Survival of the Fittest

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Survival of the Fittest
Founder(s) Helmet
OriginsBroke away from Omega, due to slow response by Omega during the Tiger Clan Attack
Members Currently around 70
Focus Warring , Netgaining When we get the chance
President(s) Xyle
Vice President(s) Matti Aponic
Head of Foreign Affairs Warrior
Head of Internal Affairs Wargodess
Internal Affairs Gutty
Head of War Flamey
IRC Network/Channel(s) #sof

Survival of the Fittest, also known as SoF is an organized warring alliance on the Alliance Server of Earth Empires. The Alliance was formed back in 1999 after a group of 35 former members of Omega under the leadership of Helmet decided to create a more united alliance that would aggressively protect it's members rather than delay with talk. SoF's first reset was a test set and under the guidance of Helmet SoF managed to win the Average Networth title. SoF was considered a top alliance in Earth: 2025 for a number of years. Following the closure of Earth: 2025 in December 2009, SoF moved to Earth Empires, where it has continued it's rich warring Tradition.


SoF History

Chapter 1 - Original SoF

June 1999 - April 2003

Reset 0001 - Test Reset

June 1999

At the end of the previous Reset, The core of SoF left from Omega. The group was lead by Helmet, who like the many that left with him was upset by the slow response of Omega to the Tiger clan attack. Helmet's goal was to create a much more unified alliance that would aggressively defend its members, not delay with talk. The test Reset was approximately 2 weeks long and included many changes to the format of the game, mainly government advantages and the addition of oil to game play. The 35 member SoF alliance led by Helmet won the average networth title for the test Reset playing mostly commie indies and theo techers.

(insert tables for alliances and stuff here)

Reset 0002 - Real Beginning

July - September 1999

Fueled by their success in the previous Reset, SoF continued to grow and expand. Over the course of the Reset increased their number to 45 as more Omegans came over. 3 weeks into the Reset, the new alliance received its first test when Ragnarok killed Good is Dumb's(Marc) country when a Ragnarok trainee made a fake post on their retal board. After brief talks that didn't resolve the issue, Helmet made the decision to attack Ragnarok for killing Dumb is Good's country without consulting SoF. In a brief, one week war, SoF outkilled Ragnarok 18-8. During the course of the war, Ragnarok attempted to call in allies, but was unsuccessful. SoF had won its first war. Two weeks later, a landgrab dispute with TL erupted. After, unsuccessful talks with Helmet, 5 of their countries artillery barraged Helmet and destroyed 2/3 of his buildings, 16,000 acres. SoF saved turns for 2 days, an attacked TL, TL had 25 tagged countries. Over the next 4 days, SoF killed 13 active TL countries, leaving only a handful of TL nations intact and fighting. On the fifth day, the Avengers first struck SoF over retal problems that were further complicated by the retirement of Booty,SoFs coleader at the time, and Helmet being busy for a week in real life. The Avengers had approximately 50 countries in their main tag and 20 more in their training tag. Their main tag average NW was 20 million NW, while the SoF average NW was approximately 7 million NW. According to Hel, at a future date, their goal was to cripple and possibly shatter SoF by destroying half the productivity of every SoF country. In the first 48 hours of the engagement, the Avengers killed 3 SoF countries belonging to Helmet, Ali, and another head and wrecked most of the other countries. Helmet issued orders a few hours after their attack to save turns for a big warchat 2 days later. Helmet called in Rage, SoF's LDP, and they assisted SoF during their counter-attack. Rage focused upon ABing the large unsuspecting Avengers, while SoF focused on killing. After learning that Han was going to hit Rage the next night if they remained involved. Tirol and Helmet decided to have Rage withdraw from the war to avoid further escalation. For the remainder of the Reset, SoF suicided on the Avengers. At one point, SoF lead the Avengers 30-18 in kills, but numbers and NW turned the war in the Avengers favour. Avengers ended the war with an edge in kills. As a final act of spite, Khan led a warchat on the last night and killed a 35M+ NW Avenger,top 300, with 2M NW countries.(Humanitarians were 1/20 at that time)

Reset 0003 - FOG War

October - December 1999

This Reset Loki, Khan and Ghost, non-Omegans, were promoted to head rank. This Reset was crucial to SoF's development. Using the end of the last Reset to set the groundwork for the future, SoF developed. Scorpion and Starsoft had finished construction of SoF's private website. Although, the site could not compete with Gamerstown's country database, it had superior boards, new features to improve the alliance, and it could be modified from Reset to Reset by Scorpion. SoF also continued expanding its membership and implemented a training program and training tag. SoF increased in membership from 45 to 65 from the previous Reset and had an additional 60 trainees in its training tag. Ironically, SoF now outnumbered the Avengers 2:1. SoF modified its retal system promoted serveral heads and leaders. This Reset started off well with many promising trainees. 2 weeks into the Reset, 3 Avenger retals on retals in 24 hours due in part to the Avengers still retaling off the news at the time caused an incident. In a suprisingly generous mood, Helmet decided against war and Khan settled the issue diplomatically. Over the next 2 weeks, SoF had problems with members of the new FoG coalition. UEDxFoG complained of being overgrabbed and led to a couple of brief DNAs. EoPxFoG, later merged with Forest, retaled on several retals,all news showed, nearly starting a war. SoF still performed the 2:1 retals and agreed to a DNA after EoP merged with Forest into the main xFoGx tag. On Thanksgiving weekend, the FoG war broke out. Arrow was fighting HAN, Rage was fighting TGA. NLS, under the xFoGx tag, made an aborted first strike on Rage and Rage called in a favor from Helmet, MD, Omega, and NMonster. Not knowing what to expect. SoF attacked the main xFoGx tag focusing on ABs as opposed to kills on the largest 50 countries tagged xFoGx. To Helmet's surprise, FoG offered little resistance to our attack. For the remainder of the war, we focused on landfarming the smaller xFoGx countries and killing countries in joint sessions with MD. SoF finished the Reset strong with several top 100 countries after a peace agreement was reached ending the FoG war.

Reset 0004 - Fighting Laf and Avengers

January/February 2000

During this Reset, SoF membership increased to 85 and the training tag remained at about 40 trainees. During this Reset, D'Matt and Scorpion were promoted to head. This Reset started off slow. With SoF netgaining well and focusing on training. A month into the Reset, a couple of KoH countries suicided on SoF and KoH refused to take responsibility. Combined with the difficulty of contacting their FA, this caused much tension and our spy team performed spy ops in the event tensions did not ease. Our spy team discovered 8 multies in KoH, a 30 member alliance. SoFs response was immediate, in 24 hours, SoF killed 14 of the 15 largest KoH members, 9 in the first 4 hours. An 4 multies in the KoH tag, after a peace agreement was reached. Helmet and most of SoF was disappointed at the shortness of the war. The members of SoF then voted on how to finish the Reset by a 3:1 vote, the members wanted a real war. Things had been peaceful with the Avengers since the first war, but both sides started exchanging grabs. Eager for war, SoF attacked. Killing 11 Avengers in the first 24 hours, 9 of which were in the top 200. LaF entered the war 24 hours later. Then, Talon entered 36 hours later. Then, followed by Age. Helmet believed that SoF was being gang-banged called in his allies. ICN struck Talon, Armageddon struck LaF, and several other alliances struck Age. At this point, a partial ceasefire was arranged calling for the withdrawl of all but SoF, Armageddon, LaF, and the Avengers from the conflict. At this time, a LaF leader, to remain nameless, forwarded Helmet some HTML of Don Duque and other LaF members bragging about mass babysitting. LaF admitted to sharing logins and logging into multiple countries under attack on the boards. Armageddon remained in the war till LaF members quit logging into each others countries. The war last to the end of the Reset with the kill count being approximately 100 dead LaF/Avengers to 70 dead SoFers.

