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Clans are a fun way to meet new people and learn how to play the game. The more powerful a clan is, the more protection can be offered to its members. There is also a better probability these clans have the resources and people to train you to become a better player. On clan-based servers, countries with no clan affiliation (also referred to as "untaggeds"), are often ruthlessly bullied for their land. Unfortunately this is just the nature of the game. It is highly suggested new players find an alliance to play in as soon as possible.

Clan Recruitment

Clans will often try to recruit untagged players to join their ranks. If you have not been solicited in-game to join a clan, the forums would be a great place to introduce yourself to everyone and tell them you're looking for a tag to play under.

Clan Hosting Sites

Unfortunately, Earth Empires does not have very robust mechanisms available in-game to assist with things like general communications and news aggregation. A number of skilled players have developed tools and forum sites to make this type of data more easily available. (This is made possible through the game's API, however that is of little concern at the moment if you are just starting off.)

Site Information
Boxcar Hosting Boxcar is Earth Empires' most popular hosting site. It was also the brainchild of one of the game's head developers, Pang (although he has had the support of other quite a few players in building and maintaining the site). Boxcar hosts multiple alliances and is free for players to create sites on.
GHQ GHQ is Earth Empire's oldest hosting site, dating back to the days of Earth: 2025. It is not quite as popular as Boxcar, but is quite feature rich. GHQ also hosts multiple alliances, and is also free for players to create sites on.
Evolution 2025 Is home to the Alliance server clan Evolution. It was built by one of Earth Empires' head developers qzjul. This site is proprietary to Evo.
LKS Or, is home to the clan Imaginary Numbers. It is also clan-specific and does not provide hosting to other alliances. The site is owned and operated by the game forum and IRC maintainer iZarcon.
myCLAN Hosting Services Is a free clan hosting service for Alliance and FFA server clans. It has a wide range of functionality.

Non-clan Servers

For servers that do not offer clan-based play (Primary, Express, and Tournament), the game forums are used as an open discussion area. Each of these servers have their own forum for general discussion, but because many new players play on these servers, special forums were created in the spirit of clan hosting sites, which allows players to anonymously post partial country information, which in turn more experienced players can offer advice.