Real Estate Developers

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Real Estate Developers
Founders Paulinsk and SpicyBeef
Founded 1999?
Origins Split from Short Fuse, merged with Arete
Focus Netgaining
Mission Get Fat and Win
Best Average Networth Max: ??
Best Total Networth Max: ??
Members Max: ~130, July 2002
Motto If You're Not RED You're DEAD
Dissolved 2004
Merged With un4given
Merged Into Evolution

The Real Estate Developers or RED was an alliance in Earth: 2025 that merged with un4given to form Evolution.

Ancient History -- by Shinigami

The Beginning (Reset #0)

An elite alliance Short Fuse, had been created from veteran Tournament players by Smart Liberal. Their first reset out, Short Fuse was so good that they were even accused of being nothing more then multies. The reset ended with SFuse warring with The Great Alliance (TGA), in what would oddly foreshadow the future.

Short Fuse would then undergo a series of mutinies and power shifts. With Smart Liberal retired, there were a number of people that were unsatisfied with the person left holding the power, and many key members left. However, the dream of creating an elite netgaining alliance remained, and two separate parties went out and formed new alliances, Arete, led by Ripper, and the Real Estate Developers, led by Paulinsk and SpicyBeef.

There was also a lesser known attempt to remake Short Fuse, with the name Short Fuse Reborn (SFuseR). Memories of this are hazy, but it probably was the idea before Arete was made and possibly involved Ripper and Land Fat Tyrant. Beltshumeltz remembers being recruited for it and possibly quitting when the name Arete was picked instead.

Birth of Real Estate Developers (Reset #1)

While Ripper somehow became inactive due to ICQ problems, Federalist took over the rein temporarily himself and continued recruiting former Short Fuse members in the name of Ripper. Meanwhile, Paulinsk told SpicyBeef that he would join any alliance that was named Real Estate Developers, and they recruited a few Short Fuse members for their alliance.

In the interest of preserving Short Fuse, the two sides quickly got together to negotiate a merger. Since Paulinsk and SpicyBeef were only asking for the alliance's name to stay RED, the merger was passed very quickly, and the new RED still had most of the old Short Fuse core intact.

Pull a Higgs; Pull a Paulinsk; Pull a Ripper...

At the start of the reset, the wind blew smoothly for the RED ship. After the original top average networth clan was caught cheating, RED even got to replace it for a while, for many RED members of the time preferred Commie Indies. Indies, however, are not a durable strategy, especially in a world populated by all-jetters. Paulinsk himself got PSed by all-jetter Zuraw and a few others but was still able to hold his rank until his temper flared. He went out and LGed several all-jetters that either grabbed or retaliated on him and almost got the entire RED alliance into a war, in which the odds would be about 500 FoG:40 RED. SpicyBeef, unable to stop Paulinsk, detagged him to save RED.

At about the same time, the warhawk Higgs was bored by a peaceful reset that was marred by faltering defenses. He decided to go out on a bang and made his tag lCNxDBD (small "l" instead of capital "I") and PSed several SoFers. Federalist, however, revealed the secret to SoF. He somehow thought that Higgs just wanted tag protection.

Ripper, meanwhile, also could not stand the reset anymore, grabbed lots of land, and dropped his defense for his fellow RED members. The only remaining hope for the Real Estate Developers for a great reset vanished when Federalist, doing retaliations, hit a HAN member twice. He got 3 bombing runs and one failed attempt the following day, and a few days later received 14 ABs, and RED was unable to get rep, an estimated $600 mil damage for a theo techer/reseller. Now the only top rankers at the moment, Paulinsk, Higgs, and Federalist, were all practically finished.

The Next Step: LCNostra (End of Reset #1 + Reset #2)

With Paulinsk and Ripper both out of commission, SpicyBeef was the only functional head, and the potential new leaders, asdf, Intrepid, and Federalist, did not have the time to pitch in. Tumi, a RED member, stepped in to help out in Foreign Affairs, and soon the burden of carrying the entire alliance dawned on the two functional heads.

Then, LCNostra offered to take in RED. SpicyBeef and Tumi, overburdened, naturally welcomed the merger. Federalist was more unsure about his stance, but decided he would follow the other RED members, for this, like Tumi, was his first reset in 1A. asdf, however, voiced the sole voice of opposition but said he would follow the others. Thus, the merger was approved, and RED was in time to kill some Clowns with the rest of the gang. kaede, now with better alliance protection, was able to get land fast enough to finish 23rd. As always, however, such major changes in an alliance mean losses of some members, but with the core remaining. The Next Reset

With the recommendation of SpicyBeef and several other leaders of La Cosa Nostra, Federalist took control of the RED division during the reset. Most of this reset was peaceful until Elitez started to retaliate on retaliations made by NOSTRAs, possibly in an effort to force a NAP. Eager to unify the entire alliance, the heads decided that it was time for the entire alliance to fight against a common enemy. The Real Estate Developers, in the first few days, became the most active in the war until several of them became the first targets of Elitez. Due to the lack of participation in the war, however, LCN lost.

The Sudden Departure

Servant mentioned to Federalist that he had expected that Real Estate Developers would break away in the last days of the reset, and he had prepared us for our future in the politics of 1A. How he did this only he could tell, but RED's rebirth was inevitable. Led by the malcontent asdf, whose ambition was to make RED the greatest alliance in 1A, most of RED followed their new leaders, he and Tbody. SpicyBeef, however, decided to stay in LCN as a head.

This time the new leaders learned from RED's first reset, which was organized in a week or so, and decided to instead join an existing alliance to organize for the reset after. Moral Decay was the clear top choice, but they hinted that they were going to war, which was later testified by an incredible number of dictators and tyrannies and MD's willingness to settle any dispute with war. Instead, RED joined Sons of Liberty, and asdf and Tbody's goal was to give SOL 2 billion in total networth.

The SOL Days (Reset #3)

Everything was well, and RED was showing its netgaining prowess in SOL. Most things were going fine, except for a few early suicides, one of which was against Federalist with his then- top commie indy.

