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Since Earth Empires launched, the game has transformed from a clone of the original Earth: 2025 to a more modernized version of the game. Many enhancements have been added. Here is a summary of (most of) the changes:

November, 2011

  • A few new changes (See this post), briefly they are:
    • Most notably: Spy ops can now be saved in-game for up to 72 hours (but you can save them for longer!).
    • Added "additional revenue generated" to Cash page
    • Added max tech level to tool-tip text on Research page -- mouse over your current tech percent and it shows max tech level for your current gov.
    • Added current land and unbuilt acres to the Explore page.
    • Added the amount of spies and Spy tech percentage to the Spy Center.
    • Added oil on hand & number of units it can support to the Military page.

August, 2011

  • Some changes to the way the bonuses work were made. (See this post.)

June, 2011

  • A new Sell all button has been added to the public and private market sell pages. (See this post.)
  • A new clan admin API has been designed so spy ops can now be shared between clans. (See this post.)

April, 2011

  • New clan administration features: designed to allow clan leaders to see things happening in their tag. (See this post.)
    • people declaring war or making peace (in tag -> out, or out -> in) will be shown.
    • failed normal ops (out or in).
    • FA packages (and what's in them, tag -> out or out -> in).
    • countries that joined/detagged or were forcibly detagged.
    • countries that became admins
  • War room interface changes; Allows for faster hitting and saves bandwidth. (No more refreshing!) (See this post.)
    • You can override the new attacking on the preferences page
    • You can override the mobile template on the preferences page
    • Error handling on spy op and war pages should be better
    • Updated ALL numerical form fields so that the "k" and "m" qualifiers will multiply your input by 1000 and 1,000,000, respectively. Examples: 2.5k = 2500, 2.5m=2.5kk=2500000

March, 2011

  • Brand new FFA interface, plus a few changes. (See this post.)
    • Automatic startup strats. (FFA only)
    • Bulk Spy-ops. (FFA only)
    • 12 hour and 18 hour bonus turn timers removed. (FFA only)
    • In-game alliances between two countries owned by the same player can be cancelled immediately with no 72 hour wait. (FFA only)
    • Two countries owned by the same player can FA each other without sharing an in-game alliance. (FFA only)
    • Players who wish to enter vacation mode must put all of their countries in vacation mode. (FFA only)
  • Base sell price for bushels decrease from $32 to $29 on the private market. (See this post.)

February, 2011

  • Bonus system revamped. (See this post.)
  • New bonus added: Players with a linked forum account will now receive an extra weekly four bonus points as long as they post at least once a week.
  • Multiple changes to status upload/API: (See this post.)
    • You can now upload your status to multiple hosting sites.
    • You can now set default hosting sites on a per country basis.
    • New API keys can be generated by the player.

January, 2011

  • If multiple (normal) spy ops are performed, the loop will halt after the first success.
  • Spy op diminishing returns now reset after a 24 hour period. (Was previously reset at midnight).
  • Advisor page cleanup. Also archived old statuses. (See this post.)
  • Moved servers around on the Portal page.
  • "Get Help" page for solo servers (See this post.)
  • Bug fix: Fixed hyperlink parsing (forums).

December, 2010

  • New bonus system activated. (See this post.)

November, 2010

  • E-mail address obfuscation implemented in the forums.

October, 2010

  • In-game tutorial helpers added to help guide newer players. (See this post.)
  • Several mobile accessibility features added! (See this post.)
  • Many changes to the Express server. (See this post.)
  • The default tax rate is now 35%.
  • You can link your forum account to your game account. (See this post.)
  • The new forum template is designed to match the rest of the game.
  • Various UI improvements to the portal page and game leaderboards. (See this post.)
  • CAPTCHA time improvements: will show every 30 hours (not 24), and will not pop up in-game all the time.

September, 2010

  • Military tech now raises private market sell prices instead of lowering them. (See this post.)
  • $2 Billion bug removed on all servers! 0.1% corruption fee added.
  • CAPTCHA will not display while you are under attack.

