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Founder(s) Liono, Foobooy, DJ Beif, qz-jul, ??, ??
FoundedDecember 2004
OriginsMerger of RED and un4given
Members Max: ~80, December 2004
Focus Netgaining
President(s) Yank
Vice President(s) qzjul
Head of Foreign Affairs Tellarion
Assistant Foreign Affairs Osso
Head of Internal Affairs RyoudAn
Internal Affairs Rossoneri, Bertz
IRC Network/Channel(s) #evolution irc.evolution2025.com
Website http://evolution2025.com
Retal Policy Evolution Retal Policy

Evolution, also known as EVO, is an organized netgaining alliance on the Alliance Server of Earth Empires. The alliance was formed from a merger between the Real Estate Developers (RED) and Un4given during the December 1, 2004 - January 30, 2005 set in Earth: 2025. Evolution enjoyed a rich mix of netting and warring, dominating the Average Networth charts for over a year straight. Their current webpage & hosting site is Evolution2025 also known as EvoGT or qzGT.

When Earth: 2025 closed in December 2009, Evolution moved to Earth Empires, and has continued netting and helping its allies achieve total victory in times of war.


The ideals of EVO are two-fold: Netgaining and Training.


Evolution is primarily a netgaining alliance, and as such desires to spend its sets netgaining rather than warring. However, in Earth Empire's early development, it has warred on several occasions to help its allies and itself achieve the right to net in peace.


Evolution prides itself with a sophisticated and involved training program which makes good netgainers out of new players.


Before going any further, you, the reader, need to know something important. This section, the History section, is written as if from Evolution's point of view. The events recorded herein are written as Evolution experienced them. You will notice that there is very little mention of external events unless they affect Evolution in some way. If, for example, a war between two distant alliances or coalitions had nothing to do with Evolution's existence, then it did not get recorded here. This section was written with impartiality and objectivity in mind; however, the same events recorded herein may be recorded from a different point of view from a different person or alliance; i.e., what you read here may not necessarily agree with what you read elsewhere. Each alliance will have its "side of the story", so to speak, so it will be up to you to read all accounts pertaining to any particular event in order to determine, to the best of your ability, what really happened.


Evolution was created in December 2004 as a merger of the Real Estate Developers and un4given. RED was an elite netgaining alliance of around 50 members, and un4given was a product of recent mergers with around 40 members who were also doing quite well at netgaining. Given the political scene at the time, it made sense to combine strength to forge ahead with a new Netgaining Alliance.

The name Evolution was voted as the best name for the new alliance when the Real Estate Developers and un4given merged. Evolution had been the name of a division in RED. Other names under consideration included other RED divisions such as Divine Retribution and Short Fuse.

After the closure of Earth:2025, Evolution found itself swept into a similar game, hastily built by the players of the old Earth:2025 game. The political structure of the old game was in tatters after the war of Armageddon in Old Earth's last set, and not too many people knew what alliances would start over and what alliances would continue to look for vengeance for the actions of that set...

First Round of the Alliance Server: Dec 13th - Jan 30th, 2010

A new game, a new beginning for the awesomeness that is Evolution. This would be Earth Empire's Beta Council set; a set where the EC server would be tested, and bugs would be found and fixed. Some uncertainty was present, regarding the relations with the alliances we had helped crush the preceding reset, in Earth:2025. For those of you who've no idea what went down that set, here's a small summary:

SoF killed NA's top-ranker the set before. SoF attacked and crushed ICN the set before and the set before that. SOL attacked and demolished Evolution the set before.

Evolution, NA, ICN, and later Collab and Regen, then banded together and crushed SoF, SOL and their allies, Rage, TIE, and ZT.

Some alliances proclaimed a sort of "tabula rasa" for the new game, declaring a "blank slate" for alliances who had been at odds with them earlier. Others wanted to continue their grudges against their enemies.

TIE, RAGE, and SoF asked for and received pacts from Evolution. SOL once again refused to pact, but stated they had other plans for the set.

In any case, this set would be rather uneventful for Evolution, save for the bugs that would pop up and get rapidly fixed by the new and very active game admins. SOL FSed Collab for Collab supposedly breaking a promise that entailed not attacking SOL last set. LaF got FSed by Imagnum and Dknights (who came from the Earth:2025 1A server because the Alliance server wasn't yet up in EE), which knocked LaF out of the netting race. Other than that, it was smooth sailing for Evolution, who would once again clinch the ANW crown at $42,837,926.

Second Round of the Alliance Server: Feb 1st - Apr 2nd, 2010

Evolution set out to once again net to the top of the ANW list, while keeping a wary eye on SOL and SoF. Last set, SOL had once again FSed a netting alliance out of the blue, an ominous reminder to Evo members of their past encounters with SOL.

SoF signed a uNAP with Evolution this set, so Evolution would keep their focus on SOL, who didn't pact, in the first weeks of the set. Collab wanted to FS SOL for SOL's actions last set, and everyone in the server knew it. So Collab and SOL both got ready for their war.

Evolution was busy netting when, on February 23, at 2:53, a suicider struck Evolution, taking a total of 15,832 acres. It was a country that had detagged from SoF less than 3 days before. It wasn't the best suiciding that Evolution had seen, but it still had to be dealt with. However, most of the members were too focused on netting for Evolution to dispatch the suicider quickly. Only the core membership would put any attacks onto the suicider, which meant it took over 2 days before Evolution was close to killing it. Just before it would have been killed, the country went into vacation mode for just over 3 days, but it was killed soon after coming out of vacation. A couple days later, the suicider's restart tagged up in SoF again.