Reset 0005 - : Emphasis on netgaining

March - May 2000

SoF did some more restructuring at the start of this round. Due to low trainee participation in the war and a desire to improve training. SoF stopped training trainees in teams and started a mentoring program to give more personal attention to trainees. SoF also abandoned the training tag. It had proven a liability in the major in the last Reset by allowing opponents to focus their attacks on veterans as opposed to trainees/veterans. An having only one tag eliminated the debates involving retals for the training tag and reduced accidents. SoF netgained for the entire Reset in order to please those that wanted to try and get a high rank by netgaining. This Reset was also used to solidify the alliance by training and attracting more leaders and avoiding overexpansion of membership in the alliance. SoF finished the Reset with the 2nd highest total networth and 3rd highest average networth for our netgaining round. At the end of the Reset, a TGA member suicided on the SoF country in first place at the time and cost SoF second place in average NW, this led to many harsh feelings towards TGA during the next Reset.

Reset #0006: War with Tga, Sol, Camelot, Legion

Jun/July 2000

Trinity and hombre were promoted to head at the begining of this Reset. Following the netgaining Reset, there was a large outcry by the majority of members for war. The entire alliance built their countries for war as the alliance's size surged briefly over 200 due to the influx of new recruits brought on by a heavy SoF recruitment effort. The numbers later settled near 150+ members for the Reset. SoF got its first war, when TGA complained of being overgrabbed. TGA responded by making approximately 50 attacks of various types on SoF in a 24 hour period, SoF countries running with 25 stored turns at the time, launched a heavy first strike at TGA. SoF killed 90+ TGA members while losing only 10 of their own countries. During the course of this war, multiple TGA members used multies to attack SoF. SoF then became involved in the wars against Sol. They killed 80+ countries over the next week from Camelot, Legion, and Sol. At the end of the Reset, Helmet won best alliance leader at Fingolfin's earth awards and SoF upset MD and captured the title of Best alliance.

Earth Awards - August 2000

Thank you everyone for participating in the Earth Awards again this Reset. We had 88 voters this Reset, down from the normal 125-150 that I look for. This is due primarily to me not deciding to have the awards till the last minute. 16 of these voters have voted in at least 4 other award presentations. Thanks for the long-term commitment.

This Reset, as most summer Resets are, was a bit slow the only really major events was the slowly escalating SOL vs Elites war and the SoF vs TGA war. No new networth records, no new coalitions, and no new bugs. What we do have however is a possible changing of the guard. Some stalwarths like TIE, SOL, TGA, and Rage are slipping a bit while Elites, Pow, IX and a few others are making bids for top 5 ratings. We regained a couple news services in ENN and TNN and quite a few strategy sites are sprouting

We had a few leadership changes this Reset with Croaker taking over TIE and Locutus taking over MD after their respective legends stepped down. As we start this new Reset we have a new Genesis to keep us preocuppied as well.

With all this in mind we come to the name of this Reset. The biggest factors are the typical summer blahs, the Sol/Elites war, and helmets triumph.

I hereby proclaim this Reset to be ever known as "The Summer SOLstice Survival"


Most popular topic: sol/elites war stuff Not a war where legends are made but with SOL being on the losing side for the first time in memory and the gradual escalation to nearly WW status the boards were flooded with discussion of this focus event of the Reset

Best Poster on Alliance Talk: samoan Could this be his swan song? Articulate and Controversial describes this paragon of posting. Whether as angry mod or as Samoan you can be sure his posts would be read. Bold statements about bottom feeding, moderating, the state of the game, and verbal sparring with fingolfin and cerberus gave him this award this Reset

Best Thread on Alliance Talk - entertainment : RAGE does not declare war - Tirol (3 little pigs thingy) Who besides Tirol can win an award for posting about an event that never happened? Tirol's off the wall humor overwhelmed the competition this Reset

Best thread on Alliance Talk - informative, controversial, or thought provoking: Is Elites CRAZY? - startiger Startiger gave us extensive reasons why elites declaration of war was both necessary and right. not everyone agreed however and born was the most read thread of the Reset. Over 10 alliance leaders posted their thoughts on this thread and the actions described herein defined this Reset for us


Bloodiest Alliance War: Elites Friends vs Sol et al When over 700 countries get together for war it is going to be bloody. over 70,000 recorded hits in this war resulted in a lot of dead and wrecked countries

Most Disappointing Alliance War :Rag vs. AoD The war that never quite got off the ground. Lot of pomp and circumstance without a lot of substance. The cotton candy of wars

Best Alliance War: elites/sol When you are the bloodiest war and the most popular topic you are bound to get best war. Sol on the losing side for the first time, Elites attacking more than the "greatest fighting allaince in history", a very controversial declare war, allies coming out of the woodwork, this war had it all. Definite blockbuster

Best trash talking war: tga vs sof Helmet on one side, Cougar on the other. It was a given that this war would win this award


Most Surprising Event: Samoan resigning from game immediately after becoming the head of MD again This event not only closed the doors on the Reset but it also knocked our socks off. After winning the MD presidencey back from Ampy real life intruded on Samoan. He is gone but not forgotten judging by the ammount of votes he got.

Biggest News story the Reset :SOL calling in allies against Elites Might as well make it 4 awards. The actions of SOL in this war is the biggest news story of the Reset. Sol is one of the originators of the 1 vs 1 conflict but broke from tradition to Elites dismay by bringing in their loyal allies. Whether right or wrong it was one heck of a story.

Biggest controversy :fingolfin's saga over country deletion Did he cheat or didn't he? The last time one person got this kind of attention was when Corleone started hitting the billion dollar bugs.

LEADERS Best new Alliance Leader: Wench When an alliance is called Pirate you can't have a leader named anything but Wench. TI shows that she learned from the best during her time in MD and SOL. This lady from down under knows how to play with the big boys of politics.

Best Alliance Leader: Helmet Helmet finally gets some recognition for the work done at SoF. This alliance is, I believe only 4 Resets old now but they are one of the elite due mostly to his hard work. He wants to fight and he hands out an old-fashioned whooping this rest.

Leader with most impact on the Reset: StarTiger 90% of us never even heard of this guy last Reset. It is amazing what happens to you when you start one of the bigger wars in Earth history.


