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Abbreviation PDM
Founder Comwood
Founded November 2001
Focus Taking shit from no one. Standing up for ourselves and our allies. Playing the game the way we want to.
Mission To be fun and stress free. To value community over politics.
Director AusPiggy
HFA AusPiggy
HIA Ultramarines
HOW ChokeMOut
Senate Leto, Llaar, Detmer, Thomas
IRC #pdm @ #PDM

Paradigm Culture

Paradigm prides itself in standing up for its principles at any cost. When up against a superior force, Paradigm has been known to use unconventional tactics such as AB and spy op first strikes. The members of Paradigm enjoy the scrappy, underdog reputation that is frequently associated with the alliance. Paradigm is known for not backing down when provoked. One of the most important events in Paradigm's history was the perpetual, seemingly suicidal war waged against Reservoir Dogs when that alliance was dominating the Earth 2025 Alliance server through unapologetic cheating. Though other alliances have acted similarly, Paradigm is the only surviving alliance to wage such a war.

Because its leaders maintain an environment focused on the community rather than external politics, Paradigm boasts that it is the most fun alliance. According to the latest data posted by Pangaea, Paradigm's has the most active member forums on Boxcar Hosting.

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Member Rank Structure

Paradigm has the most elaborate internal rank system of any other Earth alliance. The current system features an RPG-style of 'leveling' through the ranks by collecting medals earned through milestones and competitions both in-game and in-site.

Leadership Structure

Paradigm has an oligarchical leadership structure composed of one or more Directors administering the Overlord Council, a group of past and present heads who work together to steer the alliance. Sir Detmer was the first Director of Paradigm after implementing the current system. Detmer maintained Paradigm's historically autocratic style of organization, which was previously manifested as a President presiding over the Senate.

Paradigm has a War Council composed of members and leaders who share the responsibilities of strategic planning and running warchats.

Director AusPiggy
Head of Foreign Affairs AusPiggy
Head of Internal Affairs Ultramarines
Head of War ChokeMOut
Senate Leto, Llaar, Detmer, Thomas

Retal Policy

Paradigm was the first alliance to experiment with mixed country:country and alliance:country retals, based on whether 1:1 or L:L was taken.


Paradigm was founded by Comwood after the three way split of Prisoners of War (PoW) into Paradigm, The Evil Odyssey and PoW. To be continued...