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Alliance Talk The alliance server offers standard-length games and resets every 2 months. Players get one turn every 20 minutes and can have a maximum of 120 turns on hand and another 120 stored. Clan play is permitted (and recommended!); this is the most popular server because of this type of play. A clan is a team of players who work together within the server and can be identified by a tag (attached to their country name). This is a good server for new players seeking help because clans will competitively recruit untagged players and put a lot of time and effort into teaching players how the game works!
Extended info
Multiple countries No Clans allowed Yes
Turn increments 20 minutes Maximum Turns (stored) 120 (120)
Goods time to market 4h - 5h Goods on market for 48h
PS brigade time 20h Max. spy operations (24h) 50
Humanitarians protest at x12 GDI Cost $3