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The Omega
Founder(s) Mr. Niphty and Castejon
FoundedSeptember, 1998
Members 30-40
Focus Netgaining
President(s) The Ministers
Head of Foreign Affairs Angel1
Internal Affairs Alicia, Henrik, TheoSqua
IRC Network/Channel(s) #omega


The Omega is currently lead by three Ministers:





Omega has repeatedly been named one of the very best alliances pound-for-pound. Omega was voted the Best Alliance in the first Earth Awards of Earth Empires (2010).


Omega is rated as one of the top netgaining alliances on the Alliance Server. The alliance last won Average Networth in the Apr 03, 2010 - Jun 02, 2010 reset of Earth Empires. Their highest ANW finish to date was $107,165,671. Omega has been noted for running excellent All-X countries.

Top 10 Finishes (Earth Empires)

February 2011

3 highrocking around the xmas tree (#396) 36,191 $254,882,145 DG TheOmega

10 Sea of Heartbreak (#474) 48,241 $188,789,621 HG TheOmega

December 2010

7 COWABUNGA 507 28,633 acres $173,727,126 DG 6,067 Toonmega

8 OMG Highrock Killed Kenny 325 24,329 acres $171,522,616 DG 7,050 Toonmega

October 2010

3 DOUBLE RAINBOW 338 23,251 acres $167,447,784 HG 7,202 zOMG

6 She forgot my birthday again 431 35,615 acres $140,115,738 HG 3,934 zOMG

10 Yeah 392 25,637 acres $124,761,854 DG 4,866 zOMG

June 2010

2 kevlar wonderbra 464 25,967 acres $148,403,720 HG 5,715 omega

3 The Vegemite Nebula 209 24,034 acres $144,818,441 DG 6,026 omega

8 the Mushroom kingDom 417 29,489 acres $135,724,664 HG 4,603 omega

April 2010

7 money angling 530 22,958 acres $126,531,731 HG 5,511 TheOmega

January 2010

5 The Silence of the LAMBDAs 657 24,125 acres $72,713,629 HG 3,014 TheOmega

6 Ranked 7th in Omega 457 21,707 acres $70,736,425 HG 3,259 TheOmega

Average Networth

February 2011

2nd $107,165,671

December 2010

2nd $95,443,436

October 2010

2nd $91,850,338

June 2010

1st $85,981,764

April 2010

2nd $68,979,567

January 2010

2nd $38,595,061

Total Networth

February 2011

4th $3,429,301,470

December 2010

2nd $3,626,850,570

October 2010

3rd $2,847,360,485

June 2010

2nd $2,837,398,206

April 2010

2nd $2,069,387,023

January 2010

2nd $1,157,851,841


While Omega prefers to netgain peacefully, Omegans will defend their allies and have strongly defended themselves when it comes down to it. Omegans are notably tenacious fighters, and the alliance enjoys a high activity rate in war. With its dedicated membership, high skill level, and many years of experience, the alliance has achieved many impressive war victories.

Notable War Victories



The Omega was formed in fall 1998 as a group of elite non-cheating netgainers by Mr. Niphty and Castejon. Many people mark the game with Pre-Omega and Post-Omega, in that before The Omega came, tags did not exist. The Omega was bound to make great change and they did with a strong anti-cheating stance. After a split between Mr. Niphty and Castejon, Mr. Niphty led the Omega and The Omega found itself at war with RoCK. Quickly humbled, Jer Bu stepped up to lead the Omega and befriended RoCK and joined the Rockfamily. Jer Bu soon stepped down and leadership of the Omega was turned over to a trio of Tafkas, Josie and Ench.
Later on, they would come to fight RoCK in wars, as they stood by the alliance Moral Decay whom they had allied with. This began a long term friendship that lasts to this day. Early in The Omega's history, during the Tiger reset, the Survival of the Fittest SoF broke off from The Omega. At this point Tafkas retired from the Omega and leadership was in the hands of Josie and Ench. This break with SoF resulted in tension between the two alliances, but they later became friends and allies. Omega was decidedly a netgaining alliance, yet its early years were beset with a seemingly endless succession of wars. She was destined to be a netgaining alliance, however, and eventually took her proper place at that table.

The Omega's Migration to the Earth Council Server

Shortly after Earth Council came into existance, The Omega made the painful choice to move to the new server and to escape the cheaters that had long ruined the Alliance Server and very nearly brought The Omega to its knees. The move was intended to give a new start in a cleaner environment.

The Omega's Impact on Other Servers

Molson founded The Silver Omega on the Limited Server of Earth:2025. Omegans and non-Omegans from the alliance server alike played there for a number of years.


The Omega