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Primary Server

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Primary Talk & Primary Help The primary server offers standard-length games and resets every 2 months. Players get one turn every 30 and can have a maximum of 80 turns on hand and another 80 stored. Team-play is not permitted. This server is intended for players who play without a clan structure. The Primary Help Forum was created to assist new players learn the game basics. This is a slower paced server, and is great for players who enjoy the slower pace. Many players start in primary, then later decide to join other servers and clans.
Extended info
Multiple countries No Clans allowed No
Turn increments 30 minutes Maximum Turns (stored) 80 (80)
Goods time to market 4h - 6h Goods on market for 48h
PS brigade time 20h Max. spy operations (24h) 35
Humanitarians protest at x4 GDI Cost $5