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These are most of the acronyms and terms commonly used by players.

Term Definition
1A 1A refers to the Earth: 2025 Alliance server.
AB An artilley barrage attack (destroys buildings).
All-X An short way of saying "All-Explore", in reference to a type of strategy where you don't grab people for land.
AT Alliance Talk
Bottomfeed Large players who attack much smaller ones numerous times.
BPT Buildings per turn.
BR Bombing run. Bombing runs destroy buildings and kill civilians.
Break The number of units required in order to make a successful attack on another country. Example: Break = 500k GS, send 500,000 troops at your target.
CD Cause dissension. (harmful spy op)
Chemed Attacked by a chemical missile. Chemical missiles destroy buildings and kill civilians.
Chem rush During a war chat or kill run, the alliance or coalition barrages the target with chemical missiles to kill them.
CM Chemical Missile
CS (1) Construction sites.
CS (2) Counter strike. The alliance or coalition's return attack after an FS.
CF Cease fire. When warring alliances or coalitions decide to end a war.
Decay 0.1% of a country's bushels will decay per turn if not on the market.
DNH Do not hit. When your alliance says DNH a country or tag, you are expected not to hit them.
Destock To sell off stocked resources in order to make a NW jump.
DL or TL Division leader or Team Leader. Some alliances split up internally into divisions (aka teams). This is an internal clan administration preference.
DP Defensive pact. An inter-alliance pact.
EC In Earth: 2025, EC was the Earth Council server. It replaced the UM server.
EM Cruise Missile
FA (1) Foreign aid. When a pacted country sends goods to another pacted country.
FA (2)
or FR
Foreign affairs (aka foreign relations), is a clan department who's mandate is to deal with inter-clan alliances/coalitions, and handle matters pertaining to retaliations and reparations.
Farming Refers to multiple land grabs made on a single country. In most circumstances, any more than 2 or 3 land grabs is considered farming. 1-2 grabs are not.
Food Bushels.
FS First strike. The first strike is the initial wave of attacks made by the alliance or coalition against their enemy.
FDP Full defensive pact. (inter-alliance pact)
Grab, LG, Landgrab To perform an SS or PS attack on another country.
GS Guerilla Strike
Gangbang When an alliance or coalition gathers to war another alliance (or coalition), where the odds are overwhelmingly stacked in their favour.
HFA (or HFR) Head of foreign affairs (or relations). The clan leadership position whose job is to handle inter-alliance pacting each set.
HIA Head of internal affairs. The clan leadership position whose job is to handle internal alliance administration matters.
HoW Head of War. An internal clan position for the person who heads up the war department.
HPK Hits per kill. How many hits it took to kill a country. Can also be averaged across multiple kills.
HPD Hits per death. Same as HPK, except from the perspective of the other side.
IA Internal affairs. A clan department who's mandate is to deal with internal clan operations and internal disciplinary matters.
KR Kill run. Usually when a single (or a small group) of countries are to be killed, your clan will hold a KR, usually on IRC.
LG Landgrab. Landgrabs are either Standard Strikes or Planned Strikes. If successful, the attacker gains land.
Landfarm A country that is used by larger countries for significant numbers of landgrabs on a regular basis. Some landfarms are made illegally as a second country for use as a source of land. Landfarming is thought of as a dishonorable action.
Landfat A country that has significantly more land than other countries with similar networth. Landfat countries are more often attacked due to their inability to adequately defend themselves.
Landkill To kill a country by grabbing all their land.
LDP Light defensive pact. An inter-alliance pact.
Lemming The art of killing someone when there's not enough military to break the target.
Market Crash An event near the end of the game when technology and food prices fall drastically. Players race to sell technology or food in order to buy military and increase their net worth.
Mehul'd When an attack that should have won, doesn't causing you to bounce your attack and lose a large portion of your attacking military force. (This term dates back to Earth: 2025).
Midfeed When a country grabs land from targets with roughly equal networth.
Multi/Multies Player(s) who illegally operate two or more accounts when the limit is one. Running multies is explicitly against the rules of Earth Empires.
NAP Non-Aggression Pact (an inter-alliance pact)
NM Nuclear Missiles
Netgain A country that gains networth steadily. As more military is purchased, the expenses increase, and eventually net gain will slow down unless if more land or technology is added.
Jump When a country stocks resources for many days or weeks, then sells the resources to purchases a huge amount of military, causing its net worth to spike dramatically.
NW Networth. A measurement of a country's total value and strength, taking into account all resources such as military, technology, and land. Money, food bushels, and oil also play a negligible role in increasing the networth.
News bots Are not used to play under illegal circumstances; they acquire data from game news feeds (through a specifically designed API) and display the information in IRC channels or third-party hosting sites.
Nuked Attacked by a nuclear missile.
OOP Out of protection. Once you play at 100 turns, your country becomes susceptible to landgrabs, attacks and spy operations.
PCI Per capita income. (see PCI)
retal A retaliation, usually referring to land grabbing only. See the "retal" article, as there are a number of considerations to note.
Set The time between the resets of the game.
RoR Retal on a retal. Happens if a player has been retaliated on, but the player decides to grab the retaled land back.
SPAL Spies per acres of land. A rough way to estimate the likeliness of a successful spy operation.
Stockpile or Stocking A large storage of money and food that a country stores in anticipation of a jump to avoid decay. If a country accumulates more than $2 billion, then corruption fees begin to eat away at cash. Extra money can be stored as food on the public market which can then be sold at a later time in order to jump.
Tagkill To destroy an alliance or coalition's original countries in a war.
Topfeeding Smaller players who attack signicantly larger ones. Topfeeders are thought of as risk takers.
TNW Total net worth.
TPT Tech per turn. The maximum number of technology points that can be researched in a single turn.
Troll A player whose main purpose in life is to stir up heated discussions by posting inflammatory remarks to the community's forums, or IRC channels.
UM In Earth: 2025, UM was the user-managed server which later became EC.
uNAP is an (unbreakable) agreement between Alliances to not attack each other.
Untagged On clan servers (Alliance, Free-for-All, Team), a player that has not joined a clan. Generally associated with nefarious purposes or a new player.
WC War chat. Pretty much the same as a kill run (KR), only your alliance will be at war with another.
WCL War chat leader. Usually a member of a clan's war department who conducts kill runs/war chats. They are responsible for getting ops on countries and directing alliance attacks to make successful kills.