Some things, however, just had to happen. At first RED gave SOL plenty of headaches as asdf recruited a bunch of people new to 1A. Rule violations were piling up as people played as though they were playing other non-alliance-based games.

asdf, an all-jetter, then got farmed by someone outside of a known alliance tag, and LaF subsequently farmed the country. SOL leadership, upset, went ahead and did their own retaliations, probably after negotiations w/ LaF failed. SOL killed a country and did massive amount of retals against some top LaF republics that farmed the country that farmed asdf. Out of enthusiasm, two RED started their mini-war w/ LaF, thinking that a war was to commence because a war chat was called, and a slight miscommunication ensued.

Everything becomes much calmer later. Federalist, working on RED's site, decided to tweak RED GT site's DB a bit to make it easier to LG, as SOL's DB at the time showed mostly targets from alliances surely to retaliate. But then the netgaining reset did not last long. With about 3 weeks left in the reset, RAGE jumped SOL, much to the pleasure of the bored SOL netgainers.

That was a war probably no RED from SOL would ever forget. Within 3 days, it was pretty obvious RAGE had been overwhelmed. That was certainly refreshing for the RED players who were more used to getting beaten up, first by TGA in the debut as Short Fuse and then by Elitez as part of LCN. Then, M4D jumped in, but it was obvious they could not help RAGE much. Soon Arrow came in and promptly killed OverAchiever's country, the first in SOL to get killed by Arrow. The Supreme Alliance (TSA) then jumped in to help SOL, and a massive war was started. On one side we have SOL/AoD/ICN/MD v. Arrow/PoW/RAGE/M4D plus some other alliances. For the most part, SOL easily kept its composure throughout the war, and it looked more like a gangbang on Arrow later into the reset.

After this reset, RED was ready for its second debut.

The Second Debut (Resets #4 + #5)

First resets doesn't have much to say. What happened was that RED was basically able to show off its netgaining muscles at the start with a decent # of pacts. At one point, RED even had #1 average networth but at a later date into the reset than our very first RED reset. We only held it for a week or so though.

However, not everything was rosy. Lack of pacts started to kick in, and RED stockpilers got the top-feeding treatment from, overwhelmingly, two alliances that will not be named here. Aside from that, a few other top players got the suicide treatment (Federalist, again...he just attracts suiciders). When our only potential top-10 finisher, Aqua, got ABed, it was pretty obvious we should try to do something else other than netgaining, namely, war. Opportunity presented itself when Sky Elitez got into a war, and RED joined the war first against Yale2K and then against their ally, ICNxDBD. W/ about a week or fewer days left, RED, twice the average nw, and ICNxDBD, double the members, fought to practically a draw.

The Following Reset

The second reset got into an even more commanding lead. Federalist, this time w/ a much slower bpt-heavy start, had to catch up in rank to provide RED most of its tag protection. RED soon blossomed under most of its Theocracy Techers. RED's netgaining performance was so dominant that ONE FIFTH of its members got into top 100! (At one point, 12 out of 50), in a move that would foreshadow RED greatness many sets down the road. However, just w/ 2 weeks left before the reset we got ourselves into trouble. JJ:23, actually quite an enthusiastic new member (to RED), told TGA, when they were talking to him, that RED would war TGA if TGA attacked RED, which was total BS, as anyone with an IQ over 10 could see. TGA, afraid of the repeat of SoF v. TGA, in which TGA was quite embarrassed, decided to attack RED, and RED was thoroughly unprepared. MD then decided to come to RED's aid, or else RED would probably be totally wiped out. 50 members v. 250 or so (w/ stored turns) was pretty hopeless.

The Problem was complicated when people tried to organize a war chat next day, but that just added to the early kill counts for TGA, and some members were posting some stupid stuff on AT. Also, asdf, our President, was utterly inactive at the point, and he handed the President job to Federalist, but Federalist asked not to have this announced as that could lower morale when RED most needed it. As RED was practically down to 15 to 20 members in 2 days (A very nice FS by TGA), Federalist simply called off kill runs and simply sticked with ABs and GDI. Killing one out of 200 wouldn't put much of a damp into TGA, but ABing 10 instead could have more of an effect when the opponents don't really have much stockpiled. At the end, Federalist, simon, Aqua, and Rowl survived the reset. Federalist and simon ran TTR-tured -tyrannies, and Aqua and Rowl ran republics.

The Reset of the Cult (Reset #6)

The new reset found RED in sad shape. Moral was low due to the 50 vs 250 fight they had delt with at the hands of TGA the reset before. Activity was also hurt, as the RED leadership decided to move from their usual haunts at Gamers Town over to Ezclan. Despite the change of scenery, the move was one of the worse things RED had ever done, as previously active members were turned off by the move.

Matters were not helped any when one of RED's Division Leaders, Soldier of Doom posted a number of hits on him by IX that he knew were valid retals. Most of the retals were picked up by one of RED's top countries, ran by long time Earth Veteran and Omega and LCN Co-Founder Castejon. The end result was IX hitting Caste's country badly in an effort to overcome the improper retals, and costing him over half his land, and causing him to retire from Earth. SoD was detaged, kicked, and briefly tried to suicide on IX before they killed him off.

Then President Federalist was having serious time problems at the moment, which has hightened when his IA Master Taka ended up resigning. To make maters worse, Mehul made the boneheaded decision to delete countries that were played by people in both 1A and 1B. Among the top REDers counght up in this deletion were Aqua, Fro, and Federalist himself, who had RED's top ranked country at the time.

Federalist ended up stepping down in favor of one of his VP's, Dundundun Brian. Shortly thereafter, the decision was made to move the alliance back home to Gamers Town, where it remains to this day. With a number of Leaders leaving to spend some time else where, such as Aqua, Downsay, and Eric, the need for new leaders became apparent. Rowl stepped up and took over as Head of Internal Affairs, and Remex took over as RED's Recruiter and Welcomer.

Throughout the move back, RED had been having a problem with hits by members of Legacy. When talks broke down, RED decided to take maters in there own hands. In a war chat soon after, members of RED began kill runs on the offending members, but when it came time to hit the third target, it was found to be dead already. That same night, IX had declared on Legacy, setting off one of the largest wars in recent memory.

