Unbreakable Non-Aggression Pact

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An Unbreakable Non-Aggression Pact or a UNAP or uNAP is an agreement between Alliances to not attack each other. Terms for reparations or retaliatory attacks (also known as retals) are usually contained within. The primary difference between an Unbreakable Non-Aggression Pact and a Non-Aggression Pact or NAP is that the parties agree to not break the agreement for the duration of the round. While this particular caveat is not strictly speaking enforceable, it is usually considered that if an alliance breaks a UNAP by declaring war on an alliance that they have a UNAP with, then other alliances with UNAPS with the offending alliance may consider their pacts void and may choose to enter the conflict themselves. Thus the "Unbreakable" nature of the agreement is essentially an honour system which is only very lightly policed by the community of alliances on the server.

An example of terms of a UNAP are:

This pact is unbreakable and can not be broken for any reason whatsoever.

150% land:land on all hits.

72h retal window.

72h tag responsibility.

No FAing/assisting a tag that either tag is at war with.

All contact between clans will be done on ICQ/MSN/email. AT is NOT an acceptable form of contact.