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A portal to your countries on different servers.

Bonuses (voting)

Bonuses were implemented as a way to give players small gifts to improve their countries in return for helping promote Earth Empires. You will be notified at the top of the portal page when bonuses are available. When bonuses are available, it means you can vote for the game on game listing sites to receive bonus points. When you vote, each country on each server receives points to spend on bonuses.

Daily Bonuses

Voting sites allow bonuses on a daily basis.

Weekly Bonus

For participating on the forums, players receive 4 points for community interaction. This bonus is available only once a week and is awarded at 0100 game time.

See also: Bonuses - for what these points can be spent on.

Options (global)

The options on the portal page are your general account settings and affect your game account and all your countries. Here you may change these settings.

Change password

See password strength for information on choosing a secure password.

Attack Style

As of April, 2011, the war room interface was modified to increase hitting speed and reduce game bandwidth using JavaScript. It is now the default behavior for countries to use this interface, but you may choose the Classic interface or if you are on a mobile device, it has a specific classic interface of its own.

Select Menu/Header Scroll Style

On some phones or mobile devices, the normal (fixed) top and left-side navigation menus can be difficult to use because of smaller resolutions. This option will turn off the fixed menus, allowing them to scroll with the page.

Mobile Template

When using [1] from your mobile device, you can choose between a special interface (on by default) designed for mobile devices, or the standard game interface (as would be used on a normal desktop/laptop environment).

Mobile Menu Type

When using the default mobile template, you can choose between a drop-down style menu or text menu at the top of the game screen.

Show Sell All Link

On market pages, you have the choice to toggle the "sell all" links. These links use javascript to populate the quantity fields making it easier to sell the maximum number of units possible.

Set Default Hosting Site(s)

Here you can set the default hosting site to upload spy ops and advisor pages to. This (sometimes) makes it easier than having to set each country individually.


If this option is selected, you will be randomly informed of opportunities on servers they aren't currently playing on.

Ad Level

These options set the behavior of how ads are displayed. It is recommended to leave some form of advertising on (if possible), as this helps pay for hosting and/or equipment upgrades for the game.

  • No ads, for low bandwidth (ie dialup) players.
  • Performance ads, will turn off ads if you are currently (or recently) under attack.
  • Full ads, the recommended setting. Please help support the game!

Game Profile Privacy

Players have the option of how much information they want to share with others.

E-Mail Settings

  • Final rank e-mails, (if selected) At the end of each reset, you will be sent an e-mail with the final ranks of the set.
  • Turn overflow reminder, (if selected) You will be sent a reminder if you will soon lose turns because maximum turns (including stored turns) has been reached.
  • Forum announcement notifications, (if selected) When game changes are made, or other special announcements are made, you will be sent a message.


Each of the game servers can be accessed from the Portal Page.