Best New Alliance: pirates What happens when you combine Wench and her group of friends with the old school legend Klingon and his lakeport buddies? You get the best new alliance of the Reset. Just squeeking by Red in this category our heros face a daunting task of getting from the small group ranking to a top 25 alliance but with these two at the helm of the Pirate ship I wouldn't bet against them

Most Improved Alliance: Elites I am getting tired of typing their name . Startiger and friends stepped from the minor leagues all the way to pennant contender in one Reset. That doesn't happen often folks.

Best Alliance Fighting Performance: Elites You outhit SOL in a war and you get this award automatically

Best Alliance Netgaining Performance: SL They may only have 32 countries but what a top 32. Their methodology is quite controversial but their results speak loud and clear. With the merger of SL and Avengers dont' expect this to change anytime soon

Best Overall Alliance: SoF A rarity for this award. An allaince that fought most of the round wins. SoF wasn't top 5 in average net, total net, or total members but was recognized for percieved netgaining Ability and proven fighting ability this Reset. Kudos to SoF for toppling the incumbant MD by 1 single vote in the closest category of the awards.


    • lifetime achievement award

1. must have played at least 4 full Resets 2. must have had at least some leadership position 3. may be active or inactive 4. must have done something that stands out in the history of the game

BB, Tirol and Ampy

BB: One of the pioneer players of the game. A pre-ROCK alliance leader and one of the top strategists in the game BB moved on to bigger and greater things by co-creating Rockfamily website, later to become Gamerstown. Gamerstown database is, more than anything else, what led to the equality of play among the alliances. His database is the measuring stick against which all others are measured.

Tirol: Known more for his witty posts on AT than his leadership functions Tirol is a tornado blowing through our lives. He comes, he goes, he comes, he goes... A leader of OOA and RAGE Tirol has the political savvy to match anyone but he has the added ability of being one of the funniest damn people ever to grace the AT boards. With his sidekicks Nazar and Insanity you never know what these beer drunking ladies men will cook up next.

Ampy: Little Amity Sue stepped into the footprints of a legend when she took over Md. A couple #1 alliance ranking later and the highest Total networth in history she deservedly gets a Lifetime acheivement award. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure to hear her southern drawl knows that she is one of the nicest people ever

to play this game as well.

Reset #0007: Rematch with Sol

August - September 2000

Having killed Tga and Legion the previous Reset, sof went into this Reset facing wide threats of multi use against us from Peanut and his idiot friends. exepcting the worst we requested that all members play an war oriented country. while the multis impact was hard felt, it was controlled and soon eliminated by sof and its close allies. Following the multi killing Sof went on to netgain effectively throughout the Reset with its war oriented countries, leading the total networth with approx 180 tagged members, and quite solid average networth for a large allaince of fighters. mid Reset, sof was faced with an opponent. NorCal, the president of Sol, made some interesting comments on the Allince Talk about Helmet being a supporter of the use of multis, and sof harbouring a number of mulits within its alliance and also tagged elsewhere. A claim which was quite stupid and baseless to say the least. i was online at the time and contacted Norcal to hear if it was really him making such absurd comments, and Norcal further confirmed his belief that sof were cheaters, a conversation i will post below. Sof declared war on Sol 3 days later. A war which played out for the remainder of the Reset, and resulted in a crushing victory to Sof. Norcal later apologized and took back his comments about Helmet cheating.

this Reset also saw some growth for Sof primarily among its upper leadership. Scud and Mingdu were promoted to heads to cover the areas of War and Training, as was Jade towards the end of the round.

Conversation with Norcal

You have received a message! All I can tell you is that SoF has been accused of running multies for several Resets. Helmet instead of working on solving the problem, created the atmosphere that the best way to make fun of the accusations was to name countries the same.

He thought that if he made a joke out of it, it would go away. He in my opinion has been associated with multie accusations for several Resets himself. TAS and ATS both have SoF relations. They also have Elites relations and Elites started the war over multies last Reset and at the request of Helmet.

You have sent a message! we have relations with TAS? wow noone told me. maybe i should stop farming them then

You have received a message! guess so. I don't think SoF is full of multies, but I do believe that it is know by several SoFers... and they do nothing about it... For the most part, I think SoF is a good alliance... but could do with out a certain leader... hahaha

You have sent a message! right well i can tell you as head of internals i probably spend more time with more members than anytone else in the alliance. and i can guarantee you there are 220 very unique identities and personaliities in our memberlist

You have sent a message! i am also head of team-m0m0, aka the 'm0m0 multis'. ithis naming theme is nothing more than comical.,...... we enjoy seeing peoples reactions to it. again, 15 different identities and personalities in the division. exactly like the TAss members

You have sent a message! sof is very anti-multi. you may have heard of "ISB" ? THey are a clan who merged with us this Reset. we later found them to have multis in NM, they were deleted and killed within 24 hrs.

You have received a message! yep, and making a big stand on being so anti multie is a great way to hide the ones that run mulites... thus other clans to run the extra countries in. TAS, ATS...

You have sent a message! lol can you tell me again where you tie sof and TAS together? this is hilarious

You have received a message! spy on alliance reports... on TAS members... ones that had suicided on SOL... Funny how that happens... hehehe

You have sent a message! i see ever thought to contact us about it ?

NorCal-SOL 05/10/00 3:03 sure, the first and only time I talked to Helmet he told me to go to hell... : )

NorCal-SOL 05/10/00 3:04 If I wanted to make a big deal about it, I would have posted the suiciders on SOL, and the Elites and SoF alliances that they had. I do not think it is any of ATs concern. I hate AT, post very seldom because their are 95% assholes on AT... : ) But, I will discuss my beliefs and concerns one on one with anyone.

hombre 05/10/00 3:13 ummm so? AT has nothign to do with anything here you have accused my alliance and leader of multis. now i am very interested to see why you come to that conclusion

how about this.... you give me every bit of evidence you have of sof multis..... if you can

convince me I will see that they are removed.

Reset #0008: Killing some crapclans

(Oct 2000 - December 2000)

SoF was peacfully netgaining with like 5 top 10 countries and then got declared on by a bunch of farm tags like xroninx,caf,quebec, and tsw

Reset #0009: Fighting LCN and friends

Jan/Feb 2001

- jeff ab'd some LCNer - SoF offered lcn alot of reps - SoF fs'd LCN cause they went bulshitin

    • stay tuned for Helmets log with Lynn and claims of PHD**

Reset #0010: Round 3 vs Sol

March - May 2001

- 3rd sol war, first time SoF used land:land retalling

- SOL topfed SoF's rank 1 country

- SoF grabbed it like 5 times and sof stood the ground

- SoF beat the stuffing outta SoL

sol tag id DUKESOL to honor duke from SoL. SoL FSed sof after nearly a week of sof site downtime. But due to the efforts of the leaders and the members to use every turn as possible to do some damage even how small. SoF turned the tide of war!

martian started leading warchats. Helmet was evil.

