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Founder(s) Halls, Insanity and Tirol
OriginsVeterans of Obsidian Order Alliance
Members Max: ~500 (in 2002)
Focus An alternation of Warring and Hibernating
President(s) Fail Diego Fail
Vice President(s) [[]]
IRC Network/Channel(s) irc.gamesurge.net #rage
Website http://hosting.boxcarhosting.net/Boxcar/portal/index.php
Retal Policy RAGE Retal Policy


Rage doesn't possess a holier than thou attitude, nor does it attempt to. Rather, it often goes with its instinct and thus makes it wholly unpredictable at times. One thing that can be counted on though is Rage dropping whatever it's doing to help out an ally in need. Rage is fuelled by emotion and will turn in greatly varying performances depending on the level of passion within the alliance at any given time.



  • Most members: 500+ for about a year in 2002.
  • RAGE holds the largest First Strike in Earth history with an astronomical 13,400 Hits at 111 hits per member. This was achieved against Evolution and Sanctuary in the February 1st - March 31st reset of 2006. The First Strike is the initial 24 hour period of a war, so the figure of 13,400 works out to be 558 hits every hour.
  • Only alliance to disappear in the game but maintain a functional alliance. During the RD/Bot wars (2004) Rage turned the tables on the bot runners by depriving them of targets. Rage had over 130 members who hid their countries in small tags and established alliances. The bots could not find any targets. Late in the set Rage 'appeared' with over 100 countries tagging up as Rage and suddenly held the #3 spot for Avg NW and in the top 10 for TNW.

Founding of Rage

/---The following is taken from a ramble Tirol posted when he stepped down from Rage President, probably some time in 2003 or so. This will do until someone writes a real history---/

Tirol, Halls and Insanity decided to start a new alliance. Halls was Insanitys brother, and had stayed on with the OOA, being promoted to VP at this time. Halls pushed for a new alliance, and thought he could get at least 30 guys from the OOA. Insanity eventually got excited, and convinced me it was a good idea. We were going to launch the Glorious alliance "Lords of Mourning" Insanity simply stated that that was "Gay" and that we should be RAGE. The name stuck. RAGE was born.

We only got about 15 guys, but what a 15 they were. Between the time it took for Insanity and I to get a refusal for the MD merger while still in the OOA, and the time we put together the final touches on our new venture, the RAGE alliance, MD had become a major political power. Only having 50 members or so, but great players the lot of them. MD only had about two leaders that used ICQ on a regular basis at that point (that's right folks, a major alliance with only Two ICQ users on daily).

Mid way through the set, RAGE was doing ok. maybe ranked 15th in total net, recruited to 30 or so members, when trouble with the ROCK coalition started to brew.

By looking at the news, and taping my foreign affairs contacts, (all 10 of them??) I was the first to deduce ROCK was about to put that upstart alliance MD back in its rightful place (the ground). Just my luck, No MD contacts were online. So as the somewhat famous story goes, I did know of a place to find MD members. The online MD mud.

Tirol don't do MUDS.

I know one command to this day. SHOUT. I wander into this medieval setting, swords, bows arrows, town folk. And I scream "ROCK IS ATTACKING ROCK IS ATTACKING!!" Well, that just was NOT in character for the MUD it seems. Within seconds a good host of local warriors had traveled to my area, and begun to dissect me, piece, by piece. Until my Hero, Magellan (or was it Tokugawa?) came along, and disarmed/halted all of the attackers. (the flurry of text was nothing short of amazing). He got me on ICQ, and about ten minutes into the ROCK attack (my timing was impeccable as always) RAGE and MD mounted a feeble counterstrike. None the less, it was a counter strike. In the next day, three or four other small alliances, FOE being one of them, perhaps CWG another, joined the MD counter assault.

We were beaten badly in the end, but not a one of our alliances broke. We had our foothold on 1A. And we were going to take advantage. Within a resets time, RAGE had blossomed to about 120 members. A good bud of mine, whom some of you know as GRIN187, Who others know as Drapp, had joined up with RAGE. The guys trouble. Midway through the set, He landgrabed one Ragnarock player. Ragnarock retaliated six or seven times. So, he LG'd em back a few more times. So, RAG laid out a good 20 hits on him, and TGA laid out six or seven, god knows why. Remember my good buddy Cougar? Seems Grinn was messing with his "personal friend". the message Drapp sent about how Cougs freind should be raped like a dog probbably didn't help things much. True to RAGE style, we whacked Ragnarock one day later.

Rag didn't like this very much So they decided to even the field just a bit (we had a very large initial advantage) and called in TIE, TGA, SOL, and Elitez on us. (overkill perhaps?) SOL pulled out two days later, they were prime politicos in those days, and they knew MD was changing the way things worked. Once SOL left, so did Elitez and TIE. Leaving RAGE, TGA, and Ragnarock on the field. Until our old friends MD, FOE, and CWG decided to join in for RAGE. Well, TGA didn't like that one bit, so they called in the old time powerhouse again. ROCK.

It wasn't the same MD anymore, as RoCk was soon a bit Vexed to find out. MD went toe to toe with ROCK near the whole time, until HAN came in and put MD under. HAN had obtained a post from the MD boards where a few members had stated their dislike for HAN. I believe HAN told Samoan something like "MD no like HAN. MD not friend. HAN attack MD". And so they did. This brings us to Tirols second and last major Foriegn Affairs screwup. UCN had engaged EOS, EOS lost brutally. Having my dirty fingers in politics, I had given my UCN ambassadors access to Scarface from EOS. Then got busted by Fingolfin. Captain Truth Honor and Justice Nazar saw it fit that he personally take up my punishment, and LG'd me quite a few times, in the middle of one of our Rock fam strikes. Man did that piss me off.

