The Fist of Odin

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The Fist of Odin
Founders Vamps & some people
Founded August of 1999
Origins Group of real life friends
Focus netting
Mission having fun, ingame and outside the game
Best Average Networth $40,048,080 (5th - 2nd round EE)
Best Total Networth $480,576,955 (11th - 2nd round EE)
Members ~15
Website The Fist of Odin
Head of Foreign Affairs Spawn
IRC Channel #fist


The Fist of Odin [TheFist] has been an alliance in Earth 2025 [Earth] from August of 1999 until April 2008 with a small merger with The Cult from September 2007 on. The Fist started out with humble beginnings... a small group of real life friends who stumbled upon this game called Earth 2025.

Now Since February 2010 The Fist is back in Earth Empires [EE] striving to bring back its former glory and fun gaming environment.

The Fist values integrity and friendship over ingame success. A very large percentage of Fist's members are and were friends from outside of Earth. Most Fist members end up being Fist members until the end of their Earth careers, choosing not to join other clans. This member loyalty has helped create a very large base of former Fisters, which had unfortunately led to some stagnation in membership, with the only new members being old returning members until the first disbandment. These long-lasting ingame and RL friendships made it possible for The Fist to try another beginning.

Most Fisters play/have played on other Earth: 2025 and Earth Empires servers. The most notable times this has happened was The Fist's "Tournament Tournament", where two groups of Fisters pitted themselves against in each other in the Tournament server, and Generals of Destruction, a group of Fisters who played on the limited server as a clan (Earth).

The Fist doesn't have a formal alliance structure and there are no presidents/leaders/divisions. Spawn mostly does FA but that's it.

The Fist takes a leave of absence for a while, you'll be notified when we come back :)

Foreign Affairs Contacts

FA - Spawn ICQ: 103680057 MSN:

Irc channel is at #fist


List of The Fist's members.


Involved in the LCN-Fist-Omega vs ImagNum-SoL War war of June 2010.

and many many more...

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