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Alliance SOL
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Johnny_k3nt aka Siick3nt, known as FungWun for any pre-millennium players out there, joined SOL in 1998 or early 1999.

He started in SOL with 4 of his high school friends

  • Haz
  • Exeter
  • Freakie
  • Evolution

Johnny represents SOL`s heart and soul, if you ever wonder what SOL is, you should look to Johnny.

Everything Johnny did, both in SOL and in real life, he did with a passion.

Intelligent as few, not only did he stand out in school, he used his wits to write the majority of SOLs strats during his reign as Strategy coordinator and would spend his days chasing SOLers to build better country's.

In May 2007 Johnny was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, or bone marrow cancer to use a more familiar term, however Johnny refused to quit and after countless hospitalizations and a 2nd stem cell transplant, he seemed to be recovering having beat the cancer.

During the whole hospital stay, Johnny used his laptop to keep in touch with the alliance and the world around him, Johnny always put others first, himself second. Everyone that ever had the privilege of knowing Johnny knows he is one of the best humans to have ever graced this earth with his presence.

In 2008 the cancer went into remission and in Johnny's own words from his last communication to SOL " .... On the down side, i just keep running into health problems as the chemotherapy and radiotherapy from before had just wrecked my system, so my lungs have been collapsing, I have had two pleurodesis operations to stick the lungs back to my chest and its left me pretty much breathless all the time. Like a smoker or bad asthmatic with bad lungs, hence I am dependent on an oxygen tank/purifier.

Still hanging in there is all I can say for myself haha.. what can ya do.. just take it a step at a time, one day after another =)

love you all long time! ...."

On the night of 11 April 2009, Johnny passed away in his sleep. Johnny had a long battle with leukemia, which went into remission. However other side effects led to complications with his lungs, which ultimately took his life.

Johnny today lays in eternal rest at Mary Mother of Mercy Chapel, Catholic Crematorium Corner Hawthorne Avenue & Field Avenue Rookwood NSW

In our hearts and thoughts forever, you were one of the best Johnny, in loving memory.

The Sons of Liberty