Fist responded to our overgrabbing of them by killing two top rankers and crippling another one. We reached a peace deal with Fist without fighting a war, and stormed on netgaining. We hit another roadblock when CWG decided to the same thing as Fist, to kill a few top rankers for overfarming. By this time, we were angry at how these little clans were treating us, so we decided to show that we do not appreciate them picking off our top rankers and we CSed CWG, killing 10 in the 3 hours from our CS time to when CWG asked for peace. We felt we made our statement, and we moved on. We were on pace to win ANW and TNW except there was another roadblock close to the end of the reset, when Quebec suicided on our top ranker at rank 2. Out of coincidence LCN FSed Quebec, and Quebec thought we told LCN to FS Quebec. Hence Quebec decided to hit LaF instead, prompting us to join LCN to kill Quebec. In the end, despite all these fireworks, LaF captured the ANW and TNW titles, 4 top 10 spots (or 5, if you count Genovese), and 31 top 100 spots (or 34 if you count Genovese again), in another classic LaF netgaining finish. One thing that angered us, however was GoSu (a Paradigm member), suiciding on a lot of our top 10ers, shaping our next reset...

Aug 2003 Reset (27 May - 15 Aug)

We kept the same leadership team again, adding Warlordz to the IA team to replace the retiring Leo Arietis. This was the same successful leadership that propelled LaF into a reset after reset top alliance, and it was no surprise that it continued this reset. We netgained for 2 resets in a row, and the heads of LaF all agreed that this was going to be a war reset. We started off netgaining as usual, and we got our war drill when CIA and DU declared war on us for overfarming them. After quickly dismantling them, we were eyeing our revenge on PDM for suiciding on our top rankers the reset before. When PDM declared war on our ally Infidels, we assisted them and declared war on PDM. With Xinhuan leading our warchats again, having much experience from the previous LCN war which he helped lead, we had a organized approach and took out all of PDM's top rankers. After PDM's top rankers were all gone, we proceeded to farm PDM, a new war tactic. During this war, j0nnie, one of the assistant warheads introduced the Readiness Forum, similar in concept to the AB Forum used during the LaF/LCN war. We started the war with 1B TNW and 145 members, and PDM was 155 members and 800M TNW. By the end of the reset, we were still on the ANW and TNW charts with almost 2B tnw and 28M ANW, while PDM finished with 136M tnw. It was an extremely lopsided war and a pretty decisive victory because PDM could not touch our top rankers, with LaF placing many in the top 500 even by the end of the reset, with one top 100 (Don Hanlong). We also had 3 veteran LaFfers tagged up Genovese (a LaF division) in the top 15 (two of them top 10) from other alliances they were playing in. This was another extremely successful reset, and we continued to be one of the dominant (if not the most dominant) alliance in 1A, with most people placing LaF among the top 5 alliances.

Oct 2003 Reset (17 Aug - 25 Oct)

This reset was another classic LaF netgaining reset, and by the end most people ranked LaF among the top 3 alliances in 1A. LaF did what it does best this reset, placing 4 top 10s (Hanlong, Bakku, Tredent, and Xinhuan) with all four in top 5 and 40 top 100s in route to another ANW/TNW win. It was a relatively peaceful reset for LaF, without any skirmishes except the usual throng of suiciders LaF has to deal with every reset. During the reset Slowme stepped down as Don and as a result, the head FR and IA of the time (Hanlong and Xinhuan) stepped up to become co-Dons. The rest of the leadership core was intact and this enabled LaF's stability as arguably the top alliance in 1A to continue. One of the first things the new Dons did was the deal allowing RED to merge into LaF. At this time, RED had an internal problem with inactive leaders as well as losing their retal capabilities. This caused some controversies among some RED members, because earlier in the reset, some top LaF TTRs were landgrabbing some RED members, causing some ex-RED members to get angry and suicide on some of LaF's top TTRs. Despite this, LaF once again paved its way into a classic netgaining finish.



