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Wiki News
There are 978 articles to date and counting!

2016-02-15 No news is good news. (apparently)

2012-12-21 Many pages (including player pages) less than 100 200 bytes have been removed.

2012-12-21 Over the holidays, you might notice a few things getting moved around which may cause breakage. Unless problems persist (ie. longer than 2 days), its probably nothing to worry about for the time being. Happy holidays!

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  • There are many pages which do not currently exist. We're always looking for writers with extensive knowledge of game history to write player and clan pages.
  • Some articles need expansion, others require some general cleanup to improve the overall flow of the wiki.

If you have questions on wiki editing, Check our help page for quick editing tips, or you can join #wiki on

A more extensive editing guide is currently in development.

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