Reset #0011: Enforcing our land:land policy

June - August 2001

SoF had become the most dominant force in the server. we had the best members and training available of any alliance, the greatest leaders guiding the alliance towards their vision, the best participation and fighting coordination, as well as allies all over the game. we had the power to do whatever we wanted in this game. we decided to develop and enforce a land:land retals policy. the advantages of land:land are numerous... for too long people had been abusing the 1:1 retal policy which existed throughout the server. bad players would often play landsmall and offence heavy countries with the purpose of making massive grabs on the more skilled players of the game. We decided to put an end to this ever happening to Sof, so developed a land:land policy, whereby whenever any country landgrabbed sof, we would retaliate as many times as it takes to recover the land which that attacker took. as expected, this policy caused us numerous wars. ;) First we killed Glory, then we killed League, and then we killed Horizon, all as an enforcement of our new policy. Additionally i believe we killed Avengers somewhere in there, after their leader Bud refused to accept a retal from Helmet's country and hit him back, resulting in the death of the Avengers.

We also used this Reset as some sort of a netgaining Reset. Several of our better players were encouraged to try to play a top country, we ended the Reset ranked 2nd in total networth, behind a very dominant lineup from Laf.

War Declaration on THE LEAGUE, posted on AT.

Aug 7th 7:06 PM August 3rd 2001 (enter Charlie and Psycho)

Charlie – We grabbed SoF for 2400 acres and they retalled twice. Once for 1400 and another for 1000. We cannot accept this. We don’t care what SoF’s rules are. We are THE LEAGUE!

Psycho – you are right. This is totally not acceptable.

Charlie – I will show you how to handle Helmet and SoF. Watch closely young apprentice.

  • Charlie contacts Helmet on icq and begins to threaten him*

Charlie – I told Helmet that he is a pig humper and that if they attack us again they will get 3:1 retals.

Psycho – are you sure that is wise boss?

Charlie – SoF are netgainers. See all of the theos? They do not want to lose their precious nw. Order one strike back on that country and report back. Have the player send a message to SoF that if they retal again he will suicide on them.

Psycho – We hit him again. This time we took 2700 acres. That will teach SoF to mess with THE LEAGUE.

Charlie – Yes, and they will not dare hit back because I gave Helmet a piece of my mind and he fears me.

Charlie – My mom is mad. I have to get off the computer. Bye!

August 4th 2001

Psycho – Sir, are you there?

Charlie – Yes, I’m here.

Psycho – Sof demoralized him, sabotaged his missiles and then farmed him. They said they didn’t like the message or the hit back and that we better watch ourselves.

  • Charlie thinks for a while*

Charlie – I think I made a mistake about SoF. Let’s contact them and see if we can get reps. I bet we can get BILLIONS of dollars out of them. That country had like 60 spy ops done on it. Let’s charge them 65M per spy op.

Psycho – that is a great idea! You are very smart. That makes the total for the grabs and spy ops about 5B. How about we both take 2.5B each? This will make our countries very strong!

Charlie – I will take 3B and you can have 2B. I am the leader here and I have the expertise with dealing with head accessories.

Psycho – Ok, sir. Shall I contact SoF now?

Charlie – Yes, but do not talk to that pig humper Helmet. Talk to loki. She just had a baby so she might be hard to get a hold of, but she’s really nice. She will fear THE LEAGUE and pay our hefty demands.

Psycho – I contacted Loki and I’m waiting for a reply.

Charlie – I have to get my braces tightened. I will see you later.

Psycho – bye!

August 5th 2001

Psycho – sir, are you there? Loki told us that our demands are ridiculous.

Charlie – Does she not realize you’re from THE LEAGUE?

Psycho – yes, sir. I told her I am from THE LEAGUE and I report directly to Charlie!

Charlie – I need to talk to Tarquin. Can you get him in here please?

  • Tarquin enters the chat*

Charlie – Tarquin, THE LEAGUE calls upon you for a special mission. Do you accept?

Tarquin – yes sir, I am loyal to THE LEAGUE!

Charlie – Good, I need you to suicide on SoF. Get as many of their top rankers as you can. We must teach them not to mess with THE LEAGUE!

Tarquin – yes, sir.

  • Tarquin leaves*

Psycho – sir, are you sure it is smart to suicide on SoF?

Charlie – Yes, haven’t you seen the news? SoF is so scared that they have stopped using turns. They fear that anyone they grab will teach them a lesson just like THE LEAGUE has done. We have complete control over them and after Tarquin suicides they will be forced to pay us 5 BILLION DOLLARS.

Charlie – I have to go. I have a roller skating party tonight.

August 6th 2001

Psycho – Sir, SoF is very mad. They said they’re not paying us any money now and we owe them 6B for Tarquin suiciding.

Charlie – This is impossible! Do they not realize that THE LEAGUE means business?

Psycho – I don’t think they’re afraid like you said they would be and they said what we did is an act of war.

Charlie – I think they are bluffing. Everyone fears THE LEAGUE! Let’s stall for a day, then we will declare war on them and force them to meet our terms.

Psycho – I will prepare us for a warchat sir.

Charlie – Very good! Well it’s 8pm. Far past my bedtime. I will talk to you tomorrow.

August 7th 2001

Psycho – Sir, SoF are spying on our countries.

Charlie – They are probably just wanted to see how a real alliance plays its countries. Tell them they will have to pay an additional 65M for each of those spy ops and let Loki know. We are getting rich from these suckers.

Psycho – Sir, now they are attacking us.

Charlie – What do you mean? Have they gone mad? We are THE LEAGUE! How dare they attack us! We showed them we mean business. They are afraid!

Charlie - MY COUNTRY SAYS IT IS DESTROYED! OH #$*($# #(*$#( !

Reset #0012: Making enemies with Arrow

Sept/Oct 2001

this is the Reset in which we hid in other tags to avoid multi attacks on our top players.

Reset #0013: Killing Arrow

Nov 2001 - January 2002


Member Feb 15th, 2002 10:46 348778 SoF has over 21x the total nw of arrow. SoF has over 11x more avg nw than arrow.

We have 170 alive countries larger than arrovv's largest (per GT).

BFH below was arrovv's failed attempt to hide some restarts so they could grow before dying. It went really well. We killed them all and they hit us 0 times.

Attacks for the war: SoF - BFH 2,877 BFH - SoF 0

SoF - arrovv 150,500 arrovv - SoF 68,243

Kills (earthstats): SoF - BFH 13 BFH - SOF 0

SoF - Arrovv 716 arrovv - SoF 357

In the last week we've killed 43 arrow countries and they've killed 3 sof (earthstats).

In summary: Arrow bit off more than they could chew and got owned.

If you want to join the best fighting alliance in 1a, here is our web address.

Reset #0014: Netgaining yet again

Feb 2002 - March 2002

We netgained all Reset. All govs (except for fascist) were allowed.

SoF had second most tagged countries, 217, after Triads (spam-crap-tag).

SoF had best total networth, $3.9b. MD was second with $2.7b. (We ruled)

SoF had 5th highest avg networth, $18m. LaF won with $23.4m. However the only other alliance with more than 100 member that finished before us was NM (Pansy netgainers) who got 3rd place with an avg of $20.4m.