Jan 2004 Reset (27 Oct - 10 Jan)

In this reset, LaF made some political moves to help them be viewed as the #1 alliance in 1A, notably joining the then secret (now defunct) coalition known as "NATO". This coalition was made up of the top alliances at the time (LCN/IX/STEEL/SOL/Arrow/LaF) plus some smaller allies (FBI). With strong political ties to most of the top alliances, LaF started to cruise for another netgaining reset with the same leadership team under Don Hanlong and Xinhuan. However, this was cut short by 3 smaller alliances (Genocyde/MPE/GoD) declaring war on LaF due to LaFfers overfarming them, thus starting what is now known as the LaF vs ALC2 war (Anti-LaF Coalition 2, reminiscent of the first ALC war). This war started off just like the previous ALC war (the numbers were about the same), but this time LaF tore apart ALC2 much more quickly en route to yet another war victory under the war-leadership of Xinhuan and j0nnie. During the war, an alliance known as MilitiaX was farming and retaling retals on LaF, and thus during the middle of the ALC2 war, LaF declared war on MilitiaX and fought the 4v1 successfully, outhitting all 4 combined alliances. Towards the end of the reset, MPE/Genocyde/GoD (the original ALC2) surrendered to LaF, and left LaF fighting MilitiaX 1 on 1. LaF remarkably ended up with 5 top 100s, rank 6 TNW, and rank 14 ANW, a feat considering 150 LaFfers had to fight over 300 countries for the majority of the reset.

Mar 2004 Reset (12 Jan - 30 Mar)

This reset proves to be very interesting because of 2 reasons. The first was that Mehul Patel had finally woken up and began fixing some of the problems in the game, changing several formulae and game settings in the process. The second was that a huge political event occured among the top alliances in the server and this event is now known as the ILS scandal. Many of the changes Mehul decided to make were exciting and caused a revitalisation of the game. The list of changes are:

  • Improved overall security in the game, removed bots/multies.
  • Increased price of food on the private market from $24 to $32.
  • Increased use of oil by military units from 10 to 25 units per barrel.
  • Troops now require oil to attack.
  • GDI costs dropped from $4 to $3 per acre.
  • Fascism industrial 15% and construction bonus removed, oil bonus increased from 20% to 50%, market commission reduced from 15% to 6%.
  • Bomb Food and Bomb Oil now steal a portion of the bombed amount.
  • Removal of FFA server, replacing it with the 1B server now called the Primary Server. Removal of games 1C-1Z from the 1A server, now called the Alliance Server.
  • Humanitarians increased to 20% from 10% in Primary and Tournament Server.
  • Reduce the number of in-game allies in Tournament and Limited Server.
  • Increased damage on Cruise missiles, and also reduce enemy military readiness.
  • Reduced time period for PSes from 22 to 20 hours.
  • Changed the number of turns per game. In Alliance Server this is changed from 75(37) to 80(53).
  • Gave public access to the country and news data on Alliance and Limited Server at and
  • Increased food upkeep by 25%.
  • Changed the maximum tech% of Mil/Res/Bus/Agri/Strat techs as well as the tech formula.
  • Changed the explore formula for the better.
  • Eliminated the need of a tag country with a new system whereby anyone in a tag can gain control of the tag with the proper tag administration password.

Beginning of the reset, Hanlong retired, leaving LaF in the hands of Xinhuan while the rest of the leadership team remained unchanged. After a successful war the previous reset, naturally LaF planned for a netgaining reset. This proceeded smoothly for the first 2 weeks of the reset until a small new alliance named NetCore FSed FBI, one of the NATO alliances. Suspecting Sanctum to be behind a series of plots to break up the NATO alliances by embroiling each alliance in a war with a new mini-alliance, NATO and LaF quickly organised a 6-on-1 gangbang/tagkill on Netcore which lasted 2 hours, while SOL FSed Sanctum. Immediately, AT boards filled up with more posts in one day than any three day period in the previous 6 months. Apart from a farming spree 2 hours before the FS on 4th Feb 2004, LaF managed to hit NetCore more than all the other NATO alliances. On 16th Feb 2004, a security loophole discovered allowed a hacker to gain tag control of any tag that didn't have 8 letters in it. Almost all major clans were affected, and the chaos this resulted in was one of the worst as alliances started switching tags. TIE ended up protecting 5 different tags for the remainder of the reset. Luckily, LaF was able to retag quickly and efficiently thanks to cm when the whole of LaF was detagged. Two weeks later on 18th Feb 2004, Arrow and SOL discovered that IX, LCN and STEEL (termed ILS as a whole) had been plotting against the rest of NATO and the Alliance Server, manipulating allies as needed via a forum known as ILS Love House. Proof of the forum and the posts in it were posted. Subsequently, SOL/Arrow broke their FDPs and declared war on ILS. In the ensuing chaos that followed, SOL/Arrow killed LCN and then IX while STEEL first surrendered, and then retracted that surrender. MD later FSed IX as well, while SOL surprisingly turned around to help STEEL FS Rage. Other minor wars erupted all over the server. Despite all the upheavals, LaF managed to remain out of the server war and achieved ANW and TNW victory, finishing the reset with 39 top 100s and 3 top 10s, setting the new netgaining standards in the new-rules-environment provided by Mehul. At this point, MD and LaF were viewed as the top 2 leading alliances in the whole server, MD for finishing 14 top 100s as well as displaying a good FS on IX, and LaF for their stability and ability to avoid war.