On March 2, Collab FSed SOL. Both SOL and Collab had been prepping for this war since the beginning of the set. However, after less than a week of fighting, it was clear that SOL was losing the war. Then, it was made abundantly clear to the server that SOL had lost when SOL called in their allies SoF, and TIE. But that was just the beginning.

SoF had also signed a uNAP with Collab, so they weren't supposed to be hitting them. However, under claims of a leadership breakdown inside SoF, Ivan, the new president of SoF, broke most of SoF's countries away from SoF, and formed a new alliance, called Natural Selection (or, NaturaLS), and immediately began hitting Collab. They justified their breaking of a uNAP with Collaboration under the false claims that NaturaLS was a different alliance from SoF.

However, Ivan soon found out that justifying a broken uNAP by moving to a different tag works both ways. Since nobody had signed a uNAP with the new NaturaLS tag, then anybody could attack them. And Evolution, DKnights, and NA did that at midnight on March 9, in defense of Collab. They also FSed SOL at the same time. Both NA and Evolution had signed a uNAP with TIE earlier, so they couldn't hit TIE, but TIE cease-fired with Collab immediately after NA and Evolution's first attacks. TIE was then FSed by Imagnum a couple days later, who were then FSed by Elysium and Rage later on in the set.

With the combined might of NA, DKnights, Evolution, and what was left of Collaboration, the forces of SOL and the NaturaLS tag fell relatively quickly. After a couple weeks of fighting, most of the netting tags were unable to hit the tiny enemy countries, due to humanitarians. Some of the remaining larger enemy countries went into vacation mode in order to stall their impending deaths, but once they were booted out of vacation mode 2 weeks before the end of the set, they were quickly killed as well.

However, this had effectively knocked Evolution out of the netting race, so, with so many other netting alliances actually netting, Evolution had very little chance to catch up. So, they used what little stocks were available to send foreign aid to Collab's countries, while netting to the end of the set. Evolution came in 9th place in ANW, with $36,037,715.

Third Round of the Alliance Server: Apr 3rd - Jun 2nd, 2010

With the easy victory the netters had over the warriors last set, Evolution looked forward to an easy netting reset. We had pacted most of the alliances we had helped destroy, and the members were looking forward to rebuilding Evolution. Even though Evolution had spent most of the past 8 months leading the charge against and demolishing the warring alliances that had been threatening the netters' existence, it was Evolution that had paid the heaviest price in terms of membership lost. Netters do not like having to fight for their existence, no matter the reasons supplied, and during the recent months, Evolution had lost about half its membership. So the membership that was left began cautiously setting up for a netting reset.

Unfortunately, it soon became quite clear that Evolution wouldn't be netting. SOL not only refused to pact Evolution; they refused to even answer the contact attempts from Evo's FAs, and it was made abundantly clear from their country makeup that they were preparing for war. SOL had also gained quite a few members from recruitment efforts from other Earth clone games.

Worse still, the allies that had helped Evolution defend Collab last reset had pacted SOL and their allies, so none of them would be able to come to Evolution's aid when the time came. And Evolution's membership, while being dwindled from the constant war of attrition, also really didn't feel like fighting anymore. Some of the leadership didn't really have time to plan and coordinate a war effort, due to being involved with game development.

So Evolution adopted a 'wait-and-see' attitude. The leadership knew that if SOL were to FS Evolution, the war would be over in a matter of days.

Still, Evolution had a plan for the upcoming war. Since SOL had recruited members from another game to help them fight, it was understood that those extra members were looking for a fun fight. Evolution decided to take away their fun and not offer them a challenge. And when SOL FSed Evolution on April 24, at 2000 hours, the plan was immediately put into effect.

All countries were ordered to go into vacation mode. The speed of SOL's attacks, however, took out most of Evolution's countries before most of the membership got the order. The fact that SOL FSed Evo and Death Knights (DK) didn't matter much--Evo and DK's active membership only totalled 39, while SOL boasted 70 active members. Since Evo and DK weren't really allies, working together wasn't really an option.

In just one day, half of Evolution's countries were destroyed, most of the rest were in vacation, and what was left wasn't really worth attacking. With the war pretty much over so soon, Evolution membership was forced to wait over a month until the end of the reset.

SOL would go on to break a uNAP with, and FS NA on May 9, at 2100 hours, for one of their leadership's alleged involvement with a cheating scandal in the Free For All server. This was more than enough evidence of the sheer boredom of SOL's membership at not having anything to kill. Since about a third of NA's membership no longer existed, due to their hosting site suddenly becoming unavailable, NA fell in relatively short order.

All the countries that had gone into vacation mode were quickly killed by SOL when vacation mode ended 2 weeks before the end of the set. That was part of the deal between Evolution and SOL representatives upon signing a 2-reset-long uNAP that would hopefully bring peace between Evolution and SOL. Most of the vacationers would self-delete in order to keep SOL from achieving any sort of satisfaction in killing their countries.

After that, what little membership was left decided to netgain in order to get Evolution off the bottom of the ANW scores list. Evolution ended the set with an ANW of $15,663,941.

