Harmful attacks

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Attack Description

Guerrilla strike

(aka GS) Using covert strategies, this attack sends only troops to attack and torch enemy lands. Because of the surprise factor, only opponent troops can fight back. If you are able to penetrate opposing defenses, you will kill a significant portion of your opponent's civilian population and a portion of their food reserves.

Bombing run

(aka BR) Sending a fleet of jets over enemy lands, your forces will face defenses consisting only of turret fire. If you can penetrate those defenses, your bombs will kill civilians and incinerate a portion of your opponent's buildings.

Artillery barrage

(aka AB) Pitting your tanks against your opponent's, this military strike focuses primarily on destroying enemy structures. While your opponent will not lose land even if you succeed, a significant portion of their buildings will lie in pieces.

Chemical Missile

(aka CM) Similar to the Nuclear assault in terms of missile development and SDI protection, the chemical weapon focuses primarily on an enemy's population. While it also destroys some buildings, chemical weapons kill off a portion of an opponent's civilian population, reducing tax revenues until that population is rebuilt. This is the most easily developed missile technology.

Cruise Missile

(aka EM) Launching Cruise Missiles at an opponent's military installations is an effective way of destroying military of all types, as well as reducing your enemy's army readiness. These missiles can help soften up an enemy before a wide-scale invasion.

Nuclear Missile

(aka NM) Launching a nuclear attack requires that you have discovered a nuclear missile. While all countries have a chance of producing a weapon each turn, technology can help to assist in developing more of these weapons. Launching a nuclear weapon will destroy a portion of your opponent's land. The only defense against this weapon is the SDI system, a product of technological development.

Declare War

Attacks can be made at any time without any formal declaration of war. However, oftentimes you may find that you cannot attack another country because they are protected by GDI. By Declaring War on a country, you automatically can attack them without regard for GDI. Additionally, you gain a +10% attack strength bonus against any country you declare war with. However, they will also be able to attack you without regard for GDI, you can only make peace after 48 hours, and War costs $10/acre for each turn you are at war (included in Alliance Expenses). You may only be at war with one player at a time.