May 2004 Reset (1 Apr - 30 May)

This reset proved to be a very interesting one with a server war. LaF started out with the same leadership team with Xinhuan still leading. It was originally planned as a war reset, but due to a communication problem, j0nnie signed a LDP with the intended target. We were netgaining nicely, with Rival closely behind us in ANW and ALand while wars started to spark around us:

  • Apr 29 - Omega and Immortal Dominion
  • Apr 30 - Exodus hits Omega, IMagnum FSes M4C
  • May 4 - Arrow FSes RED
  • May 5 - IX/Steel/TIE FSes SoL/Arrow, NVenom FSes DA, Rage CSes TIE, NBK FSes LaF
  • May 6 - ICN FSes LCN, Unknown FSes FBI
  • May 7 - KSF FSes Steel
  • May 8 - Clowns FSes Steel
  • May 9 - Citadel FSes Unknown, PDM FSes IX
  • May 10 - Clowns pulls out of the war. IX also pulls out of the server war fully and FSes NVenom instead, who is at war with DA
  • May 11 - LaF FSes KSF in defense of Steel
  • May 15 - The server war ends with both sides agreeing to a cease fire

We were mass ABed by NBK due to overfarming. About 20 top countries were ABed and 1 was killed (Thorak) in the FS on us. We launched our attacks immediately and tagkilled them by May 10. After storing turns for 1 day, we launched a FS on KSF in defense of Steel, which was heavily outnumbered by the opposition side (IX/Steel/TIE/RED/MX/LaF vs Arrow/Sol/Rage/KSF/Clowns/PDM). This war carried on until May 14 when we received notice from Steel that every party had decided on a cease fire. We proceeded to farm KSF until the time the cease fire came into effect. For the remainder of the reset, we returned to netgaining status, with NBK occasionally killing off 1 or 2 restarts and ankle biting. We had decided to ignore them totally, because killing them served no purpose, and they could easily restart and continue to ankle bite anyway. Despite the 10 day period of war we had, we managed to obtain 8 top 100s in the end of the reset, and finished 6th in AvgNW, and that was a very good performance for a warring reset. This put us in very good standing, and showed that LaF was able to war and net at the same time.

July 2004 Reset (June 2 - 28 July)

The reset was planned to be a war reset under Mischief as her first full reset as Dona, with newly promoted Don TOB as head FR, and returning head IA Don Warlordz. The target for the war was SOL, which started off with some typical war starting strategies of SOL known as topfeeding. About two weeks into the set SOL started to topfeed LaF countries and LaF countries started to retal land:land. SOL’s retal policy for unpacted alliances didn’t accept land:land and so roughly a week after the first topfeeds, war broke out, with LaF getting the FS on SOL. Since LaF was roughly 130 members and SOL was roughly 140 it was agreed in the beginning of the war that it would be 1:1. LaF’s FS killed roughly 15 SOL countries and SOL’s CS managed to kill roughly 10. After a week of fighting, Erian stepped down as the war head and Eugene was promoted to finish the task. After 3 weeks of fighting it was clearly evident that LaF had won the war by destroying more NW, having more TNW and a much higher ANW. Many people respected LaF’s ability to war for having defeated a bigger alliance so soundly and LaF was considered a tier 1 alliance.

Sept 2004 Reset

Mischief continued being the Dona of LaF, with TOB and Warlordz returning to help her, along with Hanlong, H4xOr, and slows coming out of retirement to help with FR, IA, and advising, respectively. It was planned to be a netting set for LaF, but it turned into a weak one as midfeeding problems with smaller alliances turned into disasters with SocX attempting to kill run LaF’s top country and TSW successfully killing one of LaF’s top TTRs. There were other problems with topfeeding, as other small alliances were trying to hit LaF any way they could for being farmed so hard during midfeeding. This, coupled with a wave of netting among the veterans in the form of no defense, all explore caused a lot of LaF countries to get screwed by small alliance suiciders. In the end, it proved to be one of LaF’s worst netting sets with 3 t10s but only 16 overall t100s. Also, a problem that had been ensuing with MD from the two sets before resurfaced when an LaF country suicided on an MD country, and LaF FRs refused to pay adequate reps in MD's eyes. The problem was that three sets before, an LaF country suicided on an MD country and LaF had paid MD 8B cash and 10k land in reps, but the set after when an MD country suicided on an LaF one and took over 9200 acres, MD refused to pay the same 'potential income' losses that LaF had paid the set before.