Fourth Round of the Alliance Server: Jun 3rd - Aug 3rd, 2010

This reset would be the most uneventful reset in Evolution's existence. After getting a multiple-set pact from SOL, and getting a uNAP from SoF, as well as from just about every other alliance, the stage for pure netting was firmly set. LaF also seemed poised to net as well, so Evo members really wanted another ANW victory.

LaF and Rage/Elysium got into a land trading issue, where LaF, who wasn't pacted to Rage/Ely, would grab land off Rage countries. Then, Rage would grab more land off other LaF countries. LaF then FSed Rage on Jun 20, and, with Rage being much smaller than LaF (LaF's 74 to Rage's 27), LaF easily overpowered them, and Rage would become their farmland for the rest of the reset. This put LaF in a favorable position, due to the ~4k-acre-average-land-lead they acquired for about half the reset.

Evolution netted like it usually nets. Not even a single suicider gave Evo any trouble. However, inadequacies on Evo's part would soon lead to major impacts on their ANW.

First off, general inactivity due to real life meant that some players quit playing over the course of the reset. One of these members had a country that was then set to farm before it was detagged. Another member had a country that wasn't farmed or detagged, and that country would end up on the bottom of Evo's scores sheet, having a major pull on Evo's ANW.

Second, mistakes during destocking would also have an impact. Some members thought that the $2bil bug was removed for the Alliance server, when it had only been removed for FFA and Express. One of these members sold all stock, and reaped exactly $2 billion for it.

Third, a hastily-planned, but inaccurately-predicted amount of downtime resulted in players losing value in their stocks as they put them on the market to sell during the time the server was down. The lost value would never be reimbursed to the players who had lost their stocks. However, the reset would be extended for a day because of the downtime.

Those scenarios combined to give a very close ANW race between Evo and LaF. The last 2 days of the reset were mostly spent watching the stats as both LaF and Evo took the lead from each other, multiple times. When an inactive LaFer detagged his small country about 5 minutes before the set ended, LaF took the lead by about $650k. LaF didn't want to lose face, so their leadership had the country tagged back up mere seconds before the reset ended. Evolution ended the reset with an ANW of $79,243,746--a mere $173,638 over LaF's $79,070,108 ANW.

Fifth Round of the Alliance Server: Aug 4th - Oct 3rd, 2010

This would be another mostly-uneventful netting set. Pacts were obtained that allowed nearly-painless netting. Evo expected yet another close race with LaF, so the members steeled themselves for the purest form of netting in the history of existence.

However, events would take place that required Evo's constant attention. TIE, a couple years after gaining total control of the EC server, merged into LCN, mostly due to dwindling membership and feelings of vulnerability. Also, several smaller alliances - PDM, Elysium, Rage, Imag, and NeoFed - announced the creation of a coalition, presumably to be able to better defend themselves from larger alliances. If anybody wanted a pact with one alliance in this coalition, they'd have to sign a pact with the rest of this coalition; consequently many netting alliances did so. However, the terms of the coalition had apparently been hastily put together, and it fell apart in short order. Nobody was sure whether or not the pact they signed with this coalition was worth the minuscule amount of bandwidth wasted to do so.

Evolution found out that their pact was worthless when PDM began the first steps in a land-trade war with Evolution. PDM saw this as generating land for the server, thanks to the ghost acres. Evolution saw it as an annoyance that had to be kept track of. Even though Evolution would eventually gain over 10k more acres (not including ghost acres) than PDM from the exchange, each retal used up stock in buying up jets and oil, and wasted economic capital each turn from the extra military units.

Evo's expectations for the reset would change as SOL FSed LaF on August 25, at 19:00, over SOL's claims of unacceptable landgrabbing/retal policies form LaF (as well as LaF's destructive policy against Elysium, who had started the reset with only 5 of their members active). Since LaF was set up for netting, their lack of war preparation spelled their doom, despite having a TNW advantage and about 20 more members than SOL. What was left of Elysium joined forces with SOL. Each alliance would fight until the end of the reset, with LaF ending up in ruins.

ICN FSed SoF and got smashed when ImagNum came to SoF's aid, Collaboration FSed SoF, EEVIL FSed Collaboration, some other dudes hit someone or another. Netters Anonymous prepped for war, then went back to netting, which dampened their netting stats. It was a militarily active reset for the most of the rest of the server.

Once PDM FSed The Fist on August 30 at about 22:00, the landtrading abruptly ceased, allowing Evolution the ability to net without hindrances. With LaF getting pummeled by SOL, Evo figured that the rest of the set would be easy. PDM would eventually ceasefire with The Fist, and they would begin topfeeding Evo again, but Evo would still coordinate retals so that they almost always came out on top in the land exchange. PDM then FSed Collaboration, and was engaged in battle with them for the rest of the reset.

However, about a week before the set ended, Omega's countries began their jump, which eventually placed Omega about $12 million above Evo's ANW. People predicted that Omega would get a double crown by set's end, but Evolution had yet to jump some of its own countries, and what had already jumped was busy reselling. Three days before the end of the reset, Omega's ANW was about $10 million above Evo's.

However, Evolution sported much higher average land than any other alliance in the server, and they used this to their advantage. The order to jump was given, and Evo's ANW shot up above Omega's within a single day. LCN, the only other alliance that could have gotten more TNW than either Omega or Evo, couldn't catch up with Evolution, probably due to their merger with TIE, which happened at the beginning of the reset.

