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Sons of Liberty
Founder(s) Iron Gauntlet, NorCal and Mike1
FoundedJanuary 1998
Members Max: --
Focus Warring
Head of Foreign Affairs UpTheIron
Head of Internal Affairs LittleItaly
Head of War Major
Trainer(s) --
IRC Network/Channel(s) #sol
Retal Policy SOL Retal Policy


SOL is traditionally run as a triumvirate, with 3 Heads, 1 for each department (War, Foreign Relations and Internal Affairs). SOL`s 3 heads are often referred to as Reds, due to the color of their nick insite.

Each department has a commander, the commander is the Heads 2nd in command. These 6, make up the SOL HQ, but the executive powers rest in the Reds



  • - War commander
  • - FR Commander
  • DLAzrael - IA commander

The Philosophy of SOL

What do you want to Achieve in this game?

Our allies to know they can count on us, and for us to know likewise. SoL members to feel the high level of comraderie present within SoL, for those members to enjoy their stay: for the fun of a good war, or at the very least, to feel as if they came away with a better understanding about things in general (better communication, better strategy, organization, structure, discipline, sense of fair play).

SOL as one big Family. A Family that has a many members who cares for each other as they care for themselves. If one member get hurts, the whole alliance suffers and if one member benefits, the whole alliance rejoices. I would like all members to feel they are equal to each other and the only different is the role they play in our big family.

SOL home to Anybody who is willing to be part of our Family, Abide by our code and put 100% efforts, no matter who and what they are.

SOL measure its decisions on the best interest of SOL and the opinion of many not the opinion of few. At the same time, to trust leaders to make a decision during the time of need and war and discuss it after any war is gone and threat is diminished.

SOL family members fulfilling their duties on their own, without having others telling them to do so. If members come short in their duties, then I like to see other SOL members helping them understand the importance of their role and the effect on the whole family.

Leaders to set the example for members -- faster to review their own work before asking others to do theirs

Everybody in SOL know exactly what they need to do before worrying about what others do.

Chain of command work from top all the way down. Exactly the same way from the bottom all the way to the top with no special treatments.

SOL one big community where everybody has a voice and everybody share their thoughts: all members to know that their opinion matters and without it we lose the building bricks of the foundation of our alliance. The more we lose, the weaker we are.

SOL treat other alliances the same way they want to be treated. SOL stands for its members against all odds and as long as it is only in fairness and justice: to be known for its fair playing and just treatment of others, small or big alliances, with no difference.

SOL Code of conduct is reflected in every aspect of SOL Family. SOL action talks much louder than their words.

SOL as a value and way of playing is reflected in every SOLer code of conduct.

Why is SOL different from other Alliances?

Other alliances strive to win, but forget to understand that the path to victory is just as important as the victory itself. Ie, not only are we achieving victory, but complete victory, victory along the path and at the destination.

Other alliances ask you “ what was your last NW and how experienced are you? What?? You've never played the game!? Go to another alliance!“ SOL asks, “Will you be an active member in our Family? And you understand what this means?? Welcome!!” Other alliances would boot you out if you do not pass a specific NW, SOL will ask you “what can we do to help you better your country and be a stronger part of our Family?”


Top Alliance: August 2005 - present (5 resets)

Notable Victories:

  • Coalition War (1998)
  • EoS-SOL War (1998)
  • World War III (1999)
  • HAN-SOL War (1999)
  • ARROW-SOL War (1999)
  • TSA War (2000)
  • IX-Legacy War (2000)
  • World War VI (2001)
  • TIL War II (2002)
  • NATO War (2003)
  • ILS War (2004)
  • World War IX (2004)
  • SoF-SOL War X (2005)
  • MD/Rag-SOL War (2005)
  • LMaO-SOL War (2006)
  • World War XI (2006)
  • SOL vs NA/LCN/ZT/Rag (2007)


Involved in the LCN/Fist/Omega vs ImagNum/SoL war during the Fourth Round of the Alliance Server.

Involved in the LaF vs SOL war during the Sixth Round of the Alliance Server.

SOL is the oldest, still running alliance in the game.
SOL was formed in January 1998.