RED was soon drawn into a portion of that war when one of its defensive allies, The League, asked RED to come in and help them against The Cult. This touched off a war that saw RED do very well in the first part, but slowly loose ground as Cult's larger membership and higher net drove them under. One week after Cult and League signed a ceasefire so did RED and Cult. LCN at the time was waring with TGA. Seeking to both help relations and get some revenge on TGA, a large portion of RED taged up in LCN to aid them in fighting. TGA saw this as a continuation of the earlier war, and quickly turned to killing REDers that had retaged, starting with DIVINE Retribution ADL Shinigami, who had picked off two TGA kills the first night.

With the end of the reset nearing, it was time for elections again. DDDB ran for, and won, re-election as president. Rowl and Remex both ran for VP and also won. As ADL of RED's top division that set (DIVINE), Shinigami, was chosen to take over as Head of Internal Affairs, a job he dived into with gusto, as RED prepared itself for the future.

A Gala Day for RED (Reset #7)

The new reset began with things on a high note for RED, as activity soared and the members prepared to netgain. However, trouble, as always, was just around the corner. A multi runner named Alvar decided to run Tank multies on all of RED, badly hurting its top players and sending RED down to a miserable 67th ANW ranking only two weeks into the reset. His reason for doing so, as it came out, was because of then President DDDB's activity among a tourney group called Safari, which had messed up a number of peoples games. (Alvar, btw, wasn't one of the ones who got messed up by the group)

Between this, and real life time problems, DDDB decided to step down as President, leaving RED founder asdf in charge. However, asdf himself had serious problems from an injury at a ski trip, and a need to take a break from the game caused him to go inactive. One of RED's VP's, Rowl, was already gone due to Computer problems, leaving the remaining VP, Remex, technically in charge. Here DDDB stepped back in long enough to set up a 3 man council: Long time strat master, and all around top player Dr Cichlid, RED's last VP, Remex, and RED's Head of Internal Affairs, Shinigami. Remex, not wanting the responsibility and wanting a break from leadership, stepped down to take over as ADL of DIVINE Retribution, leaving Dr Cichlid and Shinigami behind as Co-Leaders.

The return of former RED leaders Downsay and Aqua, gave RED's some much-needed FA's. Long time Earth Vet Dabooz took over the long vacated Recruiting spot left be Remex, and life looked good. Then, as usual, trouble struck with out warning.

Dabooz, then a head in RED, had been given DDDB's country to play after his was hit hardest by the multies. He decided to make a number of illegal hits on TIE's top ten ranker, Manipulated Maniac, then proceed to do the FA work for the very same hits. In addition to the reps due, he agreed to 3 hits on RED's own top ten ranker, Dr Cichlid. When TIE's FA, Joe! went to Shinigami for him to authorize the hits Dabooz had worked out, he refused, believing that a person doing the hits is the last person that should do the FA work, and also because he did not want to see Dr Cichlid hit. This would cause both a separation between Dabooz and the other RED heads and a two-sided dislike between Joe! and Shinigami.

The plot would continue to thicken, as Dr Cichlid, upset over MM's stance on the retals due, decides to hit him once, knowing full well that he would be retaled. However, once again Dabooz strikes, GSing the fish badly in an effort to diminish the returns so MM's retal would take very little land back. The enrages both TIE heads and RED heads, and leads to Dr Cichlid and Downsay getting upset at Dabooz, and temporarily removing him from GT until he cooled down. However, Dabooz, in a sudden fit of anger, suicides on RED, knocking Dr Cichlid from his top ten spot (he would still finish 38th, 2nd highest in RED). Then, just to top things off, he has Nick, a GT site Admin, delete RED's GT site, tossing out resets of hard work. This was the end of Dabooz's membership in RED.

Still, RED continued to play its heart out, rising above all the problems of the reset. The 67th ANW that RED had after the multi hits rose to a lofty 3rd in ANW, behind two now defunct alliances, SveaRike and Titans. RED had 6 top 100 rankers, starting with BRAINLESS's 29th ranked brainwashed, Dr Cichlid's 38th ranked giantREDfishbowl, Teesang's 74th ranked Vote Teesang for RED President, qwert's 85th ranked Blood is REDder than water, Jello's 89th ranked JELLO, and Pyro's 91st ranked Rusty Elephants of Doom.

In the elections that set, Head FA Downsay and Co-Leader/IA Shinigami squared off for the job of President. In a tight election, Shinigami pulled out a victory and stepped up as the full time one and only head of RED. Deciding to get things rolling for the next reset, Shinigami decided to skip having elections for VP and simply took the two people he thought most capable of doing the job, Downsay and Aqua, and made them his VP's. As the reset closed, things for RED had never looked better.

Note: A number of RED leaders joined this set, notably Liono, Jester and Babykaruk

Where are the Clowns? (Reset #8)

For reference, this reset started April (1-4), 2001

The next set would begin quietly for RED. They put in a solid netgaining performance, remaining in the top 10 in ANW and top 15 in TNW all reset. There were a few typical shakeups in the internal set up and leadership, but nothing out of the ordinary for a typical 1A alliance. The reset would close, however, with RED going back into war

As Red DP Elitez fought MD, sides began to form as allies of the two giants began to feel blood lust. Omega, a long time ally of MD, sat awaiting the order to strike, with turns stored up. IX, believing Omega was about to declare on Elitez, decides to preemptively strike Omega. Omega, instead of turning and facing IX, decides to go ahead and hit Elitez.

Knowing that this can only mean that Omega has called in one of there allies to hit IX, two of Elitez's remaining DP's, RED and FBI, decided to jump into the fray, in hopes of forcing Omega off there target. FBI had just come back to the 1A world, and was Co-Led by FBI founder ZEN and long time FBI head and former RED WAR minister 007. Shinigami, tending to enjoy war work himself, had simply run the few kill runs RED had has that set, and had never picked a War minister (Though he would shortly, giving the job to long time REDer and former VP Rowl). FBI, on the other hand, was newly out, and untested in war. Between this, and a wish to make the most out of the FS while giving Omega two targets, in addition to IX and Elitez, led 007 and Shinigami to agreeing to joint organize and strike. The time was set, and both alliances went to RED alert.