In conclusion, Evolution ended the round in first place with an ANW of $99,479,453, setting a new server ANW record. The Omega finished in second place, with around 7.5 million networth less than Evolution, despite the fact they had dropped their lowest country hours before the end of the set. With a TNW of $3,282,821,956, the highest in the server for the reset, Evolution would obtain its first double crown in Earth Empires.

Sixth Round of the Alliance Server: Oct 5th - Dec 3rd, 2010

This reset would see some important changes in the game itself. The $2bil cash limit was removed, and the effect of military tech on private market sell prices was reversed (i.e. it went UP instead of DOWN with the presence of more military tech). The reversal of the effect of military tech on private market sell prices meant that the floor price of bushels on the public market was now at $39, instead of the normal $32. This caused farmer strategies to be stronger.

Once again, we got pacts from the important alliances. PDM began its land trading routine with Evolution, and the membership almost always took more land from them than they gained from us. Ghost acres were the same, so Evolution took the average land lead early on in the reset.

In other news, SOL was looking for a war, and got one. And another one. LaF, still hurting over their defeat against SOL last reset, believed that SOL would once again strike them. So, LaF preemptively FSed SOL on October 24, at 19:13. However, barely 30 minutes into LaF's FS, SOL began their counterstrike, and killed more LaF countries than LaF killed SOL's countries, during LaF's FS. SOL claimed their fast turnaround time to be due to their phone bot alerting their members to get online as soon as LaF's first attacks commenced. SOL would go on to tagkill LaF, in a repeat of last reset's war. After cease-firing with LaF, SOL still wanted war, so PDM obliged them by FSing SOL on November 9, at 22:11, thus interrupting their landtrading with Evolution. Once again, SOL had a quick turn-around time, and decimated PDM's forces during PDM's FS.

SoF was also looking to war. They forced NA to FS them at November 2 at 00:09 by giving NA an ultimatum to either fight or die. NA, merely a shadow of its former self, did a small FS, which was quickly overpowered by SoF's counterstrike a few minutes after the beginning of NA's FS. SoF then crushed NA. Afterwards, they more or less 'netted', by doing several buyouts on the tech market, and sending the proceeds to at least three of their countries, two of which would end up in the top 10. This would also trigger much discussion on the legitimacy and skill taken of those countries' ending networths.

Elysium, a tiny clan of 5 to 6 members, FSed TheFist on November 10 at 19:14, probably due to Elysium's inability to retal TheFist's grabs.

ImagNuM also FSed TheFist on November 10 at 21:09:50. Fist, being much smaller and not prepared for war at all (especially after Elysium's softening-up strategy), didn't put up much of a fight, and eventually announced that this reset would be their last in Earth:Empires. This stirred up much discussion on the forums about the preservation of the game's playerbase, which members from many alliances participated in. Imag also FSed ICN about a minute after they began their attacks on Fist. NeoFed then FSed Imag November 11 at 23:35. ICN, TheFist, and NeoFed would be decimated until SOL, coming out of their war with PDM, FSed ImagNuM on Nov/23/10 21:08:24, crushing Imag.

After the main wars were over, NA and LaF set up 'civil wars' amongst what remained of their shattered alliances. One of the NA war tags also FSed SOL, just for fun.

NeoFed and Elysium announced their intentions to merge into ICN.

Rage FSed LCN on November 28 at 01:12, due to suicides on both alliances by both alliances, and reparations for those suicides being less than satisfactory. Rage would ultimately lose the war.

As for Evolution, the membership was left alone to net, except for PDM's land trading practices. With PDM's war with SOL stopping the land trading, Evolution would then have a mostly-uneventful reset. Some late-set grabs by SoF and LaF would go unretaled due to the fact that the countries grabbed were in the middle of converting or had already converted and jumped.

The new game changes, however, would have the most effect on Evolutions's netting stats. With the farmer strategy being so strong, and with Evolution's many cashers and cheaper-than-normal bushels, many members would be able to stock more bushels than usual, and were also able to sell them for more than normal. The members, once again, had to worry about Omega in the rankings, but the average land lead of about six thousand acres put those fears to rest--and Omega in 2nd place in ANW--when the members began their jumping.

Another double crown would be obtained by Evolution by the end of the reset, with a TNW of $3,920,640,168, and an ANW of $122,520,005--$27,076,569 over Omega's ANW. Evolution would be first, and only, alliance to break the $100mil ANW barrier so far.

Seventh Round of the Alliance Server: Dec 4th - Feb 3rd, 2011

Once again, another mostly-uneventful netting reset for Evolution. The members ran their countries with exceptional precision.

External events: LCN declared war on Rage on December 27, for Rage's suiciding and refusal to pay reparations last reset. SOL declared war on LCN in defense of their ally Rage on December 29.

Rage announced that this would be their last reset in existence for a while, and made plans to merge into SoF at the end of the reset.

SoF announced that they were looking for a war next reset, and was looking for three alliances to duke it out with. Monsters, Collab, and Evolution (us!!) decided to join the war against SoF--Evolution, mostly for the sweet multiple-reset uNAP we'd probably get out of the exchange.

