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Player Info (Pang)
Game Staff Developer
Forum PMlink
Alias(es) Pang
Current Alliance Paradigm
Alliance History
Former Alliance(s) LaFamiglia, Atlantis, SOL, IX, Genesis/Steel, Ragnarok
Former Alliance position(s) President (LaF)
Contact Info

(Formerly known as Pangaea) Pang for short, is a long time Earth player, dating back to 1999. He has spent time in many alliances, but is best known for his involvement with LaFamiglia. Pang was the creator of Boxcar, a free clan hosting service for Earth:2025, and eventually Earth Empires clans. Pang was a driving force behind the development of Earth Empires, uniting the Earth:2025 community behind a single game.

Past Alliances

Conspiracy To Capture Dibs

Pang is currently the leading the silent and secret war against Dibs Ludicrous in attempt to keep his game account active and playable by Sky Infidelz members who have secretly bypassed legitimate means of play, even though most of them are probably retired now.

Atlantis (WARxTF)

Pang started his career in 1999 by joining Atlantis (formerly known as WARxTF) after being recruited on Alliance Talk. He stayed with Atlantis through their time as a division in SoL and IX.

Sons of Liberty

Pang had two stints in SoL, one with Atlantis and one without Atlantis. After the ILS debaucle, Pang left SoL for good and joined Ragnarok.

Illuminati X

Pang had two stints in IX, one with Atlantis and one without.


Pang joined LaF in 2001 at the request of Leo Arietis and within 2 sets was Head of Foreign Relations for the alliance. After the infamous dead cat debaucle, Pang was forced to leave LaF where he joined Genesis. After a hiatus from LaF of several years, Pang rejoined LaF after getting the tag from his roommate H4X0R WANGER. This lead to several stints in leadership of LaF.



Boxcar Development

Earth Empires Development