The next afternoon at 4PM or so, Shinigami got on to do some preliminary research for the war chat, set at 8 the following night. However, upon getting on ICQ, he found 007 awaiting him with important news. Someone had tipped him off that either Ragnarok or Clowns With Guns would FS FBI that night in order to keep them out of the Elitez war. 007 needed a way to check this out, but due to most of FBI either living on the West Coast or living overseas, there was no one from FBI on that had the SPAL needed to find out. Shinigami, long a firm believer of a high spal, agreed to help out, and recruited his newest FA, ht86, to lend a hand. Between them, they did 12 ops on Rag, failing 3, and decided that while Rag DID have stored turns, they were not enough to be striking that night, but would probably be hitting soon. (This was proved correct the next night as Rag FSed IX in defense of Omega.)

The spy ops they did on CWG, however, told a different story. They did 12 ops again, this time failing 4. The ops showed an alliance with full turns, which they then reported back to 007. Sure enough, a few short hours later CWG declared. In an effort to hide their true reasons for declaring, CWG stated that they were hitting over 2 over retals by an FBI member. With FBI now out of commision, RED looked on to hiting Omega solo the next night.

That next night, Shinigami got on at 7 to prepare for the war chat against Omega. Upon loging in, however, he found that RED's spy ops had not gone unnoticed. Believe an attack by RED to be imminent, CWG's allies No Nonsense had declared on RED. Also, 3 of Elitez's smaller allies had declared on Omega as well, TKS, Rome, and Unknown. Feeling insulted by being preemptively FSed by a 25 member alliance a fraction RED's net, and seeing no need now to hit Omega, who RED usually had relations with, Shinigami agreed to help FBI in killing some Clowns, something RED had done before. However, because of the very late war chats of FBI, usually 2AM, RED ended up hitting before FBI, something that would cause much confusion. RED's FS went off very well. The members flocked to the war chat, and RED's 51 members racked up around 950 hits (right over 18.5 hits per member) and cost CWG 6 top rankers, leaving one more mostly dead for FBI to finish off later. Through out the war RED preformed well, easily keeping pace with the larger FBI and CWG.

Seeing how badly the combined RED-FBI forces had hurt CWG, 007 went to them the next day and proposed a ceasefire. It had two conditions: NoN withdraw as well, and they (CWG)apologize, privately, for hitting FBI. They would in turn ask RED out and leave themselves. However, the CWG leadership turned down the ceasefire and the war continued.

Even after 3 weeks of war RED finished well that set, 13th in ANW and 16th in TNW. Aqua and Simon both placed top 100 Rep-Cashers, and Shinigami, in an effort to break the 7 reset record of there being no Tyrannies in the top 100, amassed a 60M net finish with a non-netgaining strat, the Tyranny Techer. However, that 60M net, which would have assured a top 50 finish any other set, was not enough, and he toped out at 123rd.

In the elections that set, Shinigami ran more or less unopposed and was easily re-elected as President for a second reset. The VP elections proved more interesting as Downsay hung on to his VP spot while RED newcomer and Earth Vet Tang, RED FA and DL Jester, and RED AFA Nitro squared off in a three way match for the remaining spot. When the dust cleared, Jester was RED's newest VP.

Note: a number of notable RED leaders joined this reset, including qz-jul, and late in the set, Yank and Warner

Time for a breather... (Reset #9)

The next reset would serve as one of RED’s all time quietist. The reset’s start corresponded with the start of summer, and the start of summer saw many veteran REDers take time off to stop and smell the roses, such as they were. RED did see a little action, jumping in the FBI-Genesis war briefly at the request of their FOP/FDP FBI, but were soon asked out. New DP Sanctuary also requested some help from RED, who cleaned up some untagged multies hitting them while they warred with Quebec.

RED, however, was in the process of resorting out its internal affairs. Plans and decisions made two resets before were beginning to take shape, and the inactive section of RED was striped away, leaving a core of veteran members who had been newbies back when RED fought TGA.

The reset ended rather uneventfully, with RED finishing 10th in ANW, but with RED ready to take 1A by storm again, having recruited a number of Earth Veterans such as Shoagie, Mobster, Mandingo, Dece, Sitnam, Bard, and even induced the founder of Short Fuse himself, Smart Liberal, to leave retirement and play Earth again. RED was ready to reclaim its place in 1A excellence.

Shinigami ran for a third consecutive term as president, and proceded to defeated his opponent, long time RED veteran and General Strat God Raheel. In the VP elections, both Downsay and Jester ran for, and reclaimed, there positions as VP, defeating political newcomer and RED head FA ht86, long time RED Veteran and frequent Presidential Nominee Teesang, and last reset challenger and Newly Minted IA Nitroxidus.

Is this an ANW crown I see before me? (Reset #10)

Staying true to its plan to recruit only veteran players, RED began the reset fairly small, only 50 or so members. RED did take on its first outpost, the alliance VIRUS, led by Phamtom RC and Omnigod. They brought another 20 or so members, who taged up "REDVirus". Phamtom became division leader for the Virus division, while Omnigod became a RED FA and Cave, another Virus leader, became a RED AFA.

The sucess of RED's plan was proven when RED took the top ANW spot from LaF three weeks into the reset, a spot they would hold more or less constantly for the reset of the reset. In addition, Shoagie was off to an excelent start, and managed to logout top 3 day in and out for almost another 3 weeks. It was only after a suicider, from FBI of all places, hit him did he fall from the top ten. Meanwhile, war was soon to break out in the 1A world, as WWV was about to start.

About halfway through the reset, Arrow suddenly FSed IX, in a massive show of force that saw IX take 9000 hits in one night, loosing virtualy all there top rankers in one shot. IX would then call in help from LaF, Elitez, and Seawolf, the first two hiting Arrow and the third pre-emptivly hiting SoL, a known Arrow DP. This would let SoL into the war, hiting IX with a second massive FS. More alliances would jump in on both sides, a new one every other night or so, till most all 1A was involved. RED itself stayed out of the war, but did send a brigade of fighters over to IX, helping to replenish the lost breakers.

Meanwhile, in order to quiet idiots that insisted REDVirus was some sort of boot tag, RED had the Virus members tag up RED for the duration of the reset. Virus, whos own REDVirus tag was top 20 in ANW as it was, agreed and quickly did so, finishing the set tagged RED and adding to RED's success.