An external event (external to the game itself) also took place. Jared Loughner, a former LCN/Collab/SOLer, went on a shooting rampage in Tuscon, Arizona, killing 6 people, and severely wounding Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, at a small political rally at a supermarket. As news of the rampage spread across the internet, it was quickly determined that the shooter was a longtime member of the Earth community. News and media outlets interviewed other members of the community, as well as the game administrator, Pangaea. Interest in the postings of Jared caused a brief outage in the game server's internet connection.

The end of the reset saw two more alliances join the $100 million average networth club in EE: LaF, with $104,232,217 ANW; and Omega, with $107,165,671 ANW. Evolution, as usual, obtained its ANW crown, with its $128,676,536 ANW beating its prior record by about $6 million.

Eighth Round of the Alliance Server: Feb 4th - Apr 4th, 2011

We set out to war SoF this reset. Three netting alliances chose to take SoF up on their offer of a friendly war--Collaboration, Evolution, and Monsters (known as ECM). We expected at least 110 SoF countries, as they had just completed a merger with Rage. Evolution also began recruiting for help in the upcoming conflict. Text messages were sent out to the retired vets and other members who were otherwise not playing. We received a very positive response, with the addition of over 10 returning vets.

The FS time was set: March 4, at 23:59:59 GMT. The three netter alliances worked together, formulating strategies and thinking up ways of how to conduct the upcoming war. Everyone more or less agreed to run heavy Dictatorship, as these often made the best breakers, which, against SoF, seemed to be the best choice, given that SoF often ran heavy Dicts during their wars as well.

It was soon apparent that SoF's merger with Rage didn't quite yield the membership everyone expected; they struggled to have 100 countries in their membership ranks. With Evolution's recruitment efforts, the total membership for the three netter alliances came to about 125 by the time the war began. Nevertheless, everyone expected a harsh war between ECM and SoF, despite the obvious numbers advantage. Evolution had the most members in ECM when March 4 rolled around.

The netter alliances took the initiative, and FSed SoF at the agreed FS time. It immediately became apparent that the server's internet connection would not be able to stand up to the large numbers of players all hitting each other at the same time. Hitting became nearly impossible for some due to the lag, but so did stonewalling, and the bad lag became the excuse of many players' inability to keep their countries alive.

There was some confusion all throughout the war between the alliances in ECM, and SoF seemed to target Evolution and Collaboration more closely than they did Monsters. ECM sported a TNW advantage as well, and their FS quickly took down several large SoF countries. However, SoF responded with a devastating counterstrike, and throughout most of the war, SoF's killruns would drag ECM's TNW down with them. It became a contest of who could kill the enemy's breakers the fastest. For nearly the entire war, it was a question of who would win.

Despite SoF's tenacity, they ran out of breakers first, and, coupled with their membership and TNW disadvantages, both of which slowly grew as the war dragged on, their doom was assured when their last original country died in the early hours of March 23. We continued killing SoF restarts until both sides cease-fired on March 29.

Collab and ImagNuM started their own friendly war shortly before the ceasefire with SoF, and continued until the end of the reset.

ECM ended the war against SoF with around $550m TNW and 161 kills, while SoF ended with about $30m TNW and 136 kills. A hard-fought, friendly war by both sides, and each side came away satisfied.

Of course, the war put Evo out of the running for the ANW crown. We then arranged a small civil war amongst ourselves, which ended in the deaths of many countries on both sid...oh wait, nobody really died at all. We ended the reset in 10th place, with $10,859,129 ANW. Omega would receive their first double crown in Earth:Empires, with $4,619,779,482 TNW and $109,994,750 ANW.

Ninth Round of the Alliance Server: Apr 5th - Jun 4th, 2011

After last reset's activity, there was concern that we wouldn't be able to hold onto all the new members and veterans that had come back just to kick SoF in the goolies. However, we retained almost all of last set's membership (and even gained a few new members in the process), and so we put the training division into overdrive for the new members that had joined last reset for the war and had stuck around, as well as the new members that had joined for this set. It seemed that Evolution was finally getting back on its feet after a year and a half of slumped membership numbers.

However, our inflating membership also meant that it would become harder for us to continue to obtain our ANW crown at the end of the reset. The two alliances that had historically competed with us for that crown--LaF and Omega--were also netting. To make things more interesting, LaF was actually slightly smaller in numbers than we were--and hadn't taken on several new members--which made it easier for them.

It was mostly uneventful for us. We didn't really have any problems with netting. Of course, there was the occasional untagged that tried to suicide on countries that had farmed it too heavily, but very little damage was done.

In other parts of the server, war was breaking out. SOL FSed ICN and LCN on April 27th, 22:00, and Imagnum FSed SOL in defense of LCN on April 28th, at 02:13. The three alliances battling SOL became known as ILI. Evolution announced that it would police for ILI shortly afterwards. There weren't too many grabs from established alliances on ILI, so we didn't get much land off of that action. NA announced its policing for SOL after their FS. SOL would destroy all three alliances in short order.

A suicider struck LaF from NA's tag on May 9, taking about 30k acres. He then posted on AT, claiming his actions were for things LaF did to him a long time ago. As per NA's pact with LaF, NA had to pay restitution, including twice the acreage and pretty much everything else lost to the suiciding and used in killing the suicider. This put LaF in the lead for average land for a while.

