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Former Alliances ICN
Former Positions President
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Gary Rakers was the 5th President of ICN and the longest serving. Gary became ICN President in December 2001 and reigned until 2005. Gary is arguably the greatest President ICN ever had. Gary's earth career was cut short unfortunately as he passed away of a heart attack on May 29th 2005. His memory is still preserved on ICN's forums including his original acceptance speech when he was named president of ICN. He was a police officer and was by all accounts, a great man. He will be remembered amongst those who were around back then by his innate ability to command respect and his inspiring demeanor. He was incredibly dedicated to ICN as well as his real life. He spoke to many members on the phone for hours and had a huge impact on the current construct and integrity of ICN. He delivered the best speeches most have ever seen typed.

"A leader stands apart, but never alone"

Rest In Peace Gary. We miss you.