The only sour note of the reset would come on the last night as SveaRike, a 8 member clan (I use the term intentionaly) decides to add 2 high ranking members that were taged elsewheres to there tag. This would serve to push them up over RED in ANW to end the set. Neverless, no one outside of Svea themselves even bothered to consider them legit winners of the ANW crown, as even a number of RED's bigest detractors cameout in suport of its claim to have won the title.

RED had 3 members finish top 10 (newbay, Bard, and Jester) and a total of 18 finish top 100 (Fro, Shoagie, mandingo, Downsay, Aqua, mazooka, qzjul and Flameblade, to name a few). This 18 was out of a total of 52, a massive 35% of RED.

Elections went very smoothly. Simply put, there were none. In the interest of saving time and making life easier, Shinigami, then president, declared himself Dictator For Life (DFL), starting a leadership style that would later be called the "Benevolent Dictatorship". For VP's, he also skiped electing directly, instead having members nominate potentials, and selecting the 3 of his choice off the list. As a result, the new reset would see Smart Liberal, Jester, and Mossimo/MoS/Tang/Rice take on VPship.

Less Ancient History -- by qzjul

What? RED can war? (Reset #11)

After being the alliance with the highest ANW the previous set, RED was ready to go back into full netgaining mode. The start of the reset wasn't quite as anticipated however, as we were heavily topfed by CWG, and somewhat by some others such as Ragnarok and Infidelz, and as a result RED was trailing behind the newly created m0m0 in terms of average networth. While the average netgainers were progressing quite nicely, the top few people were being topfed, and a general outcry was beginning to be heard. An alliance called NeoFED contacted us in late December and agreed to coming under RED tag protection, and so this set RED had two tags, xREDx, and NeoRED. NeoRED, while large in numbers, and considerably larger than RED, was rather disorganized, and the NeoRED tag only ended up having around 50 people in it, and when combined with xREDx's ~80 countries it brought RED's combined numbers to around 130*. This tag created a large controversy, as we were able to keep our main tag with a high anw, while reaping the rewards of retals on a larger outpost with lower networth. Though this did not go over well in general in the alliance community, a number of other alliances (such as ICN) were also using outposts that reset as well so we got away with it nicely, however this went out of practice within a set or two.

When about 6 fake war declarations by CWG, ICN, etc. on RED happened within a few days, (as a New Years joke one would suppose) we went to a hightened state of alert. When LaF threatened to kill SS, Jester and SL put us on RED alert, however they didn't do so. As the anxiety wore down, and we maintained an elevated alert status, somebody posted an amusing fake war declaration about RED FS'ing Ragnarok that was spammed to 100 posts incredibly quickly, as people seemed to believe it a completely ridiculous proposition; unbeknownst to them and the rest of the AT community, or even the rest of the RED members, the RED Heads had been planning just that. Because we were being topfed, and as such were not doing as well as planned, becuase we were already ready for war, and because we were a much larger alliance than the previous set, we decided we should take out one of the offending topfeeders, and over about a week, we had debated as to whom we should FS, the most popular choice being CWG, who were topfeeding us more than just about anybody else. We chose, however, Ragnarok (for what reason I cannot remember atm, though I believe we may just have signed a UNAP with CWG over the topfeeding), and proceeded with an impressive FS. The FS stats are as follows, as posted by Shinigami:

Shinigami of RED Member Jan 9th, 2002 21:05

Ok, I have seen at least 3 diferent post here with 3 diferent sets of numbers for RED's FS. Here are the offcial RED FS numbers, as taken from Gamerstown at 8PM Earth time (24 hours from the start)

  • xREDx Ragnarok 2774
  • NeoRED Ragnarok 863
  • Combined: 3637
  • Number of xREDx taged countries: 91
  • Number of hits per xREDx member: 30.48
  • Number of NeoRED taged countries: 45
  • Number of hits per NeoRED member: 19.17
  • Combined number of RED countries: 136
  • Combined hits per RED member: 26.74

  • Dead Rag Countries:
    • Primus FTW 1670
    • Darkside of RAG 5465
    • finx 1064 (Missile Kill)
    • FTW rules again 1627
    • PowerPuffs Give Ego Ji 1718
    • Nightwish 7329
    • Hidden Ninjas 3915
    • Betelgeuse 5262
    • 7UnderOneWarmShower 5058
    • Gator and Son 1050
    • Poontang 4677
    • The Purple Scourge 9132
    • Akabeko 7970
    • pro TSS fervor 6553
    • I collect paperknives 10101
    • yoshis world of hate 1390
  • Total Rag dead: 16

As can be seen, at almost 27 hits per member, this was an extrodinary FS, and RED was lauded on AT for proving that we could war very well if we set our minds to it; Within 48 hours, Ragnarok, obviously suffering considerably, called in their ally ICN, changing the numbers of countries involved from around 130:90 to around 130:180. The war continued to drag on, while ICN and Rag ridiculed RED for their hit count slowing down, only to realise that turns were being saved for another massive strike. As the days wore on it became clear that RED anc Rag+ICN were nearly equally matched, except that RED was slowly gaining the upper hand.

An unfortunate incident was to occur, however; PDM, who had been prepping for war all reset, had set themselves to red alert earlier in the reset, and this came to the attention of RED leaders, as we had had rather strained relations over hits earlier in the reset. Through an ex-RED member (and RL friend of RED's qz-jul) named AznBond who was in PDM, RED leaders were able to find out the time of their warchat from their site, and be there to find out who it was, as we suspected it could be us they were hitting; in the end it turned out to be TIE, who surrendered 2 hours later. After a few weeks, and a week into our war with Ragnarok+ICN, PDM discovered somehow that RED leaders had been spying on their warchat, specifically that RED's "Head FA**" had been involved in the spying. Taking offense to this PDM unleashed an FS on RED, severly hampering RED's progress by taking out a number of top countries Rag and ICN were unable to hit. When talking to Shinigami about how to get RED out of this position, qz-jul voluntarily resigned, and Shinigami reported the booting of qz-jul*** to PDM, in exchange for a cease-fire and renewal of our UNAP (yes they hit us when we had a UNAP, but they were desperate to have a war that set****).