SoF then FSed RD on May 21, at 22:00. The reason for the late-set strike on RD wasn't entirely nailed down for sure in SoF's war declaration on AT, but everyone else got the general consensus that SoF's actions were for all the times that RD had destroyed SoF long years ago, including the time that SoF left the game because of RD's cheating. Since RD was much smaller than SoF, and NOT set up for warring, their TNW dropped like a brick until it reached close to zero in a couple of days.

In Evolution, several leaders either had problems with their computers, or took short vacations. The policies for detagging inactive countries had never been written down where others could find them, but we did have members go inactive due to real life stuff, and those countries had to be dropped. Unfortunately, the generally-agreed-upon time for dropping countries from the tag had already came and went. Also, allegations that an Evo member received FA and grabbed land internally began to surface. The actions of members not following policies that never had been written down became a topic of discussion on AT as the end of the reset neared.

We got another double crown, with a TNW of $5,789,660,910 and an ANW of $118,156,345. LaF came in second place for both TNW and ANW, despite a last-minute dropping of two low-net countries from their tag. Omega suffered a lazy netting reset, and came in 4th in TNW; and 3rd in ANW.

Tenth Round of the Alliance Server: Jun 5th - Aug 4th, 2011

It was another netting reset for Evolution. With our membership ranks swelling to above 60, there were questions on whether we could continue to obtain our ANW crowns with impunity. We had obtained pacts from pretty much everyone except SOL, but that wouldn't matter.

In other news, several other alliances reformed in the server; namely, MD and Rival. Moral Decay (MD)--which boasted over 60 members--came from Astro Empires, due to the admins there abusing their admin permissions. Rival came back from nowhere in particular, near the middle of the reset.

The server environment was conducive to war:

LaF, MD, and LCN FSed SOL (See? Told you it wouldn't matter!) and RD on June 16 just after 21:00. The reasoning was mainly due to SOL's manipulation of other alliances including, but not limited to, pact manipulation for political isolation, and FSing isolated netting alliances for little to no reason over the recent years. RD was a known SOL ally. SOL stated their case in that most of the time they warred, they were either FSed by netting alliances who thought SOL would hit them later, or called in by allies. In any case, SOL and RD would soon be crushed, and used as landfarms for the victors.

SoF FSed NA on June 17, just after 22:00. No actual war declaration from SoF was posted to AT, but a basic reason was that NA had failed to pact SoF, and so SoF had the right to hit them. NA was also a known SOL ally, so that may have had something to do with their subsequent destruction (apparently, SoF was tired of having SOL as an ally). Or something. NA claimed to be fully set up for netting. SoF pounded NA to the bottom of the scores list in a couple days.

Collaboration and ImagNum arranged a friendly war between themselves, but ImagNum kept stalling for the FS for a couple weeks. ImagNuM continued to acquire stock and grow while Collab sat, ready for war. Finally, Collab's patience ran out, and Collab dumped stock and FSed ImagNuM on July 15, after 23:00. Collab had the members and TNW advantage, so ImagNuM fell relatively quickly.

Evolution had its fair share of military activity, due to the increased number of suiciders that were taking land and stock from Evolution countries. Most of these suiciders were killed by Evo members within 3 hours of causing their damage, including one of our new members, which suicided on a LaF country and caused us to have to pay reps to the tune of just under $13 billion.

Also, policies were written and put in place to discourage actions such as internal land trading, and to officially limit the detag time to 10 days before the end of the reset. These practices were discouraged before (such as detagging after the 10-day mark), but no policies had been written about them.

With Evolution's excellent training program and site tools, most of the new members were able to put up impressive countries. Some members were forced to quit mid-set due to real life.

Near the end of the reset, a small announcement was made on AT--some players from Mars:2025, an old Earth:2025 clone, would be moving to Earth:Empires, thus adding some much-needed players to the server.

Also near the end of the reset, Evolution collectively realized it was on its way to winning its first Triple Crown. With Omega suffering another poor netting reset, and LaF and other netting alliances getting caught up in war at the beginning of the reset, Evolution had the highest TNW and ANW, and were tied first in membership with MD. About an hour before the reset ended, however, MD tagged another restart country, thus putting them at 63 members to our 62. That was fixed when one of our new recruits created a country and tagged up about 5 minutes before the reset ended. And thus Evolution won its first Triple Crown, with a TNW of $7,292,840,784, an ANW of $115,759,378, and membership at 63.

Eleventh Round of the Alliance Server: Aug 5th - Oct 4th, 2011

Another netting reset for Evolution. However, other alliances (LaF) had started taking notice of Evo's accomplishments (again), especially due to the Triple Crown we had obtained the last reset, and they wanted that stopped.

Our ranks swelled to 78 countries, but as usual, real life would cause several of the owners of those countries to quit playing in the middle of the reset.

Suiciders were a minor problem. Most of the suiciders were LaF members running untagged countries who wanted to cause damage to Evolution's countries in an effort to put their own alliance's countries at a higher ranking. Each suicider was dispatched quickly after making its initial run, and some were killed just before they were able to cause damage.

An incident between LaF and Evo occurred, in which a LaF country detagged, only to be triple-tapped by an Evo country. The LaF detagger then retalled for much more acreage than was taken. Then, the LaF detagger kept landgrabbing the country that had hit him for even more acreage. All within the 72-hour detagger responsibility clause as specified in the pact between LaF and Evo. When Evo asked LaF to pay reps for the extra landgrabs, LaF refused to--despite a similar situation several resets ago where Evolution was forced to pay LaF reps. This would be in violation of the terms of the uNAP between LaF and Evolution, and was logged in the List of Pact-Breakers.

