Alliance Server Round 6

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Round 6 Statistics
Start Date: Oct 5, 2010
End Date: Dec 3, 2010
Total Countries: 704
Top Clans
Top Players
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Imaginary Numbers vs The Fist of Odin and ICN

iMag FS's war on The Fist of Odin and ICN, but no was posted. The Fist of Odin responds by announcing their departure from EE. The Fist's announcement: [1]

The Fist of Odin's announcement: [2]

Imaginary Numbers vs The Fist of Odin, ICN and The Neofederation

Neo decided they want in on the fun

The Neofederation's dec: [3] Cease Fire: [4]

Sons of Liberty vs Imaginary Numbers

Not long after having CF'ed ICN and The Neofederation, Sons of Liberty attacks. iMag's CS gets postponed, and as they hit back 2 days later, all hopes of a "real" war is gone as iMag has already lost 96% of it's networth.

Sons of Liberty's dec: [5]