Once PDM was out of the way, RED continued to slowly gain the upper hand, despite the earlier setback; however, by the time the end of the war came, both sides were still actively hitting, though it was clear that RED's larger networth, and big Rep cashers, would win in the long run, as RED's top countries were able to make restarting an easy matter with $150M in FA to a single country happening regularly, while Rag+ICN had to go outside, appealing to Omega for FA. Also, RED had numerous top1000 countries, while Ragnarok + ICN soon lost even their top2000 countries. Although RED clearly had the upper hand, both sides claimed victory. The final warstats ammounted to over 29000 hits for RED and just over 33000 hits for Rag and ICN, with 120 countries killed by RED, and 155 killed by ICN/Rag (who were, however, targeting restarts, mainly because they couldnt hit RED's top countries). Final average networth's show the approximate spread of countries: RED's anw was 2.5M; ICN's anw was 1.33M; Rags anw was 1.11M nw.

While RED vs ICN+Rag + an FS from PDM was a large event of the set, other notable events include the December 16th massacre of SOL by the Vingthor bot, where 2000 countries materialized into the Vingthor tag one day, and made short work of most of SOL in a few hours. Also, the SoF vs Arrow war, the last time Arrow really was close to SoF in terms of power; SoF clearly had the upper hand by the end, although once again, both sides were still actively restarting. Also, this was the first and last set of the m0m0 tag, and m0m0 actually policed for RED. The one major event, in the last day or two of the set, that was to change earth politics completely, was the announcement of TIL by Comwood, an alliance of Berserk, IX, MD, Omega, PDM, and SoF.

  • Actual numbers at start of war, NeoRED 45 countries, xREDx 91 countries (From Wazmo's AT archive)
    • Mobster was RED's actual Head FA at the time, but qz-jul was to have taken over a few weeks later when Mobster was going to leave
      • Before deleting himself, qz-jul rejoined RED as JJXV, an apparently new member who surprised members by rising to Head-IA within a few weeks; JJXV later renamed himself Storm
        • PDM actually went on to FS another alliance later in the reset, but again was not able to have the big war they were looking for

Chaos in RED (Reset #12)

After a successful reset of warring, RED was ready and pumped to get back to netgaining. The set started off with the breakoff of NeoRED, once again as NeoFED, and so our numbers started off slightly lower than expected, although many of the notable NeoREDers stayed, such as Darodine and Umut. After our initial netgaining was slowed by a bunch of AB's from a no-name alliance called DKD, RED continued working its way up in the ranks. After the previous reset's Vingthor bot, multis were on the decline, whether due to improved security or what, I know not. However, the number of countries in the game was slightly lower, and this reset was slightly more difficult to get land, and this trend would continue from reset to reset. Meanwhile, while RED's netgaining was doing fine, RED's internal affiars were about to decend into chaos. Shinigami, long time President and Dictator for Life, decided that he had had enough of leading an alliance, and approached the Head's about this.

Unfortunately, there was no clear person to replace Shini as president, because the previous Head FA, Mobster, had left, one of the VP's, Jester was slightly inactive, and didnt want to be president anyway. Smart Liberal did not appear to have the confidence of the rest of the other heads. Also, Storm (aka qzjul) and Nitroxidus, both IA's, as well as Pyromaniac, an FA, were not really interested in leading RED. Cave, newly appointed FA (from REDVirus), and ht86, also an FA, and Rice (aka Tang, ex-DL of Zero Hour), newly returned to RED, were the three main contender's for president, each not 100% active, and each with about the same merit in terms of leadership experience. The older Heads of RED were mainly aligned behind ht86, and partially behind Rice, while the newer people were equally divided between Rice and Cave. When Shini stated that he would not choose for us, the heads agreed that an election should be held, and each went about promoting the leader that they supported. When the election was held, the final result showed results that led to the chaos to come: each of the three candidates had one third the vote.

Now the question was: what do we do now? Shinigami had gone inactive, and we had a leadership unsure of what was going on. In an effort to salvage the situation the three candidates got together and agreed to form a council with Shinigami acting as figurehead, so the 4 man council was born, of Shinigami, who was actually inactive, Rice, Cave, and ht86. Now, this would have been fine, except that the council members, none of whom were extremely active, proceeded to act as 3 seperate dictators, and either made decisions in secret from the rest of the heads, or didn't make decisions at all, it was hard to tell. Whatever the case, Liono, Head FA, as well as qz-jul and Nitroxidus, Head IA and IA respectively, determined that the conflicting orders they were getting were not making life easy; thus they decided simply to do things their way, by finding an RC (RED Council) member who would approve of their decisions. The internal workings of RED were extremely tense at this time.

The situation became unimportant, however, when Camelot, annoyed by massive farming on RED's part (in the order of 110 hits in 10 days) due to their superior networth, essentially suicided on RED with AB's. A cease fire was arranged, however the membership was pissed-off enough that RED declared war on Camelot after two days, causing controversy within and without RED. The internal situation was not fixed, but it was shoved to the side, as REDers rallied to the war cause, and wiped out Camelot in short order. Netgaining for the reset was over however, with a number of RED's top countries already crippled from AB's and everybody having converted into war mode. The internal situation was resolved when Rice retired from RED, and Cave left for LCN, both yielding to ht86, who thereupon began his presidency. We'd gotten through the chaos, but things weren't looking too good, as rumors of a new alliance to be led by Aqua, named CSkies, started to be heard.

The Exodus and Further Chaos followed by more war (Reset #13)

After the previous set of craziness, RED was once again ready to netgain, however RED woke up to find that many members were deserting for a new and supposedly better place to netgain. Aqua, Smart Liberal, Pyromaniac, and Nitroxidus all left to form the alliance Crimson Skies, with many other REDers and ex-REDers, as well as a large contingent of ex-m0m0's. This split the number of RED's top netgainers almost in half, as RED was down to just under 50 members, and CSkies had about the same. RED had a difficult time keeping up with the top netgainers, not only because of many of our top netgainers having disspeared, but also, none of our newer members were experienced netgainers, as we'd been warring the previous two sets. We did manage to keep up enough, however, but CSkies was beating us in anw, causing many other REDers to leave. This put strain on the RED leaders to try to keep RED intact, without offending our alliance-mates (with whom we hoped to reconcile and bring back to RED).