Near the end of the reset, Evolution was ahead in TNW, but lagging behind LaF in ANW, due to LaF having 63 members to Evolution's 71. However, Evolution was able to jump its countries so that it rose above LaF in ANW. An Evo country self-deleted due to rl hours before the reset was to end, but Evolution still would have won if that country had not deleted. Unfortunately, in the seconds before the reset ended, LaF dropped its two lowest countries, thus putting LaF in first in ANW with $125,682,557, to Evo's $124,201,382.

However, Evolution broke the TNW record by posting $8,694,096,755.

Had LaF not dropped those countries, Evolution would have taken away its second Triple Crown in a row. Evolution would just have to settle for a TNW crown to add to its trophy room.

Twelfth Round of the Alliance Server: Oct 5th - Dec 4th, 2011

After last reset's triple-crown ganking by LaF, Evolution set out to net with a vengeance, reasoning that if they netted hard enough, LaF wouldn't be able to repeat its sins from last reset. A general country theme was started, with country names mocking LaF and it's "accomplishments" making up most of the Evo membership's country names.

Some warning signs began to pop up. First, SoF's pact terms changed to include a break-away clause if we were to war LaF. Second, LaF's countries took on a more militaristic build. However, since Evolution had a uNAP with LaF, most of the membership thought that LaF wouldn't be hitting Evo.

Evolution was fully set up for netting when LaF suddenly broke its uNAP with Evo and FSed them on October 16, at 21:00. After many posts on AT, it was tentatively determined that LaF's actions were due to a clause in a coalition pact--that didn't allow any alliance that was a part of the coalition to have any pacts with SOL--that LaF claimed allowed them to break the uNAP with Evolution, as Evolution did indeed have a uNAP with SOL. However, the coalition pact also required a majority vote by the signatories to be relevant, and as LaF and Evo were the only signatories of the pact, no vote was taken. There were many other logical fallacies in LaF's reasoning, but listing all those here would probably go on for several pages.

However, none of that really mattered when countries were dying. At least 10 Evo countries were almost immediately destroyed by the fully-warprepped LaF. Evolution was slow to react, and, thanks to the new War Room page, killruns usually lasted less than 3 minutes before a country died. Evolution made some feeble attempts to defend itself while its allies saved turns to strike.

SOL and Imag FSed LaF on October 18, at 21:00, killing several LaF countries. SoF then FSed SOL in defense of LaF on Oct 18, at 23:00. Also, SoF did have that break-away clause in their pact with Evo. So, rather than waiting for SoF to FS Evo, Evo formally dissolved all relations with SoF and FSed them on October 19, at 01:00. LaF and SoF suffered a steep--but short--membership decline, while Evolution gained countries via heavy recruiting from its retired member base. TIE entered the war on October 20, at 01:11, against SoF to relieve pressure on SOL so Evo and SOL could direct more of their firepower against LaF, because SOL and Imag had not been ready for war when they came to Evolution's aid.

LaF then called in Omega against Imag on October 20, at 23:00.

LaF then called in MD against Imag on October 21, at 02:00.

SoF called in Rival, which entered against SOL on October 22, at around 15:15.

SoF then called in Monsters against TIE on October 22, around 23:30.

By this time, it was ~215 fully-warprepped countries and restarts (LaF, SoF, Omega, MD, Monsters, and Rival) vs. ~160 not-war-ready countries and mostly restarts (EVO, iMag, SOL, TIE). Evo and her allies would be crushed in short order, yet the war would continue until the end of the reset.

Other parts of the server would also be engaged in combat. PDM and Rage would engage--the first shots being fired on November 04, at 21:30:00--with LCN and Sanct over Sanct's aggressive landgrabbing, and would cease-fire on November 23rd 2011, at 08:00. Just about all of the server was engaged in combat at some point during the reset.

By the end of the reset, Evolution and her allies--with the exception of TIE, who would cease-fire with Monsters on November 13, at 06:00--would be tagkilled and utterly crushed. Evolution ended the reset with just 8 countries, $1,109,647 TNW, and $138,706 ANW.

Thirteenth Round of the Alliance Server: Dec 5th - Feb 4th, 2012

Last reset's actions by LaF had adversely affected Evolution's membership. Evolution started this reset with only 38 members, from the 66 members they had the reset before. LaF's membership stayed the same, with about 70 members. Evolution refused to pact LaF, and made plans to FS LaF very early in the reset, in the hopes of catching them off-guard, and give LaF a good fight, despite the membership disadvantage. However, Evolution's plans specifically excluded their own allies from helping them, as the allies that had helped them had suffered similar membership decline. So Evolution would attack LaF alone.

That was the plan. However, on December 9, at 20:00, SoF suddenly FSed Evo. There were few indications they would hit someone very early in the reset, and they hadn't pacted Evolution, but the reason SoF gave for FSing Evo so early in the reset took everyone by surprise. SoF stated their reason for hitting Evolution was for Evo's recruiting drive in the "friendly" ECM war 5 resets earlier, which ultimately ended up with SoF's destruction. SoF had been forced to adhere to their promise of a 3-reset uNAP, and SoF stated they had mistakenly signed the uNAP for the 4th reset. Now, they had their chance for revenge.

