Mr. Oakenfold

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Mr. Oakenfold
Former Alliances Omega

April 17, 2005 was a mournful day for Omegans around the world. Their leader, LoD, announced the tragic news on the Member's Board:


It is with great sorrow that I have to announce Oakenfold's passing. Yesterday afternoon he commited suicide, dieing peacefully while listening to the music he loved. I am sure that he will be missed by many of the people in Omega who he touched, I will miss him. I apologise that so many of you had to hear this is such an impersonal manner. Please feel free to contact myself or Mroc if you wish to know more.

Out of clutter, simplicity. Out of discord, harmony. Out of sight, out of mind.

wunderbar - Apr 19th, 2005 21:43

On April 16, a member of Omega passed away. He took his own life, dying peacefully listening to the music that he loved. He was a longtime member of The Omega, and one of our best members, and a good friend to many members. Many of our members have met him personally, and more have talked to him on the phone. Many Omegan's got to know him during our times of war, when he always raked up phone bills over $100 dollars to call our members from Australia when they were getting hit in the middle of the night. Words cannot convey the feeling in Omega right now, as we deal with the loss of one of our own.

So, tonight I would like to announce that The Omega will be changing Tags. In honour of Mr Oakenfold, we will be adopting the tag OakOmega for the remainder of this reset.

While we change over from oOMEGAo to OakOmega, we will be retalling for both tags. We will most likely not begin tagging over until tomorrow. So please be aware that we will be retalling for both tags until Friday at midnight. Our FA's will begin to send out messages via ICQ and the such within the next 24 hours. If you wish, you may contact our FA's to get confirmation. Our contacts can be found at

Join us in remembering our dear friend, Mr Oakenfold, as Omega mourns.


Omega Minister of Management