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2011-12-09 Regarding game formulas: You will not find any within the main game docs, as we are working toward integrating certain parts of the wiki with the game for official documentation. The formula page has some of these calculations, but on some other pages, the information has been moved to the discussion page of the article. in some cases, it may even have its own page. It's not that we want to make this information unavailable, but for newer players who don't necessarily need to know this stuff right away, it's being moved. Please bear with us as we make this transition. You can still find what you are looking for with the wiki's search.

2011-12-06 A major part of the upgrades are now done!

2011-12-01 The wiki has been upgraded! If you prefer the old look, you can change it back to monobook (the old default) on the Appearance preferences page, though I'm not sure why you would want to do this as you may lose some of the new functionality (enhanced search suggestion is a vector feature only!). Some of the new features:
  • New Vector skin. (duh!) :P.
  • The search bar will now auto-suggest page titles (but could be turned off here).
  • On your editing preferences page, there's some new options which make the editor more web 2.0 friendly.
  • Collapsible tables, divs, lists and a bunch of other jQuery extensions (You'll see this being used a lot more in the future!).

2011-11-17 Over the next week or two few weeks, expect some major game documentation upgrades. If you encounter display issues, try using ctrl+r to reload the site styles.

2011-08-13 Once again, there's been an overhaul to how the Directory of Alliances page works. The new format is described in Help:Directory of Alliances. These changes will make the directory easier to maintain, and is a little more friendlier for IAs and FAs to edit.

2011-06-25 There is now a more complete Help Index. This is a lot nicer to look at than Category:Basic Gameplay, and should help people find what they are looking for faster.

2011-05-02 The category Notable Earthers has been merged with Player Pages. It was too difficult distinguish what 'notable' really meant when most player pages are stubs, or just barely real articles. Using the template Template:infobox contact will automatically categorize pages into the new category.

2011-05-01 We are currently in the process of importing a bunch of pages from the old Earther Wiki. Due to the volume of pages which will be popping up over the next few days/weeks, we will really need the help of experienced vets to help go through these pages. The list of pages being imported can be found in Category:Imported from EartherWiki. For detailed instructions on what needs to be done, please see Help:Converting Earther Wiki Pages.

2011-04-15: If menus are not showing correctly, press ctrl-r to do a hard-refresh (css updates).

2011-03-24: General Earl has been made a Wiki Editor! Congratulations!

2011-03-15: The Wiki for Earth Empires is a year old! Continue adding marvelous content as many contributors have already! To catch a snapshot of a few of the great pages here to date, visit these links:

2010-03-15: The Wiki for Earth Empires is up! Start adding content whenever you feel like it!