People were wondering whether SoF was really capable of netgaining (We had wared 9 Resets in a row by now) but we proved that SoF is not only the best fighting alliance in 1a, but also one of the best netgaining one.

SoFers finishing top 100. Sorted by rank.

2 Leave My SoFt Trees Al (#4223) shole

7 miss you finally (#3981) aqua

8 Vulture with Beer (#5560) Uno

11 Down With The Sickness (#971) Asing

14 Ship of Fools (#2158) Latino Thunder

15 The Memory Remains (#6524) MM

16 Mark EcayT Guyo (#495) Ecayt

18 My boss needs medicati (#4819) Helmet

22 loco 213 (#404) hef

23 Gemini (#1370) coNeTh

24 The Buddeye (#1887) Empezar

34 i broke an arrovv (#537) praetorian

35 Study Buddies (#176) Gary

37 Chip and Dales MMORPG (#5919) Khan (loser)

39 I Am Stupid For Playin (#2306) Mikers

41 Wish You Were Here (#5286) Grimstar

44 I violate rules (#5354) Procce

46 RIOTing for RED (#513) DrRiot

48 Beyond BUDDIES (#2086) Soldier (Carnage)

60 LoveShack Buddy B52s (#4492) Beer

67 Cyberhex (#1191) Nichiren

70 T u r b o B r i c k (#6237) TurboBrick

74 Coolhoho (#1343) Coolhoho

75 SoF brings Death to Yo (#6535) Deathman

83 m0m0 retals han style (#3283) Chicken Balls

84 M S T B (#3209) Gorgar

97 in the dusk (#3086) Joe

Reset #0015: First TIL war

- sof fs'd steel because they was running bot on us

- got jumped on by liek 5 clans

- TIL jumped in for sof

- this was the start of really bad multi problems for sof

Reset #0016: SOL vs SOF (iv)

April - June 2002

this was the next sof vs sol war

- sol claimed victory cause they got like 1 extra hit or something, although they were getting a beatdown

-This war happened late in the Reset and most of sof had stockpiles while sol did not. We made a jump and kicked ass, they claimed moral victory

- sof couldn't match sol's hits because many of them were too small

Reset #0017: anti-TIL vs TIL (ii)

July - September 2002

Reset #0018: SoF vs RD

October - November 2002


This Pre-format

can look

like this.

Reset #0019: multy problems

December 2002 - February 2003

- SoF was the only clan in the server who didnt get touched

- went on to netgain with a bunch of war countries

- lot of countrys got ABed

Reset #0020: The END forced by bots

March 2003 - April 2003

- SoF had 250 tagged and another 50 members in hiding

- bout 700 turns in SoF got hit by manual multis

- after relentless efforts against bot infestation and attempts to get mehul involved SoF quits and moves to new game

Chapter 2 - Return of SoF

November 2004 - June 2006

Reset #0021: Great ComeBack

November/ December 2004

It started off with a rumour between some SoF teq people, myself and some others that we wanted to have another go at playing earth since decent changes had been made in relation to bots and multies.

Initially the SoF site was redone for earth, divisions remade and new leadership recruited to meet the needs of the game. Once the word had spread a bit we had the old core of veterans come back to play, we announced our return publicly and from there we quickly grew to 100 and then amazingly as the Reset started we had around 180 members instantly making us a power like we were when we left. A few very notible people unfortunately chose not to come back. Most noticably of these was Helmet.

Helmet As you all should know Helmet is the founder and was fearless leader SoF had since the beginning. His ideals and determination to be the best is what he built SoF from, and if we were to come back we would be taking SoF out of his hands, but our goal to be the best would continue. With Scorpion in charge things will be in good shape.

So the first Reset started, we pacted fairly neutral and pacted heavily. No point rejoining the game and getting gangbanged like we did in the Resets before we left. Even though we did pact a lot we did get a war out of the Reset.

We fought Sanctuary/Un4given/Advocate, all part of a co-alition called "The Union" who were attacking SOL when they already had others hitting them. The combined count of all three would probably have outnumbered us. In a very wussy response to us attacking them they refused to attack us which in turn made it very easy for us to tag kill Sanctuary and Un4given, then after we went for Advocate, who got deleted by mehul then we tagkilled the rest. Our hit output and the quality of our countries were good, but there was always room for improvement, from just before the war until the end of the Reset we tested and created cutting edge war strategies with the help of martian's (who made the fastest ascent in SoF ranks probably ever) war team and also a special mention should go to a new SoF member Illuminist, who in his short time in SoF did a huge amount for SoF strategy.

So the Reset ended and SoF out of all alliances came out #1 in war attacks which is a great comeback

Reset #0022: We are bored so Ely dies

Jan/Feb 2005

SoF was looking to test its new war department. Apologies to Lady D:P

Reset #0023: We Netgain while we make big plans

March/April 2005

Reset #0024: Project Arcturus

May/June 2005

Scorpion's new world order post

Ladies and gentlemen, a new world order is at hand.

Our memberships have been engaged for 6 days of mortal combat against members of the Arrow/SOL bloc. While this major war involving 1,400 souls may seem like the standard warfare that has existed since early 2004, the political picture says otherwise. You know something is taking form and it with this brief speech that your quandaries are to be answered.

Three great powers (IX, MD and SOF) have taken the initiative and decided to regulate the affairs of this Earth realm. What distinguishes us is that we are alliances of quality and capacity, alliances that are at the top of the food chain and have the prerogative to rule along with our allies this world of ours.

The world needs us, as much as we need the world. The year-old IX-Arrow/SOL rivalry had already determined a winner and the powers of MD and SoF were not being utilized to full effect. The game would be in political stagnation with a continuation of such trends. Nonetheless, it is now that this triumvirate takes the charge to change the system of international affairs and produce cataclysms galore. We are sure that you will all enjoy them thoroughly for within you lies a combined might the game is only now seeing.

Some ghosts have to be buried and permitted to rest and I am sure you know to what I am referring. 17 Resets ago a coalition was made by these same great powers with the hopes of ruling the game with policies and military might. Success was attained swiftly and yet divisions and outside interference brought it down. Many were here to experience it and it left many bitter memories.

The Ivy League has been dead for 13 Resets and it is our intention to let it rest. Our new enterprise is a new proposal for greatness, with different scenarios and different players. Leaders of the past have retired and let a whole new generation of leaders take the helm of our alliances. Outlooks and leaderships are different and so this endeavour looks to mend old schisms and not repeat the same mistakes. The sins of the past are to be kept just there, in the past. We propose a new alternative.

As always, every coalition has its fair share of enemies. RoCK, TSA, FoG, TF and TIL have all been marked by their actions as well as those of their enemies. In 2005, we are in no different a situation. Our coalition will face many challenges and enemies along the way. We will enjoy victory as well as hardship and it is ignorant not to accept such possibilities. Nonetheless, we stand together against any tide, defiant and committed to the purpose of dominance and giving entertainment to our members. In doing so, we best fight together as an united front, for we "either hang together or we hang together."