(EOS, was Never to be seen again. Though they did retain some small form in the shape of NLS, and recently IX, in a very small way.)

RoCk fam was put down in short order the reset after. Being pinned for running the TIGER bot on Omega. The third and final ROCK war was the last one for them, our side prevailed, and did so overwhelmingly. ROCK was no more. This started a host of spin-off wars reset after reset, RAGE had made traditional enemies out of SOL, and Avengers along the way. Twice Quashing Avengers, though neither engagement lasted more than three days. Fighting SOL time and time again. Going after Legionz Twice. (if it looked and smelt like RoCk fam, and if they even snorted at us, or an ally the wrong way, that was excuse enough.) A screenshot from one of the Legionz wars can be found here: http://www.geocities.com/earthwarguide/history/legionwar.html Politics were so simple back then.

  • ---------------- RAGE DECLARES WAR! ---------------
  • ----------------- You looked at us funny. -------------

We engaged UCN once in the midst of all that. They refused us a DNH and pulled in the Area of 54k acers off us in just under a month. That was a lot of land for RAGE in those days. Our AB strikes ran strac, doing a lot of damage on the UCN. Kill runs were new this re-set, and we decided to start running them. Time, and time, and time again we were foiled. One day we got fed up and ran a large strike at 4:00am. Stonewalled. By every single country we tried. Ahh, the good ole days when login sharing wasn't an alliance killer eh Grant? ;)

Nazar was still a UCN team leader at the time, and had a few of his friends in the White Council (Azair, Slade). The weekend of the strike (yes Tirol attacked the alliance Naz was in, I was still pissed he had the nerve to LG me) Naz was camping. Just before he left he asked me not to hit anyone from the White Council. As a favor. Though I never told anyone, not even my own war leaders and co presidents, im sure Fingolfin was wondering what kind of Magical flute naz had ramed up his cakehole to take the White through the thick of battle and come out without a ding. Ok, so I nailed Azair a few times.. other than that. One reset or so Later, Naz left the UCN for a bit, and played in a clan called UND. Just a few friends. Clearly stating to me "Its just to mess around, I would never want anything big like RAGE. " Its about this Time our current site master, Inferno wanted to move himself into other areas of the internet. He asked me to Lead TIE. On one small condition. I merge RAGE into TIE.

Well, Im a guy who likes huge honking alliances, but I couldn't do that to our guys. We were, and always will be RAGE. Nothing else. So began our re-ascent to the top ranks. It was long and hard. This is about the time when TSA was begining to surface. I have allergies to large organizations. Especially once that SOL likes to finger. Not a hate, but more of an invitation to play chess. Or in the very least kick the board over. In short order we found ourselves head to head with SOL for a couple of resets. They won. As usual. I've made a career of saying screw who's going to win, and taking rage out for a large ass whooping. We don't win many fights. Ever. But its the principal behind those fights that keeps us in a gel. I find alliances that have to win really go tits up fast when they take a loss. Which is inevitable. Things change.

The reset after, RAGE was starting to bulk the members again, now upwards of 220. We still didn't have a proper structure, but some of the bad apples in RAGE finally fell off the tree. I like community and friends. sometimes to perpetuate that, you have to keep bad leaders. Because their still good people. Its tough for any alliance leader interested in community. Keeping the Community strong is based in some part on success as well. Its such a fine line. So RAGE was running fairly prime for once under the bulk of our guys.

Another alliance, composed of ex Legionz, ROCK, and Avengers was made. Known as Genesis today. Wow, thanx for putting all my old targets in one tag! I giggled. However I stopped laughing when they refused us a DO NOT HIT. 1.5 months into the set and -50+k acers, RAGE declared war on Genesis. An ICQ chat transcript of Genesis complaining can be found here: http://www.geocities.com/earthwarguide/history/firsttrash.html

We used an AB opener and launched hard at their fat tech theos. It was a sound plan on paper, but we paid for not using top down kill runs.

(Its the reason UCN got kicked by Elietez last reset as well. I don't care what UCN said, RaVes working in conjunction with UCN a few days before the strike left them friendly experience based advice to drop the AB's. They didn't, they paid. Initial top down strikes could have left you a DECISISVE victory, not a debatable one.)

So in terms of total net lost, RAGE won vs Genesis. In terms of hits and kills, final ranks, Genesis had beaten us. But once again, we made our point. They have signed with us every reset after. It was near the end of the Genesis war that I came up with the basic foundation for the Outposting system. For a long time I'd known if RAGE pushed the members barrier anymore, we would crumble, like every other alliance has upon hitting 200+. I posted about it, and the response was incredible. Everyone was for it, and the members and other presidents had many valuable ideas that turned the basic outposting foundation laid out, into a workable plan. The plan that's jacked us to near 500 members today. Shortly into the opening of our first outpost, we were asked by many allies to help out in the IX war. We were really split as to whom to help. As per usual, we went after TGA. A sceen shot of the notepad I used to decide our role can be found here: http://www.geocities.com/earthwarguide/history/whos.htm

l A joint RAGE/AOD vs TGA first strike screenshot can be found here: http://www.geocities.com/earthwarguide/history/chat1.html Last re-set, as you all know, I got one of my personal goals completed by winning total net with RAGE. Yeah, MD would have won in the long run, Elietz probably would have passed us as well. But the fact is, they didn't. We picked a great time not to war for once in our 14 or so reset history. A screenshot of our last RAGE netgaining chat can be found here: http://www.geocities.com/earthwarguide/history/net.html


Fail Diego Fail - President

Grimm - FA and adviser

Legendary Members

To be completed...

Garry Owen