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Appealing a deletion?

All questions, requests, appeals for reactivation and anything in general that requires a game mod may be e-mailed to

Game Server Moderators

These are the moderators that monitor different game servers for cheating and other types of bad behavior.

Forums and Wiki

Moderator Name Forum PM Link Server E-mail
Martian Forum PM Alliance (& Head Moderator)
elvesrus Forum PM Team & Free for All
Fooglmog Forum PM Free for All n/
Primeval Forum PM Primary & Express & Team n/
Red X X Forum PM Primary & Team n/
Warster Forum PM Primary & Express & Tournament
Moderator Name Forum PM Link Dept. E-mail
Sov Forum PM Forums  
Primeval Forum PM Forums  
Stryke Forum PM Forums  
Patience Forum PM Forums  
Detmer Forum PM Forums  
H4xOr WaNgEr Forum PM Forums  
Azz Kikr Forum PM Wiki  

All game moderators have the ability to moderate the forums as they see fit, however all general inquiries regarding the forums should be made to the above listed moderator.

Development Team Contacts

In most normal circumstances, you should try the administrative & moderation email ( first. Your message will be forwarded to the appropriate developer. Bugs should be posted on the Bugs and Suggestions forum.

Developer Forum PM Link Title E-mail
Game Developers
Qzjul Forum PM Game Developer & Evolution2025 Founder
Pang Forum PM Game Developer & Boxcar Founder
iZarcon Forum PM Game Developer & Founder
Bug Reports
Position Vacant   Bugs and Suggestions (QA)  


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IRC Contacts

Earth Empires IRC Server: Port: 6667

  • Community Channel: #EarthEmpires - To join from an IRC client, like mIRC or xchat, type the following:
/server -m -j #EarthEmpires
/j #help

If you would like to donate to Earth Empires, go to and click the donate button!