Nov 2004 Reset (Oct 1 - 29 Nov)

Mischief continuted to be Dona for LaF, with the continued support of the same heads as last set. This set was intended to be a netting set, but instead turned into a war set when MD dropped their FDP with us over the reps issue from the previous set. However, despite the potential problem of MD FSing LaF, we continued to netgain hoping that MD wouldn’t hit LaF. Sometime in the middle of the set there was a problem with Neo having countries detag and farm LaF countries (the no defense/all explore countries) in retaliation for the hits LaF had been doing on Neo. This caused us to go into red alert and gave us the option to FS Neo and potentially avoid a war with MD. However, we decided to try to netgain and canceled the red alert with a reps deal having been worked out. The netting was ended immediately with notification a day later that MD was going to be FSing LaF the following day. LaF went up to Red Alert once again and due to problems of Mischief not being around to give orders, LaF ended up taking the FS from MD and losing roughly 20 countries. LaF fought back against MD and a couple days after the war had started it looked as if LaF would be able to make a comeback, having bigger breakers than MD. However, due to a lack of activity on our side and MD having impressive activity on their side, we quickly lost our advantage and lost any hope of being able to win. We were eventually tag killed a week later. One person managed to continue netgaining for LaF, having been told to tagjump to save his country from being wasted in a FS with Neo (it had the biggest stockpile in 1a at the time), but after MD made short work of LaF, he finished the set tagged Genovese, and won 1a for LaF. At this point, LaF’s position as a tier 1 alliance was in question having been humiliatingly defeated by MD.



Jan 2005 Reset (Dec 1 - 30 Jan)

Few changes this round, started off with Mischief again as Dona and we were out to show our netgaining skill. We were having a fairly good round dominating everyone in average land with the exception of LCN who at this time had proven to be a great netgaining rival. Approximately a third of the way through the round, FBI was having some issues with one of our members farming them and decided, even after we had authorized the kill on that member, that they wanted to punish the rest of LaF. They declared a "land war" with us on AT and started top feeding many of our top land mongers, offering the land up to anyone who wanted to 2 step us. LaF introduced a policy of policing for them as they attacked us and except for a few incidents were able to hold off most everyone from farming the FBI countries. Unfortunately due to diminishing returns we were only able to retrieve a portion of the land stolen before tag killing FBI. This had ruined the chances of many of our members from reaching a high rank. In the end we were able to mount somewhat of a comeback and although our average networth was nowhere near what it could have been, we placed second behind LCN and managed to place 17 in the Top 100 ranks and 3 in the Top 10. This round also saw a great deal of changes in terms of leadership, Mischief stepping down as Dona to be replaced with Don TOB, as well as the additions of Turtle Crawler, Eugene, Don Tredent, AllstarBu, and Locke to the council. There were also some lower level changes, Mambo and Hoss were promoted to the IA dept, aqua and Don Machiavelli were also promoted to fill positions in the FR dept.

Mar 2005 Reset (Feb 1 - 30 Mar)

TOB looked to bring numbers to LaF with some heavy recruiting and a merger with GoD, so we naturally looked to netgain to stabilize the membership. With Turtle Crawler, Eugene, Erian, and Locke to help as IA, FR, and War heads, LaF had a relatively successful netting set putting up one t10 but 28 overall t100s. The netting set’s success could also be partially credited to the class conducted by cm who single handedly trained nearly 20% of LaF's members. Throughout the set, there were no major problems with anyone except for one red alert called to hit The Fist who were being difficult in paying reps for a problem that had occurred at the end of the previous set, but the idea of 150 LaF countries saving turns quickly encouraged The Fist into paying up the rest of the reps. In the middle of the set there was a problem with Evo (red+un4given merged alliance) in which they had members running multies and topfeeding LaF countries with those multies. Turtlecrawler stepped up to be the new Don for LaF and Mambo was promoted to be head IA.