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Team Talk The team server offers shortened-length games and resets every month. Players get one turn every fifteen minutes and can have a maximum of 160 turns on hand and another 120 stored. Clan play is permitted in the form of 5 member teams. This server is designed for small groups of friends to play competitively against other small groups. This is a perfect place to play if you want to work with a small group of people whom you already know without having to join a major clan on the Alliance Server.
Extended info
Multiple countries No Clans allowed Yes (5 person teams)
Turn increments 15 minutes Maximum Turns (stored) 160 (120)
Goods time to market 2 - 3h Goods on market for 24h
PS brigade time 10h Max. spy operations (24h) 75
Humanitarians protest at x12 GDI Cost $3