Once again, however, RED's superiority in terms of LG'ing led it to disaster again. Berserk FS'd RED, and once again, RED turned itself into a war machine, and fought off, and pretty much destroyed Berserk. Whether Berserk expected an even war, or expected to make easy work of RED is unclear, but they certainly did not expect to be killed with relative ease, although the fact that that happened was mostly due to RED's superior standings in terms of networth. Berserk, a member of TIL, also was acting on their own, as TIL did not approve of - but did not attempt to stop - Berserk's action. CSkies soon began falling apart, with suiciding within the alliance, and many came back to RED starting mid reset. RED turned to attempting to salvage what was left of the reset, but was soon called on by our FDP, LCN, who had just recently joined TIL, to attack, once again, Ragnarok and ICN. This was one of the major TIL wars, and many alliances were being called in, and LCN, expecting to get hit, arranged a joint IX-LCN-RED attack, and then RED went at it alone at what was left of ICN, while LCN hit the remains of Ragnarok. This finished the set off, and RED prepared to have another go at netgaining.

High hopes, and new activity (Reset #14)

After the previous three sets of warring, REDers were determined to have a go at netgaining. The reset began well, with all the CSkies members rejoined in RED after the alliance crumbled under completely inactive leadership. Soon, ht86 decided he was tired of leading, and elections were held, the main contenders being Storm (aka qzjul) and Secret Squirrel (aka Siddhartha). Both Storm and SS were extremely active with summer just beginning; Storm was slightly conservative and traditionalist, while SS was radical, but this seemed to matter little to members, and when election time came, both were extremely close, with Storm narrowly winning the election. To make sure there was no bad feelings, SS was appointed VP, and between the two, RED's internal cracks were smoothed over, membership was increased (largely due to SS's message bot), while we managed to maintain a decent anw, despite all the n00bs in the tag.

The one problem that was apparent to the leadership, however, was the lack of an active middle leadership and a lack of activity at the IA and FA level. When Storm went on a three week vacation, SS ran the show, the only directive being not to change the leadership structure without talking to the Prez about it (as we had witnessed an episode the previous set of a complete surprise change of leadership structure without prior notice). The reset was generally uneventful, with major progress in terms of activity being seen, until the beginning of September, when school began. People who had had free time, no longer had free time; people who were inactive for vacations suddenly appeared. Notably, SS ran out of time, and decided to resign as VP, due to lack of time. Storm and some of the other leaders set about trying to change the newly inactive leaders with the newly active leaders, and a slight chaos commenced.

Then the major problem of the reset came up: SOL had started topfeeding the fat REDers, while not accepting RED's topfeeding policy, and over-retalling our retals. This could not have happened at a worse time, as we realized that, not only was our leadership mostly inactive, but so was most of our membership. Part of the reason that activity had seemed good in the summer was simply because of that, it was summer time, everybody had lots of free time. But on top of that, our increase in numbers had meant that 120 partly inactive members posted a lot more, and showed up in IRC in greater numbers, than 50 mostly active members. To make matters worse, Storm, beginning University, realized that there was no way he was going to keep up with the required duties for Prez (ie 15 or 20 icq messages *waiting* for you when you get home, and countless others when you appeared online, plus all the other expected duties) and do well in first year. Keeping in mind the chaos of the RED Council, Storm began seeking out a successor, while trying to maintain the face of activity and rescue RED from the SOL situation; first RED tried to retal every retal, but as SOL was much bigger than us in membership, the topfeeds only increased. We finally backed down and agreed to SOL's rules, only to discover ourselves being FS'd, one evening, the top half of our alliance being completely obliterated in one night. RED surrendered for the first time in many resets, due to being completely overwhelmed in numbers and activity. This did not really do much to RED morale, however, as we didn't expect to be able to stand up to SOL, one of the top couple warring alliances in earth.

With most of the FA problems gone due to the fact that most of RED was gone, Storm spent the next week mainly trying to finding a successor, and very soon SS popped up again, saying that he had time, and he'd be willing to take over. After seeing what he had managed in the summer, SS was the obvious choice, and SS became president of RED. SS immediately fell to the task of changing the leadership structure, as he had so obviously wanted to do, and REDers logged in to find that everybody ranked as a member, except SS, who was Prez. This was a little bit controversial, since many REDers didn't like being demoted, but everybody expected a similar leadership structure to work itself out. When this did not happen, and old leaders were shoved aside to make room for new leaders, the tension began to mount. Everybody was committed to having a good go the next set, however, and so everyone made do until the set began.

Coup d'état and another huge war (reset #15)

With all the leadership recently changed, everybody was ready to get down to a new reset with a new face of RED, when president Secret Squirrel decided to eliminate all the ranks, and start building RED's organizational structure from scratch. This shocked everybody, to say the least, and the sudden demotion of all the leaders and veterans did not go over too well. Some vets, such as ht86 and qz-jul, decided that the changes were too much, and departed for LCN. Soon after, SS started promoting people to high levels of leadership, often omitting people who were previously high ranking, and general unrest began to grow as disgruntled ex-leaders started wondering why they had been overlooked.

Warner, R&W and part time FA before the demotions, along with a small group of followers, decided that a coup would be the best solution, and so they deleted SS's account, and promoted Warner to president. SS, however, was not one to be outsmarted like that, and within a few minutes, he used a backup account to restore himself and delete Warner. After this failed coup, Warner appealed to the veterans of RED to boycott the RED tag and come to LCN with him as an outpost, until RED had had it's leadership restructured. Thus the chaos ensued for a few days as members of RED fled to LCN, until all sides realised that RED split in two was not RED at all (by this time there were almost as many RED members in LCN as there were active members in the RED tag).