We thus proclaim to you, our men and women in arms, the creation of Project Arcturus, the stormbringer of 2005 and the new world order of Earth. It is our intent to achieve primacy as a common front, for together we can achieve greatness and individual gain will extrapolate to even greater mutual gain.

Let the foes come and contest, for we shall give them hell for standing in our way. It is our time to rule and their duty to kneel, our time to stomp the bastions of mediocrity. Those that see the light can stand aside and let us through, for you and I, together, will make the way.

Reset #0025: Warring Rival

July/August 2005

Scorpion decided to do an arranged war with rival with 48 hours notice. SoF was unprepared and got hammered.

martian President thy fluff and master 10:31 06/10/09 Edit Message Delete for the record I was against this. Unfortunately it wasn't my call. Planning a war in 12 hours with a not totally prepped tag is lose.

Reset #0026: Warring SoL

September/October 2005

martian has a post on the forums about being a very sad panda that set.

Reset #0027: Warring Evolve & RdxOpt

November/December 2006

SoF kills EVO again. Some member in OPT decides to top feed sof and we kill his country. Much threats ensued.

Reset #0028: Major bot/multi problems

January/February 2006

A small bot is run on sof. SoF leadership decides to pick a fight with LaF anyway by initiating a farming run on their countries. After much heated discussion and tension between LaF and SoF an agreement is reached. Additionally the bot running from OPT (no relation or connection to LaF) is convinced to stop.

Reset #0029: Netgain Set

March/April 2006

Clan: sof earth2025 net (SoF) Clan Standings Membership Rank: 6 Of 146

Total Networth Rank: 4 Of 146

Average Networth Rank: 9 Of 146

Reset #0030: War w/ SoL(VI)

May/June 2006

MD tag jumps to SoF. MD & SoF FS SoL in SoF tag.

LaF declares war to SoF tag in defense of Sol

IX and TIE kills the tagjumpers as a policing action.

Sanctum and Evolve declares war to SoF in defense of LaF.


"there was quite a bit of dissent in the upper sof leadership this set. I wanted to go in one direction and some others wanted to go in another. I was trying to organize a political situation based on inaccurate/incorrect information provided to me by some others. Also Scorpion had to quit being prez for rl reasons so sof was left without a leader 1/2 way through the set.

This was my last set as HFA/Head of war. "

This was the tipping point for SoF politically and it would take sof 6 Resets to reassert itself as a organized and significant player in alliance server.

Chapter 3.1 - martian's reign of terror part 1 - the bad

July 2006 - September 2007

Reset #0031: SoF NG, SoL FS's (VII)

July/August 2006

(martian officially becomes prez of sof. Sol decides to celebrate by fs'ing sof:P)

Reset #0032: SoF vs. Ely

September/October 2006

Ely messes up pacting negotiations. Hardy made martian do it.

Reset #0033: SoF vs IRON+CWG, end-setfriendly w/ LaF

November/December 2006

SET 33! The epic battle of SOFties PAWNING iron and the sill clowns with guns! I EAT THEM FOR BREAKFEST! The clowns were pwned and THEY HAD NO PIES LEFT! For some reason they found Martian under his desk with about 100342342342 pies. OMG! Now he is FAT and his butt LOOOKS HUGE IN HIS NEW SUIT! And yet the set went on with THE EVENTUAL TAG KILLING OF CLOWNS! Milla thought it was funny to TRY AND STEAL THE TRIX! But SILLY MILLA TRIX ARE FOR KIDS! Els were distracted with pwning IRON AND CLOWNS and we tag killed them! And they still didn’t surrender. Towards the end of the set SOF, was getting bored and decided to challenge anyone on AT AND LAF ANSWERED THE CHALLENGE! They got the FS as they were under secret clown CONSPIRECY! And they also are noobs at warring. SOF STILL CAME BACK WITH OVER 1000000000 HITS, WHICH WERE ALL MAKE BY ELS AND SKULLS AND MARTIAN! Also, CRAZYMATT rejoined SOF to regain his legacy as GOD! After pwning many iron/clownheads he got 3 kills and made 30000000 HITS! Everyone bow down to CRAZYMATT and martian…. Also the El conspiracy is plotting against HOOLEY even though HOOLEY isn’t a head of IA yet and wont give us the board!

SoF then arranged an end of set friendly with LaF for purposes of training new warchat leaders and also to give laf something to do at the end of the set.

martian: "Eventually we got tired of it and me and a couple of other vets took over and killed most of laf's breakers.. pangea bought me beer. That's all I have to say about this one"

Reset #0034: IX FS's on 14th day, TheEndof 1a!!!

Dec 2006 (sof didn't bother to finish the set in 1A and moved over to EC)

SoF ran over 40 c-indy during this set, planning for an early war.

But our server (website + IRC server) went down, which killed our activity.

IX, which had players using the exact same server for the EC clan Mors Ex Tenebris, aware of SoF's problem, FS SoF during this period.

SoF reaction was obviously slow and we abandoned the alliance server midset to move to Earth Council at the start of january, which was the start of that server's set, leaving IX to one of its lamest victories ever.

martian: "this was the ultimate llama Reset" RIP mehul:P

Reset #0035: SoF's EC Beginning "wargaining"

December 2006 /January 2007

SoF decided to kill off every untagged country in the server. This was a very popular moved in the eyes of many clans.

SoF who? SOF EC. Yes that is right, this is the first set in EC after martians announcement on AT. SoF has a lot of hope for the server has 1A has turned into FFA. The set begins as a wargaining set. On day 10 wars breakout, the big on between rage vs sol with their allies. SoF is still wargaining in hope to find a war middle to end of set. Ivan decides to hold a competition to test each divisions wargaining skills and there was much controversy over the stats and what the competition was as it denied the spiers and techers. With hopes of war after wargaining most of the set, SoF never finds one and to many peoples disgust (and one or two who liked) sof decides to finish off the set netgaining. :-( the most boringest set in sof. Several veterans from other clans, decide to leave sof as they had hoped for war. SoFties started stockpiling and getting ready to convert to tmbr instead of raping enemies and missling. With several weeks left in SoF, there were problems with the untags of EC. SoFties were farming them and getting retaled for a loss of acres (usually over 1000 acres) and many were put on kill due to over retals or missles. The set continued liked this and SoF's members started to jump. SoF's tag started to appear in the top 100 and several members managed the top 10 once or twice. With 2 weeks left in the set, martian declared war on all untags. A killrun was run and war was declared. Every untagged over 4 million nw was killed and any untagged seen over 4 million nw after a detag was killed. Sofers got some action finally and killed off the threats, as several had taken 5000 or more acres from SoF. As the set comes to a close, iAzure comes on top of the sofers with a 72 million nw country, the most powerful country in sof.

Also in this set: -veterans flocked in from vacation or other alliances to play in sof once again -civil war almost erupted as members were bored and little mad over the competition -SoF managed to kill all untags over 4 million nw -a 32 million nw country was missled to death -war is on the horizon for next set ;-)

Reset #0036: SoF FS SoL; War VS SLIT

February/March 2007


IX and SoL leadership approached SoF to join them in a coalition war against Rival. At the same time Deitylord approached martian about SoF fighting with WoG against SoL.


