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Player Info (LittleItaly)
Joined 2003
Current Alliance SOL
Alliance Position(s) Swampys Master, Head IA
Alliance History
Former Alliance(s) ICN
Former Alliance position(s) High Council
FFA History
Former FFA clan(s) AoDT, Pandora
Contact Info
ICQ 198884783
Skypelittleitaly131415, #sol


  • Former SOL War Commander (1a)
  • Former SOL IA Commander (1a)
  • Former ICN High Council (1a)
  • Former PoF President (FFA)
  • Former SoLar member (4a)
  • Former AoDT IA Head (FFA)
  • Former Tie member (1a)
  • Former Vanguard Emperor (1a)
  • Former SOL War Coordinator (EC)
  • Former SOL Team Leader (EC)
  • Former SOL Force Leader (EC)
  • Former Met Member (1a)

Brief Description

Started out around sophomore/junior year of Highschool. Two of his friends (3rd Coalition and sancha) approached him with this game called earth. They basically ran his country over IMs telling him step by step. This was in 2003.

Earth 2025 History

Played in ICN for about 2 years, sticking to his ranks of recruiter, he moved up to Head Recruiter, and then took the HC spot for it. He left ICN because he was booted for running two extra countries under ICN. ICN found out because he told them ("his friends") and he thought he would just be demoted. Well, friends weren't friends, so he suicided all his countries against RD doing the right thing, but the right thing wasn't right because he made the mistake of not waiting for 72 hour detag period. Nole banned him from ICN til eternity (he was bias because LI called his gf/wife a retard on the forums, but that is how LI talks and didn't mean anything by it) because he had a grudge against him. LI sought refuge with in SOL, because to him they were awesome, only thing that held him back was his two friends, but by then they quit the game. SOL took him with open arms, and LI was grateful so he gladly warred with SOL each and every set he could. When SOL moved to EC, he joined with Tie for a set, but then they moved over to EC as well, so he took a break from 1a. After a long break from 1a, he was approached by Replica, an ex-ICNer who was also chased out of ICN, recruiting for his alliance called Vanguard. Vanguard, apparently, was all ex-ICNers, so he accepted to join. Noticing the training department was lacking, LI took over the role of Head Trainer, earning him a senate seat. Replica, tired of the game, stepped down and handed LI the title of emperor. He took it, trying hard to recruit from SOL to his alliance. It was temporary success, as SOLers do not like to net, thus quit. LI stayed strong, but members just didn't care anymore, so he left for MET to war, since he was tired of netting all the time. Not knowing Met would be tagging RD, he was in for a hilarious surprise. Secretly always wanting to be RD in the far past, he couldn't help himself giggle inside. Highest NW achieved ~55m NW top 50 demo techer

Taking a break from 1a, LI found himself on the FFA server, since he wanted to play more countries legit. LI spent time in Pandora, meeting MadMortica for the first time. Jussto, pres of Pandora, asked LI to take a country that was being botted down. LI accepted, and walled the bot for hours and hours. He found it hilarious. He left to start his own clan PoF, made mostly of ICNers, but closed it because they were inactive. He quit playing FFA seriously, because of all the bots! He himself obtained a broken version of a bot, and so he sought out to play around with it. LI was not a hardcore botter... He did make up his Italy tag of 100 or so countries and started killing random tags. He got deleted though, and didn't feel like spending so much time making countries every time. He quit ffa for a bit, but then he joined Pandora again to be the kill team, and then his buddy Makinso from SOL called him over to join AoDT to war bots. Indeed he joined AoDT, and kicked some bot countries asses. He stayed in AODT until FFA ended and turned into EC, where AoDT merged into SOL. Highest NW achieved ~70m NW theo techer (lost internet access so he couldn't destock everything =( )

Some time in between 1a and FFA, LI played 4a as well. He warred with SoLar against some tag, and SoLar won that war. LI ended up with a 30m NW Dictator/farmer country with 30k land.

LittleItaly will forever be a SOLer. He has not run any multies/bots for years now. He enjoys having no responsibility, idling in IRC, and just playing the game how it is supposed to be played.

Earth Empires History

LI is still with SOL and always will be. He has been there strategy team leader, force leader, trainer, and recruiter for some time now. He was IA commander, then switched to war commander, then went white. In July 2016 he took over the job of IA Head. In FFA land, he would play from time to time in between breaks so that he didn't burn out. He played in Pandora to net or kill suiciders to let his pals net, depending on what his mood is for that set. His last clan was Pandora. He is now a FFA Mod. He has also been playing Team server for a couple of sets now in the Villains group having fun killing noobs.

  • FFA Highest NW: $199,778,149
  • 1a Highest NW: $126,292,501
  • Team Highest NW: $59,352,266

Current Alliances


  • Skype: littleitaly131415
  • ICQ: 198884783