Zero Tolerance

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Zero Tolerance
Founders ???
Founded ~2003
Origins ???
Focus Netgaining
Mission Earth's Best Netters
Best Average Networth Max: ??? (Earth:2025)
Best Total Networth Max: ??? (Earth:2025)
Members Max: ???, ???
Website no longer online
President ???
Vice Presidents ???
Head of Foreign Affairs ???
Head of Internal Affairs ???
Internal Affairs ???
Trainers ???
IRC Channel No longer online

Zero Tolerance was a small Earth:2025 clan that was founded sometime around 2003, and played in the FFA and EC servers. Their numbers were bolstered by their merger with Ragnarok in April, 2007 (formed RaZTa); the merger failed after fighting IX the next set. Their impact on the overall server politics was minimal.

After years of gradual dwindling of membership, Zero Tolerance was last seen in Earth:2025's last reset, getting crushed, along with their allies, in the Armageddon war by the combined might of Evo, NA, ReGen, Collab, and ICN.

There remaining members are now residing in SOL as a force.