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Player Info (Qzjul)
Game Staff Developer
Game profilelink
Forum PMlink
Alias(es) Storm RED
Joined April 2001
Current Alliance Evolution
Alliance Position(s) Vice President
Alliance History
Former Alliance(s) Real Estate Developers, TehClub, Monks
Contact Info
MSN qzjul@msn.com
ICQ 46899882
qzjul, or qz, is one of the developers & Administrators of Earth Empires, and the Vice President (appointed) of Evolution on the Alliance server. He also founded Evolution2025 along with NukEvil Has also gone by Storm RED in the past.

Earth History

RED History

qzjul joined Earth 2025 on April 4th, 2001 in the Real Estate Developers, recruited by Lordrealm, who is now known as The Little One; at the time Shinigami was president of RED, very shortly getting into war with Clowns with Guns. His first country number was #13007, a country number he never surpassed, though hopefully one day that will change. By the end of this set he had been made an "Assistant Division Leader" (ADL) after spamming the RED forums, and starting the tradition of Number Threads in RED.

During his third set he achieved rank 25 in 1A, during RED's ANW crown; this turned him truly into a netter. By the time of this third set, he had become an FA in RED. During the next set when RED warred Ragnarok and ICN, he was used as an excuse to be FS'd by PDM, having been in their IRC chat some weeks earlier suspecting they were going to FS RED; it turned out they FS'd TIE, but they ended up being convinced to give up that war, and were looking for another target. As damage control, Shinigami "booted" qzjul, having him rejoin as JJXV, and being made an AIA; by the end of the month he switched his title to Storm, having used the country name RED STORM repeatedly, and had been given the position of IA. During this month, January - February 2002, the Edmonton Public School Board had a month-long strike, and so he spent excessive amounts of time fixing up the IA structure within RED, setting up some structures that would be used for years by both RED and subsequently Evolution.

After internal difficulties in RED and several presidential changes, a presidential election was called in July 2002, with qzjul, still going by Storm, facing off primarily against Secret Squirrel; with a narrow win, qzjul became President, and Secret Squirrel was made Vice President. During this reset, Secret Squirrel founded Slappaho, a spam tag in 1A, which gained some hundreds or perhaps over one thousand members, and SS recruited from it directly, causing RED to balloon over 130 members.

In September, 2002, qzjul started university, and apparently so did almost every other head in RED, and activity fell to an all-time low. During this period, SOL had been topfeeding RED heavily, so after negotiations broke down, qzjul told RED members simply to enforce L:L on SOL, as their sets were not going to turn out well anyway. SOL FS'd after about a week, and several heads, including qzjul, did not find out about the FS for more than 48 hours, having been away doing school work; he subsequently stepped down from the presidency into an advisory role, which he maintained as either Head IA or Advisor or Vice President from then until present, with a brief hiatus in another alliance.

Other than numerous Top 100 finishes, many placing in the Top 25 and a few in the Top 15, but seemingly never in the T10, most of qzjul's activities in RED were uneventful. He followed RED to LCN for a war against LaF when RED's internal structure dissolved, and briefly outposted in LaF when RED went there due to more internal issues. At some point he began a formula sheet which became RED/Evo's primary formula sheet, and began verifying and refining formulae, first with Revalat0r of RED, and later during the Evo years, with Slagpit of IX, who eventually joined Evolution.

Early Evolution History

One day when chatting on ICQ with FA's over pacting, qzjul jokingly suggested to Foobooy, president of un4given, that RED and un4given should merge; after discussing it for some time, it was decided that this idea should be pitched to the leaders, notably Liono, president of RED at the time. After some deliberation, and warnings by such people that mergers never work, RED and un4given announced they would be merging, and tagged as red4givn for the next set; qz became one of 8 members of a "Council" with 4 heads from each former alliance. A vote was called for deciding a name, and qzjul campaigned hard for the name Short Fuse to be picked, his former division; when a run-off between Evolution, another RED division name, and something else was called, qzjul campaigned hard for Evolution, which eventually won.

The first year of Evolution had some amounts of tension between the two sides, the "RED" side and the "un4" side; the RED side was committed to netting and winning Average Networth, while the un4given side was more committed to having fun while playing, without necessarily focusing on improving. This finally came to a head when qz insisted to Foobooy that people who refused to follow strat advice and couldn't finish above some minimum networth should be booted; as this was primarily about 5 or 6 members from un4given, Foobooy refused, and a minor coup ensued, at the conclusion of which qzjul resigned and left Evolution for Raheel's new alliance tehClub.

tehClub and Monks

Having joined tehClub, and being extremely familiar with Gamerstown, qzjul helped set up a large majority of the new alliances GT site, however being somewhat disappointed with the turn of events of no longer being in RED/Evolution was somewhat less than active. tehClub eventually became Monks which again needed a new GT site, which qz helped set up once again. He started playing more seriously, but was shortly botted and AB'd several resets in a row, causing his activity to fall off again, almost leaving the game; it was later revealed that it was in fact an Evolution player that had been botting Monks, though that was not known at the time.