[Sons of Liberty Members]

Short summary of 65 sets of SOL history
(under construction)


10 Wins | 1 Draw

Reset 26 Oct27 to Jan11 04: Boredom & Bots
Arrow SoL & MD jump LCN & IX | Sanct 24h war | 2 Month Resets | Daxit leaves SoL

Reset 26 Oct27 to Jan11 04: Boredom & Bots
SoL takes on Ironic & DU | Bots attack SoL | IX vs Rage

Reset 25 Aug17 to Oct25 03: Deadly Deception
MD FS's SoL | SoF disbands | 50 IX deletions | Sparta merges with Steel

Reset 24 May27 to Aug15 03: Afternoon Quickie
SoL Puts TIE & DaneDyn in knots | Rage vs IX | Mick leaves SoL | SoL finishes 5th TNW

Reset 23 Mar12 to May25 03: Multied Peace
SoL wars GNV for DA | Spam-tag policy | Sparta Reformed | SoL finishes 3rd TNW

Reset 22 Dec31 to Mar10 03: Basking in the Sun
SoL pounds Teamhunt, LoN & RMxSky | SoF vs IX+5 | SoL finishes 3rd TNW

Reset 21 Oct13 to Dec29 02: Smashing TIL (WWVIII)
The Second TIL War

Reset 20 Jul22 to Oct11 02: Prelude to the Rising
RED goes splatt | 10-day SoL/SoF war | Sparta joins SoL


5 Wins | 6 Losses

Reset 19 May3 to Jul20 02: TIL Lashes Out(WWVII)
CWG rejoins SoL | 1st TIL War Breaks Out | UCN disbands

Reset 18 Feb17 to Apr30 02: Reformation and Trial
SoL wars LCN | LCN calls in IX | Rage tries to help

Reset 17 Dec3 to Feb15 02: Vingthor Attacks
Vingthor & other bots attack | Arrow vs SoF | Birth of TIL

Reset 16 Sep13 to Nov30 01: Illuminated Skies (WWVI)
Arrow/SoL vs IX & co | Sparta forms | AT Archive starts Oct21

Reset 16 Sep13 to Nov30 01: Illuminated Skies (WWVI)
Arrow/SoL vs IX & co | Sparta forms | AT Archive starts Oct21

Reset 15 Jun22 to Sep11 01: Rest Stop #2
NLS joins SoL | Mapleson join SoL | SoL finishes 4th TNW

Reset 14 Apr1 to Jun20 01: 3rd Strike
SoL wars SoF | Massive fa sinks SoL

Reset 13 Jan19 to Mar30 01: Stamina
Rage FS's SoL then LaF & Genisis FS SoL

Reset 12 Oct30 to Jan17 01: Holiday Massacre
CWG calls SoL to war The League | TGA calls SoL to war Rage/DA

Reset 11 Aug17 to Oct28 00: Bad Intel & Bad Moves
Norcal accuses Sof of multies | SoF FS's SoL

Reset 10 Jun7 to Aug15 00: Double Dog Dare
Elites FS's SoL | SoF & LaF help Elites | TSA disbands


11 Wins | 1 Draw

Reset 9 Mar23 to Jun5 00: Coaliltion Wars (WWV)
Conflict with Rage & Arrow turns into TSA vs. TF | IX is born

Reset 8 Jan8 to Mar21 00: The Dogs of War
The Great SOL vs UCN War

Reset 7 Nov to Jan6 00: Enjoying the Show (WWIV)
SoL watches the Great FoG war | SoL finishes 3rd TNW

Reset 6 Aug to Oct 99: Target Practice
SoL defends Forest against Arrow | SoF is born | SoL finishes 2nd TNW

Reset 5 May1 to Jul 99: Vegas Baby!
HAN FS's SoL | Tiger Bot strikes | SoL helps Elites with RD | TSA forms

Reset 5½ Jul 99: 2 Week Test Reset
No clue what SoL did this reset

Reset 4 Mar2 to Apr29 99: Rock'n Han (WWIII)
RoCK Family vs MD/Omega & UCN/SoL vs HAN | Clan Tags Added

Reset 3 Nov22 to Feb28 99: Getting on the Map (WWII)
SoL wars EoS for a decisive victory | LCN is born | Rage is born

Reset 2 Aug20 to Nov20 98: Let There Be War (WWI)
MD is born | SG FS's SoL | SOL Omega SG RoCK vs LaF EoS MD OOA TD

Reset 1 May to Aug 98: Birthing Pains
SOL joins 1A as part of UCN | HAN FS's UCN | ICN, SoL & others leave UCN

Reset 0 Jan to Apr 98: Birth of Legends
SoL (TSA) is formed in the 1B server.


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Past Presidents

Anthony Coilli