Crystal Carnage

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Crystal Carnage
Game Position Former Earth: 2025 Moderator (Deceased)
Former Alliances USIMP
Former Positions President

Crystal Carnage passed away on March 12, 2010, due to complications from hospital surgery.

Copied from Earth:Empires' old ECT forum:

"Michelle Member Fri Mar 12 02:12:19 Hey all. Just wanted to let you all know that cc passed away earlier this evening. I had gotten a call with the news from his sister. As most of you know he has had many health problems, but this was very unforseen :*(

His sister will be in touch in the upcoming days and I will pass along any other pertinent info. I will post this on the other board as well to get the word out. I know that cc had many friends here that supported him throughout his several hospital visits and he certainly appreciated it.

Best way to contact me for any specifics is by email: [redacted]

I will also attempt to check my messengers in the next couple days.

RIP cc :( "

At one point, CC was president of USIMP.