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Warfare may sometimes become necessary for a country, clan, alliance or coalition to make a point. Even though countries and clans may have issues with other countries and clans, the prospect of warfare is best known when multiple alliances or coalitions take part in it. The reasons for starting a war may range from the outright righteous to the criminally mundane, but the end result is almost always the same--red countries in the scores page. This method of interaction between players is made more sophisticated--and more deadly--by the participation of alliances and coalitions, and strategies dedicated to building countries designed for warfare have been around since the dawn of time.

There are many aspects to warfare that must be taken into account if the operations during war are to be successful. Even before the shooting begins, plans and protocols must be put into effect, and command and control structures must be adhered to at all times by members of each alliance. How wars are fought by every alliance may look the same to the casual observer, but each kill run is different from the next to those fighting. Stonewalling, for example, is always an issue to look out for. In summary: the dynamics of warfare are not to be taken lightly if an alliance wishes to survive.

Small scale warfare

Most wars in the non clan servers are small and typically involve only a few countries. Because it usually takes hundreds of attacks to kill a country, it is uncommon for countries to die. For small numbers of attacks, Artillery Barrage typically is among the best choices because it does heavy damage to infrastructure and costs a significant amount of money and time of recover from. Unless if the opponent is stocking a lot of food, Guerilla Strikes are generally ineffective because the population would rapidly recover from small numbers of attacks.

Since these wars usually don't last a long time, it is generally not important to get massive amounts of Warfare technology and SDI, which takes a long time to generate returns. However, SDI is still an important technology to guard against suiciders.

Large scale warfare

Wars in servers with clans can involve hundreds of countries. Since clans can plan concerted attacks on single countries, they generally choose to use Guerilla Strikes and Bombing Runs in attacks, which can reduce the civilian count to zero and kill the country. Clan wars often rages for many days or weeks involving the killings of tens of countries and the crippling of hundreds. There are usually several large scale wars each reset.

Total war

Sometimes, countries need to be converted to a war economy in the event of a large scale war. Countries with high land generally fare badly in war because the cost of rebuilding increases linearly with land amount and a high number of spies would be necessary. Also, SDI and Warfare technology would be required in high amounts to generate returns. In general, the following rough guide should be followed for total war

  • Drop all unused land (caused by enemy attacks) until approximately 7000-10000. If technology/military levels are low and an extreme number of buildings have been destroyed, drop land further until 5000-6000 or even less.
  • If the land drops under 10000, and if the current government is a Republic, convert the government to Dictatorship.
  • Stop building construction sites, unless if the number falls below 100 (about 70 for theo and 140 for dictatorship).
  • Buy large amounts of Warfare technology and SDI.
  • For every 3-4 attacks, use a missile or two or spend turns rebuilding to keep military readiness high.
  • For the ultimate defense of a quickly dying country, sell all technology, bushels, and non essential material to buy the military necessary to stop whatever attack is being made. Store turns and use these turns slowly as attacks are being made. If done correctly, the enemy will have to waste 8 turns for every turn spent on this ultimate defense, since 40 population is regenerated every turn while attacks (Bombing Runs are used in this example as it is the most common) near the end of a kill can only eliminate 10 population.