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From the manage screen, a number of options vital to your country's operation are found here. You can choose your government, modify industrial production and taxes.

Government Types

Government About this type... Bonuses Penalties Public Market Commission Turns to Attack


Monarchy is the default government and there are no additional costs for converting to another government. 6% 2


Zero market commissions allow players to resell on the public market more effectively. The cost of 3 turns per attack makes this a weaker government when engaging in battle.
  • +10% max. technology
0% 3


Larger explore rates and a higher per-capita income give Republics the opportunity to make large, successful countries. Their lower military strength makes them more vulnerable or susceptible to attacks.
  • -10% military strength
6% 2


Theocracies enjoy lower military costs, increased building rates and more money from tax revenues, but the lack of maximum allowed technology can make them somewhat vulnerable.
  • -20% Military costs
  • +40 construction speed
  • +50% max. population
  • -35% max. technology
  • Double GDI expenses
6% 2


Communists are renowned for their larger industrial capacity than other governments. Though a communist can do quite well selling military units on the public market, a considerably higher market tax helps bring them in-line with other governments.
  • +20% tech effectiveness
  • +35% industrial production
  • +35% market sale cap
10% 2


Dictatorships can be extremely powerful. A Dictators' enhanced military strength and spy effectiveness makes them primarily a war-dominating government, though building structures takes considerably longer.
  • +25% military strength
  • +30 spy effectiveness
  • +32% building capture
  • -30% build rate
6% 2


It only takes tyrants 1 turn to make a successful attack on other countries. These warmongers also benefit from extra gains (more land or more civilians, bushels and buildings killed/destroyed).
  • +20% attack gains
  • -10% military upkeep costs
6% 1


Fascist governments are well poised to make lots of money since food is always in demand and oil can potentially make a lot more than food. Market volatility directly impacts how successful this government can be.
  • +15% food production
  • +75% Oil Production
  • +15% Bonus effectiveness
6% 2

Switching Governments

The government may be changed by entering the manage menu on the left hand side while logged into the game. Within this menu is a radio button section with a range of governments. Simply select one of the government types and click on the button Start Revolution.

Effects Of Changing Government

If your current government is Monarchy, then there is no penalty for changing to another form. When changing from any other type of government to another, there are direct cash, military, technological, building, and bonus losses incurred due to your country's instability. The manage page will tell you roughly how much money, buildings and technology you will lose.

Industrial Production

By default, your country's production levels are set at 20% across the board. You can change these levels to anything you'd like, but all 5 areas must equal at %100 (or less, but why?). Industrial technology will make your industrial complexes produce more units.

Tax Rate

Tax rate is set in the manage screen on the left-side menu. This is the fraction of the money your population makes that you take to cover your expenses. The allowable range of tax rates is between 0% and 70%. Beware that both population and PCI are affected by tax rate. If your tax rate is too high people will start to leave your country, too low, and you will not make enough money!