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Networth is the predominant measure of a country's assets. It provides a quick way to estimate a country's military strength at a glance and many countries compete to finish with the highest networth at the end of a reset.

Networth's effect on gameplay

A country's networth affects gameplay in many different ways. All normal and special attacks are dependent on networth: the best returns are gained when the attacker and the defender are close in networth. Large networth differences may cause GDI and humanitarians to prevent attacks or spy ops from being attempted. A few harmful spy ops also have their returns limited by the attacker's networth.

As a country's networth increases it must pay more for each unit of military and more for each ingame alliance. In addition, countries with large networths may lose larger percentages of their resources when switching governments. Finally, networth to land ratio is a small component in the maximum PCI formula.

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