Evolution absorbed the FS, and started their counterstrike 5 hours later. Many people believed that SoF would ultimately win the war, due to their preparedness and their reputation for being good fighters; however, Evolution was also prepared, and had learned some harsh lessons from LaF. Both alliances had started with equal membership (Evo's 38 to SoF's 39), but Evo had higher networth. Over the course of the week that followed, SoF slowly but surely lost ground to Evolution. Also, Evolution began another recruiting drive which increased their membership to around 43 by the beginning of week 2 of the war. SoF then started receiving FA from LaF, which only postponed their inevitable doom.

During this time, on December 18, at 22:00, LaF suddenly FSed SOL. LaF's war declaration said that they hit SOL because SOL had not pacted them. However, SOL had also participated in the defense of Evolution last reset, so this was seen by some as LaF simply twisting the knife. SOL was severely demoralized from the defeat they had suffered last reset, and they were not only not prepared to war, they were not even interested in warring at all. So, a ceasefire was agreed between LaF and SOL, where SOL began accepting L:L retals, on December 19, at 23:30.

The holidays were coming up, so Evolution asked SoF if they wanted a ceasefire, and SoF agreed--with some conditions. Evo would sign a uNAP with SoF and LaF, to be effective immediately when the ceasefire was signed by SoF and Evo. The ceasefire took effect on December 20, at 21:30. Evo's TNW was around $24m, while SoF's TNW was about $14m (before they received another mass FA shipment from LaF).

Evolution spent the holidays recovering from that war, while looking forward to another war. They had pacted LaF, so those plans were scrubbed for the time being. However, one of LaF's small allies--Rival--still had no pact with Evolution, and Evo wanted to end their reset with an easy war. So Evo began goading Rival to FS Evo, due to the pact terms with LaF and SoF spelling out exactly what would happen if Evo FSed any of their FDPs. Pretty soon, Evo began preparing to absorb an FS from Rival.

On January 08, at about 19:00, Rival began to FS Evolution. However, about 30 seconds into the FS, LaF also FSed Evo. Once again, LaF had broken a uNAP with Evolution, and their war declaration stated that, due to a clause being changed when the uNAP was being signed, LaF could void the uNAP with impunity. With Rival's and LaF's combined 110 countries, they easily decimated Evo's 50 countries--20 of those in the FS.

Another ceasefire was signed 3 days after Rival's and LaF's FS on Evo, spelling out yet another uNAP between all parties. Evolution only had 8 countries left, and around $15m TNW, when the ceasefire was signed just before January 12.

Evolution then worked to bring itself off the bottom of the scores list, ending the reset with only 20 members, $115,623,355 TNW, and 16th place in ANW, with $5,781,168.

Fourteenth Round of the Alliance Server: Feb 5th - Apr 4th, 2012

After the horrors of having a uNAP broken (twice) and FSed by LaF (twice), Evolution's membership started at about 40 countries. By this time, LaF was the largest alliance in the game. With their political foundation made solid by their allies, LaF would have no enemies capable of destroying them for some time.

Evolution would gear its countries towards netting, so they had no plans to hit LaF or anyone else this reset. The members were done with war for the time being.

Elsewhere in the server, LaF called out Moral Decay (MD) on AT, telling MD to FS LaF, or LaF would FS MD by a certain time. In the weeks afterward, LaF would post logs they had somehow intercepted between MD, SOL, and Evo, on AT. These logs contained plans between Evo, SOL, and MD to hit LaF. However, these logs had been taken in the same reset that LaF first broke the uNAP and FSed Evo out of the blue, and, according to LaF's Don Hanlong, Evo was in the clear due to LaF's already having exacted revenge on Evo for its part in the planning (Hanlong even sent an apology to Evo's leadership for LaF's actions that reset). Questions were raised on how LaF had gotten access to those logs, and Hanlong claimed it was a script he had created to automatically search file upload sites on the internet for files containing certain keywords (Sneak preview: The logs were obtained by 'other' means).

LaF then FSed MD on February 24, just after 22:00. LaF began the war with 84 members, and MD started with around 70. However, LaF was far better prepared, and by the end of the reset, MD ended with 40 members and $197,803,995 TNW, while LaF would grab a TNW crown with $5,990,460,177--mostly by farming land off of MD.

SOL, LCN, and iMag conducted a friendly war, to commemorate SOL's 75th reset. The combined membership of LCN and iMag was eqal to SOL's membership. LCN and iMag began the festivities by FSing SOL on March 08, at 23:00. However, with SOL's focus on its reunion reset, they steadily pulled ahead of LCN and iMag. A ceasefire was signed between SOL and LCN on March 20, at 03:00. Imag kept ankle-biting SOL until the end of the reset

PDM FSed SoF on March 9, at 02:00. PDM was tired of SoF's bullying, constantly goading them into a war. SoF didn't like what they called PDM's landtrading practices. SoF was far better prepared than PDM was, however, and PDM would end up crushed.

Evo would have a relatively uneventful netting reset. Evo would end in 2nd place, with $5,140,227,835 TNW, and 2nd place in ANW, with $135,269,154 (mostly due to RD dropping members at the end).

Fifteenth Round of the Alliance Server: Apr 5th - Jun 4th, 2012

Sixteenth Round of the Alliance Server: Jun 5th - Aug 4th, 2012

Seventeenth Round of the Alliance Server: Aug 6th - Oct 4th, 2012


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