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The main menu is an important screen. This is your country's 'nerve center' It displays helpful information, both on the current status of your country and recent events.

Recent Events

Upon logging in, all new events that have happened to your country since your last visit to this page will be shown beneath your country's military and economic summary.

Below your recent history are filtering options designed to view these messages by specific type. You may view All news, Defending messages, Ally messages, Spy messages, Market messages, Aid messages and Clan messages.


The Global Defense Initiative (GDI) is an open organization dedicated to the protection of its members. As a member of GDI, you receive the protection of GDI forces. No country more than twice your size or less than half your size will be able to attack you without formally declaring war first. The cost of this protection requires members to pay a small fee per acre of land (see table below) they own to the GDI fund, as long as they are a member. In addition, you are not allowed to commit offensive acts against countries greater than twice your size or smaller than half your size. You cannot join the GDI unless you have not made an attack for at least 18 hours.

After the minimum membership time has passed, you may leave at any time, however, once you do, you will not be allowed to join again for 72 hours.

A permanent GDI bonus is also available, which allows 100% free membership to the initiative, however if you select this bonus, you are not allowed to leave.

GDI Fees

Server $ per Acre Notes
Primary $5  
Alliance $3  
Express $3 Special
Team $3  
Free For All $3  
Tournament Free Mandatory

GDI Types

There are two different types of GDI.



Foreign Aid

Foreign aid allows players to send up to 10% of their troops, jets, turrets, tanks, bushels, and cash to any player with which formal relations have been established. Aid is sometimes sent as a means of barter, but more commonly used to help reinforce an ally during an attack, or rebuild a country after an ally has been killed and restarted.

You cannot send aid to countries with 50% more networth than you. You may not send aid to players in vacation mode either. To send foreign aid, it costs 3 turns, and once aid is sent, you cannot send foreign aid to another player for 22 hours.

Top Players

This link will give you a list of the top countries for the current game server you are playing on. The scores page will also show you the top players of the server, but also a range of players close to your net worth.


The preferences page lets you set a number of options for your country.

Public Market Purchases

When buying goods from the public market there may be times when it is cheaper to buy the goods from your country's private market. By default, purchases attempted on the public market will be made on whichever market can supply the goods at the lowest price. This option allows you to force public market purchase to always be made on the public market, even if the cost is greater.

Spyop Auto-Upload

Spyop auto-uploading allows you to link your country with your clan or alliance hosting site. This means that when you perform spy operations or click a link on your advisor page, information will be automatically uploaded to your hosting site. Currently, only the following operation types are available to be auto-uploaded:

  • Spy (General op)
  • Self-op (Advisor page, link will be active if auto-uploading is turned on)

More information on uploading spy operation reports and your advisor page to clan hosting sites is available on the Op and Advisor Uploads page.

API Codes

API codes are used by hosting sites to identify who you are and ensure the information being sent is valid. In your user settings page of your clan host, there should be an input box to enter your API code. Please ask one of your clan's administrators for help if you can't find it. It is advisable that if you should leave a clan, change your API key immediately because as long as both your in-game code and site-host codes match, your information will still be sent there (This is mostly a Boxcar issue, however it's good practice to change it regardless). Changing your API code in one country on any server will change your API code across the whole game. You will need to modify your API code to match all other hosting sites. A new code can be generated by clicking the (Get a new API key) link to the right of this section.


Delete your country

If you no longer wish to play your country, or would like to start a new one, you may choose to delete your country from this menu. Note: You cannot un-delete your country once it has been deleted.

  • Tutorial (whether tutorial messages are shown on pages)
  • Turn overflow notification (if selected, you will be sent a message when you go over maximum turns)