"I admit that I did something rather mean to sol this set. People think that it was payback for sol jumping us a year ago. In reality it had nothing to do with that. At the beginning of the set we could have joined either side and up until we actually fs'd sol no one (other than the heads) really knew whose side we were on. There was a very lengthy discussion on the leadership boards about what to do and the decision wasn't really made until 5 minutes before the FS. We didn't join SLIT for the simple reason that it would have significantly undermined the integrity of the server and probably resulted in several tags disbanding.

Of course there was a price to pay for this but in retrospect this was worth it. "

Someone please find warstats and numbers for this.

The outcome was a win for SoF and allies but not without a future price...

Reset #0037: SoF VS TIE

April/May 2007

Chaos, turbo, kain, martian, MDN all got cm rushed first hour of the fs

Chaos, turbo, kain, mdn having by far superior military/wartech/stockpile then our enemy all died in less than 15 seconds.

obviously they targeted martian since he's prez. there also might be others who got cm'd in FS but those are the ones remembered.

the following days were pretty much when tie concentrated on our smaller stocked dicts and slowly cut our breaking ability.

finally called it quits after we lost mostly all of our main/mid breakers.

Complete war stats:

After this war, TIE was gangbanged by RAGE & Co. and SoF killed rogue, TnDEST, a few untaggeds and NBK

Reset #0038: SoF VS SoL (IX)

June/July 2007

Having the FS proved to be less than an advantage than we thought it would be, as we hit a SoL that had a high percentage of their countries online, and they, 4 hours later, hit the SoFers that did not show up for the FS.

Here are complete warstats:

SoL drop in nw close to the end of the set was due to a friendly that they had with IX in the 27th and after (IX won) plus being hit by a couple of TKO countries.

martian: "yeah. I think that Sol decided to pay me back for 2 sets ago by having some stronger players from IX play in sol's tag

This actually was a very important Reset politics wise as it changed our relations with sol and pretty much put an end to the blood feud. It also absolved us of having to deal with SLIT any more (other than IX) and finally put an end to the mess caused 1 year earlier."

Reset #0039: IX FS SoF

October/November 2007


"yes. And then all of sof went on vacation. Then IX FS'd ZT. SoF came out of vacation to help ZT and a new friendship was born."

This set marked a turning point for sof.

Chapter 3.2 - martian's reign of terror part 2 - the good and the ugly

December 2007 - September 2009

Reset #0040: SoF FS Omega

December 2007 - January 2008

This Reset marked a turning point for SoF both politically and internally. From this point on, sof moved from being a coalition player to being a "rogue alliance". Apologies to omega.


"This was arguably the turning point for sof. From this set onwards we regained our political influence and rebuilt our ally base. The following set when we killed NA only reinforced that."

Reset #0041: SoF/HS/ZT vs NA

February/March 2008

martian: "on the former bad ally list, NA was next on sof's hit list.

With some new allies (HS/ZT) we evened the numbers and beat the stuffing out of NA AND IT FELT GOOD. "

(apologies to NA:P)

Reset #0042: SoF does almost nothing

April/May 2008

SOF farmed tko, they farmed back, they died, SoF killed some more unimportant people.


"yeah.. I messed up. All the targets got stolen from us.. "

Reset #0043: SoF vs Rage

June/July 2008

SoF and Rage were the only two alliances of substantial size not participating in the server war.

Naturally SoF and Rage declared war on each other (pre-arranged). The first few days were fairly even, as rage killed some big NW countries in under 5 mins.

However, Thanks to alot of time and effort put into the war by leadership, as well as great stonewalling efforts by members, SoF quickly pulled ahead and achieved breaker supremacy. This was also due to the superior spy team that SoF had over Rage.

It was only a matter of time before Rage was tagkilled, and a ceasefire occured with 2 weeks left in the set.

Reset #0044: SoF vs SX? IX? m0m0? surprise!

August/October 2008

IX introduced cross retalling for their smaller SX ally and most of the server were up in arms about it. SoF contested this policy and retalled IXs cross retals, until IX had to accept it. IX appeared so, but they planned a top secret FS and at the beginning appears to devestate SoF with their FS. By this point SoF was prepared for this but needed to generate sympathy support from the rest of the server. This was not the first time IX had launched a surprise FS on SoF and this time SoF had a plan of action to shut IX down and had spent prior sets building political support.

At this time WoG had decided to adopt a no pacting policy, with IX the only alliance joining in. At the time of the IX attack, SoF and WoG were in talks about a war, but WoG were trying to get reps from a SoF farmer, which SoF was kind of stringing wog along and was never going to pay.

WoG was also on red alert, because they were planning to farm and kill sanct, because they were being assholes + Flamey didn't like them. WoG's FS was planned coincidentally on the same day as IX's surprise strike and Flamey can vouch it was coincidental, because WoG planned the Sanct farming. WoG went ahead to hit Sanct, but WoG thought SoF were probably convinced we were stringing them along the whole time. martian: "SoF had no view on WoG's actions one way or another"

SoF implemented their plan of action and asked their FDPs SoL and MD to hit IX. SoL only went forward with it if SoF agreed to hit WoG. With SoL/MD on SoFs side its was around 220 vs 120 although most of SoFs top countries had already been killed by IX. SoL wanted to pre-empt a 70 member WoG hitting them. SoL were also humbled by the prior set when WoG tag-killed them in two separate wars during the same set in bailing out the TIE/PDM coalition.

WoG only learned about the FS, an hour before they got hit, but did not expect SoF/MD to be hitting them. WoG and IX were hit by a combined strike of 220 members. IX/WoG's walling rate was very impressive at around 85-90% and after 48 hours, despite being 40-50 members lower, they were evening up the massive deficit that existed and the war was extremely tight at this point.

To prove a point to IX, TIE and LaF were called in to add about 300 members to the SoF/SoL/MD side, giving them 5:1 odds and 7:1 nw odds. WoG was particularly furious about TIE, who hit IX and said they would not hit their friends in WoG and thought that we'd be alright with it, despite condemning us to a tagkill. LaF is a whole different story.

WoG/IX refused to cf anytime during the set as a show of resilience, despite being reduce to the state of not being able to break bottom countries without lemmings. The war permanently hurt IX and 15% of WoG left, making the set after crucial to WoG's survival.

martian: "no comment. flamey's version is good enough :) Although WoG let SoF off the hook. I never got my come-uppance nyaaaaaa :P"

This set broke any remaining political dominance IX had over the server and was the accumulation of 4 resets of planning and negotiations.

Reset #0045: SoF vs WoG

November/December 2008

With SoF and WoG being nearly identical in size and the rest of the server being busy, we decided to fight each other. iMag jumped in to help WoG. A mutual ceasefire was called with hit stats slightly leaning towards wog/imag.