August, 2010

  • Dictatorship tweaked: New Bonus: +32% Building Capture. (See this post.)
  • New daily bonuses implemented! (See this post.)

July, 2010

  • Complete overhaul of the look and feel of the game. New .css/html throughout the site. (See this post.)
  • Improved look and feel of the portal.
  • Added daily acre bonus (See this post.)
  • Several performance enhancements to the in-game news system. Also, news can now be viewed by category.
  • Ghost acres tweaked (See this post.)
  • Ingame ads implemented to generate revenue.
  • Many forum changes:
    • Icons by username allow for different interaction options. Clickable names to view player's profile.
    • Account activation (for new users) implemented.
    • Tweaked privacy settings so users may choose not to allow contact info to be seen.
    • Undocumented admin features.
  • Facebook group (is here!).
  • Tag admins can now send messages to all their clan members at once. (See this blog post.)
  • Clans can post recruitment messages which can be viewed by all untaggeds and players who don't opt out on other servers. (See this blog post.)

June, 2010

  • Interface changes: The Relations menu now suggests allies based on server type and your alliance.
  • Players may now view market history for the past 3 days. (See this blog post)

May, 2010

  • Added option to change user password from the game preferences menu.
  • Maximum FFA countries allowed bumped up to 16.
  • Multiple changes: (See this post.)
    • Readiness loss multiplier modified for SS and PS attacks.
    • You may not drop below the amount of land you grabbed in the last 72 hours.
    • You will be able to self-delete in preferences. This allows self-deletion rather than dropping of land.
    • You must stay out of vacation for 24 hours after leaving it.

April, 2010

  • API Keys were introduced to aid in the transfer of information between the game and alliance hosting sites.
  • Fixed bug for CS destruction from AB, BR and CM. (See this post.)

March, 2010

  • Wiki opened.
  • Diminished returns tweaked. (no longer affects non-normal (ie not SS/PS) attacks. This means no 1/10th or 1/8th etc attacks in kill runs runs etc. GS/BR/AB are STILL counted in DR for SS/PS however, so no big change for landgrabbing.)

February, 2010

  • The maximums of a few techs have been increased. (The main change here is the industrial change, which is being done in the hope of extending the viability of indies further into the reset.):
    • Business Max: 175% -> 180%
    • Residential Max: 175% -> 180%
    • Agricultural Max: 220% -> 230%
    • Industrial Max: 140% -> 160%
  • Missile counts: You may now have a maximum of 1 missile per 250 A instead of 1 per 200A; there is, as always, a minimum of 10 on that cap.
  • Non-Harmful spyops (spy, alliance spy, market spy, military spy) are no longer affected by Spy DR (diminishing returns), nor do they contribute to spy DR. We added this basically because, as non-harmful ops, they should not need to be diminished, as they do no harm.
  • Food Consumption: Military units had their food consumptions increased by a little less than 3x and population consumption has been rounded up (because significant quantities of military had little effect on food consumption):
    • Troops, Jets and Turrets eat 0.001 bushels per turn (up from 0.00042)
    • Tanks eat 0.003 a turn (up from 0.0012)
    • Spies eat 0.005 a turn (up from 0.00180)
    • Pop eats 0.030 a turn (up from 0.02756)
  • Military expenses: NW multiplier of military expenses from (1+NW/40M) to (1+NW/200M) to balance NW.
  • Government changes:
    • Fascism: Oil bonus will be +75% (up from +50%)
    • Communism: New Bonus: +35% Market Sale Size. (you can sell 25%*1.35 = 33.75% of your goods in one sale), to extend viability of commies throughout the set.
    • Theocracy: Tech 'bonus' will be reduced to -35% (from -50%), New Bonus: +50% Maximum Population
    • Democracy: 'New' Bonus: +10% Maximum Technology
  • Players may now report in-game messages to moderators (for abuse, spam, etc).

January, 2010

  • Standing orders implemented.
  • Players may recall goods from the market early at the cost of a turn.

December, 2009

  • (December 13) Earth Empires comes online! EC server is up.
  • FFA Server created.
  • Land grabbing formula changed. (See this post.)