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Tournament Talk This is a tournament-style server. Countries on this server are split up into several different games: game A, B, and C. Game A is the upper level of tournament. Only the top 50% of players in game A stay in game A after the reset is complete. The bottom 50% are randomly assigned to the lower level games, B and C. Similarly, the top 25% of players in games B and C move up to game A at the end of the round. New countries will be assigned to the lower level games. All games share the same public market.
Extended info
Multiple countries No Clans allowed No alliances
Turn increments 25 minutes Maximum Turns (stored) 100 (100)
Goods time to market 4h - 6h Goods on market for 48h
PS brigade time 20h Max. spy operations (24h) 25
Humanitarians protest at x8 GDI Cost Free (Mandatory)