Later Evolution History

In October, 2006, qzjul received an email from Foobooy announcing a reunion set of Evolution; Yank was president of Evolution by this point, with TMAS as a Vice President; qz rejoined Evolution, and rapidly became Vice President of Evo, a position which he currently maintains. TMAS was revealed to be the botter by intensive IA work by Kingme? and was booted from Evolution. During the year qz had been away, Evolution had warred almost every reset; Yank and qzjul decided that Evo needed to re-focus on Netgaining, and set about trying to pact-out as much as possible, and recruited netters and ex-REDers heavily; most of the un-committed members had been worn down by Evo's many wars, so a solid dedicated core was what was left, a good foundation to start a better future. Evolution slowly climbed the ANW ranks, eventually beginning strings of ANW crowns, which they continued into Earth Empires.

Formula Reverse-Engineering

Wanting to build an accurate Earth Simulator in C to brute-force casher-startups, qzjul began working on various formulae, trying to improve them. His biggest individual contribution to the Earth Formulae was to determine the exact rounding and some fixes for the population growth formula, in order to simulate population gains and losses exactly. He also did this with the PCI formula, though there was the occasional turn every 10 turns where it would be off by $0.01 PCI, which would then be fixed the next turn. These formulae were incorporated into Earth Empires.

Working with Revelat0r, and later Slagpit, a number of refinements were made to various formula; with Slagpit many other rounding details were elucidated, and the tech formula were refined - although the forms were known, they were highly erroneous, especially military tech and medical tech. A scheme, using status-tidy data, was derived to determine the tech formula exactly by using agricultural tech, because farms, land, technology and food production were all available on the status, so could be found exactly. This scheme required finding the exact rounding for the food production formula, but was only partially successful due to the number of terms involved, and so the tech formula remained an estimate, albeit a fairly good estimate.

When Earth Empires was developed, Slagpit and martian primarily did what reverse engineering of formulae were left, although qzjul participated in many such trials, including Slagpit's efforts to determine exactly how allies contributed in Earth 2025 attacking with SS and PS attacks.


One of the things qzjul did for Evolution's netgaining program was to build an advanced status-tidy, with many things that had not been pioneered by other status-tidies at the time, such as networth breakdowns and estimates of the numbers and types of allies, and other economic information; plus with further formula refinement, as mentioned above, many things were more accurately defined, such as the tech percentages.

Having some experience with LAMP (Linux-Apache-Mysql-PHP) from this status-tidy adventure, another opportunity for development arose: Gamerstown announced it was closing, and NukEvil and qzjul decided that EarthStats was not where they wanted Evolution to be hosted, so they began developing a new site, Evolution2025, which was nicknamed EvoGT and qzGT. Evolution is still hosted on this site, which taught both qzjul and NukEvil much about PHP and optimizing PHP and mysql queries. Slagpit later joined in the development of Evolution2025, especially its war tools.

While Earth 2025 slowly dwindled under the Jolt/OMAC administration, Pangaea of LaF and developer of Boxcar, a site which had been developed for the same reason as Evolution2025 for LaF, but which had diversified to host multiple alliances, talked occasionally about perhaps developing a successor to Earth 2025, as the maintenance was becoming very bad, and causing more people to leave the game than were already leaving for other reasons. When OMAC announced Earth Empires was closing in one month, in mid November 2009, Pangaea quickly contacted qzjul about picking up the idea of building a successor; within a few hours of that conversation, a database was built, and permissions were assigned for Pangaea, and the basics for a website were set up. Over the next month the rest of the Earth Empires game were set up and built, qzjul focusing mainly on the database, routing, server setup/portal and back-end for the game, while Panagea focused on the game engine, display pages, and the game's look; Turtle Crawler's forums, hosted on Boxcar's servers, were initially used. Slagpit and later NukEvil from Evolution also joined in the EE development, NukEvil later focusing on forums, after Dark Morbid created some initial forums, and Slagpit being instrumental in coding the attacking and spying, reverse engineering the last required formulae for attacking in the month that Earth 2025 had left to run. iTavi of Imaginary Numbers did all the images for the game.