Grimstar:: what did we do after we fought wog? i feel like we did something else
Murf:: we killed sx
Grimstar:: again?
Murf:: yea

WoG continued with the no pacting policy, but with what happened the prior set we were tied diplomatically. I believe WoG was close to folding due to the prior set and a memberbase that would have left with inactivity had we not warred. Deity was all against warring as he believed that we couldn't win and was burnt out.

WoG was at 55 members this set, with around 45-50 actives. SoF was around 70something with 5 or 6 inactives, which represented quite a significant difference in turns a day (Was a turn every 10 mins or something at that time). After some discussion between Deitylord and martian, martian proposed that imags could be added to WoG's side to help even the numbers. Imag had already been involved in a very early war defeating rogue, and they are...imag.... so their countries were poor. Martian Deity and Scode all agreed that imag would help WoG in this war.

The date was aranged, but there was much confusion as WoG believed that the FS was at 4pm, while SoF were actually planning to hit at midnight (which some idiot leaked in a public IRC chan). When martian confirmed this Flamey had 10 hours to text the whole alliance, with the FS being 6am my time. Wog managed to get a significant amount on, but imag were slow getting involved, almost taking a day and a half.

SoF opened their attack with a chem rush attack against Flamey, firing 550 chems in 2 minutes at one point getting me to 50 civs. Flamey had bought up to the highest nw in the alliance with 6m turrets and 0 troops and because of his countryname SoF mistakenly believed Flamey was an indian with no life called sajanv; It was a straight chem rush, rather than gs > cm rush, all about the element of surprise. SoF managed 3 kills during that strike and WoG was only able to kill 3 returning fire. The kill count after the fs was slightly in Wog's favour. SoF had a massive nw advantage, due to the better strategies, SoF also had higher spals and higher stock.

However, two key decisions and solid walling saved WoG from defeat:

The first was to go purely troops and turrets, because WoG expected SoF to go jetter, due to past precedent and our stonewalling reputation. WoG asked people to have 6-8m turrets +weaps etc, which made SoFs breaking very expensive as they could not use spy ops to remove out turrets. Furthermore they had to split their military 3 ways, allowing us a chance of breaking with GS and in some cases destroying bushels that returned from the market, 300m in some cases. Many WoG farmers also build 1k CS, so that they could continue running countries after being BRed. SoF actually applied a mixed strategy of having heavy jetters as well as some heavy troop countries. If more SoFers had gone troops/turrets, WoG felt that they would have no chance in the breaker war.

The second factor was WoGs high walling rate. SoF focused entirely on WoG due to the breaker war. On the other hand, SoFs walling abilities were well known and did manage a high walling rate although not to the same extent as WoG. WoG felt that because of DeityLords target selection and warchats, using some great attacking tools pionered by IX, it gave them a target selection advantage. The majority of imag was active and getting stronger as they were left untouched.

The end of this war was an anti-climax. SoF decide to use their stock piles to buy up troops. WoG then took the snap decission to sell most of the turrets on the pub market and invest in troops buying them another week in the breaker war. SoF also turned their attention to imag, but hit the only waller in their alliance then give up that idea... (Imag had a 100% wall rate LOL!) WoG/Imag had a considerable nw advantage, but SoFs remaining 10 originals were expected to wall and WoG was running out of resources to break them. At the time WoG believed SoF must have run extremely brilliant countries to still be able to jump so much weeks into the war, but WoG found out from a SoL leader who joined us the set after that Makinso was organizing mass FA chains to deny WoG the victory. However, in reality only a small number of SoF countries actually received any substantial FA from SoL. Furthermore WoG leadership was falling out with imag leadership, so WoG believed this was a good time to end the war, which SoF was happy to do.

SoF and WoG both made 10k hits and WoG had 1 more kill. + imag had 12 kills. WoG had a slight nw advantage, but a significant advantage including imag. Flamey also killed Murfs country while he was online hours before the CF


1) Without imag, WoG would have been overrun by numbers and nw/spal advantage.

2) WoGs very high walling during the FS and the whole conflict, in addition to DeityLord warchats, kept WoG competitive during the conflict.

3) SoF's lower walling rate lead was not adequately made up for by better built countries.

4) SoF applied many tactics learned in prior wars vs Tie and Rage and were able to refine them to yield a much more competitive result vs WoG than they had vs rival 3 years earlier.

P.S. Oil and Military were inanely high during this war and SoF gained an advantage by being the first alliance to buy up at cheaper prices.

Reset #0046: netting?

January/February 2009

Let it be stated that during the month of November in the year of 2008, SoF decided to netgain.

martian: "sof decided to stay out of all the massive server drama this set"

Let it be noted that apo had a higher total networth than all of NA!

Reset #0047: SoF vs PDM

march/april 2009

That's the GRAPH; since EG was down - not sure where we can get the actual hits from?

martian: "sof and pdm had an agreement for a mutual fs. PDM decided that they were going to fs SoF early and go all pearl harbor on us. Except that PDM's fs was epic fail."

The war was a very lopsided victory for sof

Reset #0048: SoF FS IX and Hit NA

may/june 2009

SoF seeking revenge on IX fs'd IX and trashed them completely

SoF then hit NA. Someone fill in details about that please..

Reset #0049: SoF declares war on EC

July/August 2009

martian: "SoF along with Sol systematically made every single tag in EC war. there was no netting.. it was.. beautiful"

Omac failed at running earth along with many other online games and shut the game down (RIP)

Long live EE:P

Chapter 4 - SoF in EE

December 2009 - Present

Reset #0050: SOF nets? FSed by icn...detahto llaars first country

SoF had planned an netting set to start off EE. However ICN was still unhappy about getting hammered on the prior reset by sof and decided to FS SoF. Being badly outnumbered ICN ended up losing.

Reset #0051.. NA loses 27 countries in our FS

This was martian's last active set as sof pres.

SoF decided to FS NA OOP inspite of having a 30 country disadvantage. NA called in EVO and SoF got tag killed.

Reset #0052 SoF netgains

Reset #0053 gangbangs

Reset #0054 SoF netgains

Reset #0055 The Return of Helmet and Scorpion!!!!

Reset #0056 SoF netgains and takes the TNW crown

Survival of the Fittest SOF 77 $5,179,739,189 $67,269,340

Top 100 countries

1 m0m0 Pot Licker (#364) Game profile 43,247 $287,936,653 HG (got FA)
4 m0m0 Candle Beggar (#252) 24,417 $251,235,685 HG
5 GoodScoresSoF (#102) 20,694 $235,391,879 HG
18 Admiral Nelson (#62) Game profile 21,283 $158,228,079 HG
28 Invincible (#182) 43,663 $146,349,333 HG
38 m0m0 door slammer (#395) 30,976 $136,997,003 HG
42 Winter Warmer (#39) Game profile 31,151 $136,154,197 HG
87 m0m0 Gryla (#361) 21,684 $113,294,342 HG
90 Clash City Rockers (#344) 32,350 $112,614,963 HG

Reset #0057 Arranged War vs Sanct,Evo& NM. RAGE Merges with SoF!!


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