At this point, Smart Liberal, an ex-REDer (and ex-VP of RED, see reset #10) in MD, Warner, and SS decided to have a chat to determine RED's future. At the proposed date, however, Warner did not show up until far too late, and so Smart Liberal bargained with SS for the uniting of RED. SS agreed to remain as a trial president for one month, with Warner as VP, and SL serving as a moderator: If he found at the end of the month that SS was incapable of the presidency, he would take over as president himself. This plan was pleasing to both sides, as it gave SS a chance to prove himself, and gave everybody else assurance that their leadership would be good in the end, whether from SS or SL. The REDers within LCN rejoined RED (and therebycaused LCN to drop our FDP with them, due to SS's anti-war statements, RED's general chaos, and that we had inconvenienced them). However, two weeks into this period, SS had gone partially inactive, and a message had come from his icq stating that he had quit earth, whereupon Yank and Revlat0r appointed Warner president upon hearing this. There is some confusion as to whether or no SS actually sent this message himself, but whether or no he did, he accepted the replacement.

Soon after this replacement, RED went into full swing with another war, hitting Arrow in defense of a newly signed pact with SoF, who was at the time being attacked by many other alliances, such as Steel, SOL, RAGE and others of that alignment. When Arrow was put out of commission by another of the TIL alliance defending SoF, RED turned to aid SoF with RAGE. Ragnarok, old wartime enemy of RED, jumped to RAGE's defense, and so RED was in a three on one war, but was in general being ignored by the large part of these alliances forces, due to the scale of the war. Nearly every major alliance was in the war, with only few exceptions. Shortly after Ragnarok jumped in, however, all three alliances came to a settlement with RED in return for RED exiting the war against their side. RED then turned to killing multi's that had been plaguing our good allies Moral Decay for the entire reset, and had, in fact, killed off much of the alliance, crippling their war effort to aid their allies in TIL.

So then the rest of the set was turned into a mutli killing session, while the leadership set to reorganizing RED and planning to clean everything up in the next set, with qz-jul once again in RED as Head IA; Montcalm from Quebec joined RED late in the set, and a number of RED veterans were persuaded to rejoin. A few alliances agreed to join as outposts for the next set, including Circle and Gangsters, and were setup in preparation for the next set. After some tinkering, RED was deemed on the right course by RED leaders as we ended the set, and prepared for the next.

Post Coup RED --Shinigami

The slaughter that never was – (reset 16)

Despite what appeared to be a promising start to the reset, things fell apart fast. Warner was chosen to be the President and had in fact been pivotal to RED’s involvement in the wars of the previous set due to his closeness to SoF. Shortly into the reset Warner disappeared for reasons that were not entirely clear – someone purporting to be his brother claimed his was in jail but there was no way to confirm the story – and the rest of the RED leadership soldiered on without him. Internally RED was doing ok but externally they had become non-existent. While FA issues were getting dealt with by the FA’s they had no contact to the political side of the game.

Meanwhile, the fallout from the previous reset’s server war continued with the next server war starting to develop. Plans were made to kick off the new server war and to focus on hitting several of SoF’s close allies, RED included, so that SoF would be isolated in their fight. Shinigami, ex-RED president, had left the game after the fall of the war alliance Lust two resets previously but had stayed in touch with most of his old contacts. Through these contacts, he found out about the war plans on the afternoon of FS day. Working swiftly he reached out to the remaining RED Heads and convinced them to allow him to assume leadership of RED on the grounds that Warner was obviously inactive and none of them had the time to do so themselves. That accomplished he reached out to the opposing forces – former RED FDP IX chief among them – and signed several 11th hour UNAPs to prevent RED from being hit or from hitting them. This burned some bridges with SoF, who were not pleased to lose an ally, but not wanting more enemies they would remain UNAP allies for resets to come. The anti-SoF side did indeed hit that night as promised and crushed most of the alliances that had come to SoF’s aid in the previous war.

RED finished the reset quietly enough with a typically strong netgaining performance. While his intent was only to provide a figurehead for the alliance before leaving the game once again, Shinigami proved to have a calming influence on the separate factions within RED. To help RED continue to re-establish itself he agreed to one more reset as president, this time with Storm and Yank as VP’s.

Another crowning achievement – (reset 17)

The new reset started with a major coup for RED. The sometimes alliance and sometimes division Wrath of God – a group of (mostly) IXers who had formed the core of the alliance Lust known throughout the server for their war abilities – had been looking for a quiet place to net and joined former Lust IA Shinigami in RED. While WoG was always looked on as a war group their ability to netgain was just as great and they were able to display those skills to full effect in RED. The inclusion of the WoGers breathed new life into the core REDers and sparked full efforts from all to netgain. RED laid full assult on the ANW crown and won it easily, with several REDers finishing in the top 10 - including WoG leader DeityLord – and numerous REDers finishing in the top 100. Shinigami stepped down for good, with long time RED leader Yank taking over as president, with Storm and Liono serving as his VP’s.

The war that never was – (reset 18)

RED had re-established itself as one of the premiere netgaining alliances once again. Now was the time to re-establish itself as a powerful, if compact sized, fighter. With some of the best fighters in the game in the form of WoG on hand, it was a rare opportunity that would be tough to match. An alliance of the best netgainers running handpicked dedicated war strats led by some of the best war leaders in the game would make for a hellatious fight, one that would echo down throughout the server for years to come.

Sadly, it was not to be. Despite all the planning, activity in RED was not high enough for the kind of fighting planned. Too many members were ignoring the orders to run strats for conversion to war easily when the time came and were instead running pure netting strats. Despite the in-game activity proven by the ANW win the previous reset, in-GT activity was not very high. Wanting to war but unsure of RED’s willingness to make the effort needed, WoG left the decision of what to do up to Shinigami, who had taken the job of Head of War in preparation for the fight. Rather than pull RED into a war it would not be active enough to win, Shinigami voted for WoG to leave and left with them.

RED stayed quiet that reset, netgaining for another top 5 ANW finish, but the seeds of destruction had already been sown with WoG’s leaving. Not only did it cut down into the size of the alliance, the fact WoG had left because RED had not been active enough cut deeply. RED would undergo several leadership changes, more vets leaving, an abortive attempt to outpost in LaF, and several other failed attempts to right the ship before finally merging with un4given to form Evolution. WoG went on to play out the reset in SoF before dissolving itself, only to spend an alliance as the core of Lord Slayer’s alliance Reborn before moving into Omega where the war plan intended for RED was finally put in effect in Omega, leading to the server’s first true 10k FS.