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A clan, or "tag" is simply the game's method of grouping multiple countries together under a common identity, usually referring to tags that are not organized as alliances. Clans generally contain one to ten countries, although some clans have been known to reach twenty to twenty-five members. Any larger than that, and controlling the mechanics of how the clan is supposed to work becomes unbearable, using only the game interface to send messages, host meetings, etc. A clan may not always have a command and control structure. It is always expedient for a clan to have a third-party hosting site ready in case commanding and ranking members becomes necessary. If a clan wishes to survive in a game where things can happen instantly, it also must have some way of contacting its members or representatives of other clans or alliances instantly. If a clan has a command and control structure, representatives to deal with other clans or alliances, a third party hosting site to coordinate its plans/goals on, and is established enough to hold its own, it is generally then known as an alliance.

Types of Clans

There are a few different types of clans, and most types are usually regarded negatively by more established clans. A tag with only one or two countries is regarded as a craptag, or crapclan. A clan whose tag and password are given out on public message boards or through in game messages is known as a spam tag. These types of clans are generally looked down upon by alliances, and the countries in these clans are often treated as farmland by the larger alliances.

How to create a clan

How to join a clan

Different clans have different standards or rules set in place in order to be accepted. One rule is most clans do not accept new apps during a war to safe guard security. Another rule is a clan maybe invite only, meaning someone must know you in order for you to join up. If a clan wants more members, usually they post on Earth: Empires' boards on the respective server board the alliance plays on saying that they are currently recruiting. Another way to know a clan is recruiting is through in-game messages, which invite you to join up. Alliances have different third party hosting sites that they are hosted on to be organized, so you will have to put in an application to apply at a certain hosting site. If your application is accepted, an email will be sent to your inbox, regardless of what site you have applied to.

Clan server info

The Alliance Server, Team and FFA servers which currently use the clan/tag system.