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Spies Per Acre of Land

(also SPAL for short) The success of a operation is based on your SPAL versus your opponents. The higher your SPAL, the more likely it is you will be successful in performing spy operations and defending against attacks your opponents send at you.

Spy technology will also increase your ability to successfully perform and repel operations against you.

Spy Operations can be used to find information about your opponents and steal or even destroy their resources.

Spies can only be produced with Industrial Complexes, and are the only military unit that cannot be bought on the private or public market.

If you fail an operation, your opponent and their clan administrators (if applicable) are made aware of your country name and number, and the type of operation attempted.

There are diminishing returns for repeated harmful spy ops against one country. Even though your SPAL may be much larger, you will begin to fail more often when targeting the same country repetitively. Non-harmful spy ops are not affected by DR and do not increase it as there is no damage to be diminished.


Each server has different limitations as to how many spy operations can be performed daily. These limitations are measured over a 24 hour period of time.

Server Ops/day
Primary 35
Alliance 50
Express 120
Team 75
Free For All 50
Tournament 25

Spy operations auto-saved

All Spy operations will be saved to your country for 3 days automatically. Currently, you can only save country status reports. Should you want to keep these pages longer, they may be saved and/or deleted if desired.

Normal Operations

Normal spy operations include those which are not damaging in nature toward your target. These are report operations. Though it is never good to fail an operation, these types of ops on other targets are tolerated a little more moderately. On clan-based servers, these types of operations can be uploaded to a clan hosting site to share with your clan members. Directions for how to upload these operations to a specific site is covered on the Op and Advisor Uploads page.

Operation Type Description


Report Your operatives attempt to gain intelligence about another country's status. This report shows you what your target would see on their advisor page. Some information such as your target's turns will not update until the next time they login.

Spy On Alliances

Report Your operatives will attempt to gather information on your target's relations with other players.

Market Spy

Report Your operatives will attempt to gather information on the units and resources your target has for sale on the public market.

Military Spy

Report A military spy report will reveal your target's military status. If your target has used a planned strike attack recently, this will show you how many brigades are currently resting, and the readiness of the standing army.

Harmful Operations

Harmful operations are used to damage your target's resources or military capability. Use of these covert attacks is generally considered an act of war. The amount of damage an operation does is dependent on the resources of the target as well as that of the spying country.

Operation Type Description

Stir Rebellions

Covert This operation sends your agents into opposing countries to try to convince their citizens to emigrate from their empire.

Cause Dissensions

Covert By discouraging your target country's military, you can try to make a portion of their troops to flee from their standing army.

Bomb Airbases

Covert In this operation, your agents will attempt to infiltrate your enemy's airbases and destroy stationary jets.


Covert Sending your agents into opposing research labs, this operation is the only one that physically benefits you. If successful, you will capture a small portion of your opponent's technology points.

Bomb Buildings

Covert As the name implies, this operation focuses on destroying a portion of your enemy's structures; this can be very costly to your target in terms of turns wasted rebuilding.

Sabotage Intelligence

Covert Pitting your agents directly against your opponent's, in this operation you attempt to assassinate or make ineffective as many as possible of your target's spies, thereby weakening their defensive position.

Bomb Banks

Covert To prevent your opponents from stockpiling excess cash, you can opt to attempt to bomb their country's central banks and destroy a portion of their money supply.

Raid Food Stores

Covert Similar to bombing banks, burning food stores destroys a portion of another country's food stock, forcing them to not only watch their finances, but their food supplies as well. In addition, your operatives will capture a small portion of your enemy's reserves.

Sabotage Missiles

Covert Ruthless countries often stockpile weapons of mass destruction such as Nuclear or Chemical weapons. This operation sends your covert forces out to dismantle as many opponents' missiles as possible.


Covert By sending your agents to weaken an opposing countries military readiness, you may be able to effectively defeat your target with a smaller number of required forces. The power of a healthy, ready army can never be underestimated.


Covert By releasing biochemical agents into an opposing companies infrastructure -- the water & food supplies -- you can cause disease to spread throughout their kingdom. Until their medical efforts result in a cure, the plagues will spread and kill people across the land.

Raid Oil Reserves

Covert Oil is an essential commodity for any nation-state who wishes to engage in war. By burning small pockets of these reserves, you can slowly diminish an opponent's ability to conduct effective war campaigns. In addition, your operatives will capture a small portion of your enemy's reserves.